Instagram Statistics 2024: Users, Demographics & Revenue

Quick Instagram Statistics

Instagram experienced a huge amount of growth in the last few years, with some interesting new statistics coming to the fore. If you plan on implementing Instagram into your brand’s marketing strategy in 2024, it’s vital that you know as much about the social media sharing app as possible.

Let’s check out what we think are the most important Instagram stats for 2024.

Instagram officially turned 10 years old in 2020, having launched back in October 2010. By December of the same year, more than one million people had made a profile.

  • Instagram is in the top ten of visited websites

In fact, Instagram comes in at sixth. While it might be mainly used as an app, it’s still a hugely popular website as you can see.

  • Instagram is popular on Google

Instagram is the 9th most popular Google search, and while Facebook, Amazon and YouTube are still ahead, this is a pretty bit accomplishment.

  • Instagram has the 4th most users of any app

Instagram has the 4th most users of any mobile app that you can download for your smartphone. This means that it bears more weight than its website visits.

  • More than one billion people are on Instagram each month

This means that it is the second most popular social media networking site, right behind Facebook.

  • Most users outside of America

In fact, 88% of Instagram users area actually outside of America, even though America is one of its largest audiences. India has 120 million Instagrammers, while Brazil has 95 million Instagrammers.

  • Instagram has 140 million users in the United States

Instagram is 140 million strong in America, which means that its U.S. audience represents just 12% of all users.

  • 14% of American adults don’t know what Instagram is

Instagram does have a huge reach in the States, but this doesn’t mean that everyone knows about it.

Yes, Instagram has made a huge splash in America, but this doesn’t mean that its user base isn’t growing in other parts of the world as well.

  • The highest engagement reach for a country is Kazakhstan with 72%

This country might not have the most Instagram users out of all the countries out there, but per capita it does.

There are 51% female users on Instagram, and 49% male. This makes it pretty even, even though there are slightly more females using it.

5% of all children in America that are under 12 use Instagram. However, Instagram’s guidelines say that you need to be at least 13 years old to have a profile.

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This is across the platform of Instagram users. This is an increase of 4 minutes a day from 2019. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but it is.


200 million Instagrammers check out a business profile on Instagram every day. This is a large portion of Instagrammers.

  • 81% of Instagrammers user Instagram for product reviews

81% of people on Instagram use the platform to find out more about a product that they might be interested in.

  • 130 million Instagrammers interact with shopping posts each month

Instagram is a bit platform when it comes to brands marketing their products, which is why 130 million Instagrammers interact with a shopping post every month.

50% of Instagram profiles out there interact with the Explore Page every month to discover new content that they might be interested in.

California’s most-mentioned holiday cookie is gingerbread, while over in New York it’s sugar cookies. This kind of stat is important for a marketer, so that you know what people prefer in terms of cookies based on where they are located.

Instagrammers don’t really like to get their news from Instagram, but this number is sure to rise.

  • 1% of Instagrammers only use Instagram

Most Instagrammers have a Facebook and a Twitter as well.

In fact, more than one million Instagram posts every day mention the word ‘meme’.

  • 500 million Instagrammers use Instagram Stories every day

This is a lot of people using Instagram Stories every day, and a lot of opportunity for your brand to connect with your target audience.

It has been said that 58% of people become more interested in a product or service once they have viewed it in Instagram Stories.

50% of people have visited a brand’s website and bought a product because they saw it on their Stories.

This means that 86% of brand Stories have marketing success, which is pretty impressive.

61% of Instagrammers used the ‘support small businesses’ sticker on their Stories in its first month.

This is an impressive number, and it means that you have a real shot of connecting with your target demographic on Instagram through your business page.

  • 36.2% of B2B marketers use Instagram
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36.2% of B2B marketers make the most of Instagram to look for a new product or service. This is why Instagram is such a relevant tool for business.

29. Instagram business pages posting once a day

The average Instagram business page posts once a day.

  • Instagram business accounts grow by 1.46% a month

Instagram business profiles grow by 1.46% of their total followers every month.

  • Instagram business posts get 0.96% engagement

The average engagement rate for a business Instagram post is 0.96 of the total follower count.

  • 55% of people shopping for fashion-related products have made a purchase

55% of people shopping in the fashion category have made their purchase because of an Instagram post.

50% of Instagram users say that they are more interested in a brand once they have seen it on Instagram.

  • Instagram’s marketing potential is in the billions

Instagram’s marketing reach is 1.16 billion users currently.

  • Instagram marketers have a huge youth audience

More than 83 million people aged between 13 to 17, to be exact.

  • Instagram’s earnings were more than $18 billion in 2020

And this is just from ads. The exact number is $18.16 billion. This is up from just $9.45 billion in 2019.

  • Millions of businesses use Instagram Stories for ads

4 million businesses use their Instagram Stories feature to market their products every month.

Mobile ads for Instagram Stories are more popular – 63% more popular.

  • Stories ads with text outperform ads without text

Stories ads outperform other ads that don’t have text by 75%.

  • Stories ads do better with a call-to-action

Stories ads perform better with a call-to-action 89% of the time.

In fact, how-to tutorials are the most popular content on Instagram when it comes to video content in general.

IGTV videos are larger than photos in the Explore Page – four times larger.

Captions are an important part of an ad, which means good business.

  • NFL does better with reels

NFL’s reels generate 67% more engagement than conventional video posts.

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