10 Best Instagram Growth Services for Organic Followers in 2022

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Instagram continues to be one of the most prominent social media networks on the web today, and for that reason, there’s huge potential for reaching more people in your target audience and getting your content out to more people. 

There’s a lot of competition in virtually every niche, however, so getting noticed can take a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. Luckily, there are plenty of tools out there at your disposal to help you maximize your workflow and stay focused on your content. 

Building your reputation as an influencer, brand, business, creator, and more is one of the most important things you can do; over 80% of internet users reference Instagram as an authority on which products and services they want to support. 

How can you get enough Instagram followers to have a solid presence on Instagram and build your credibility? 

Follower growth on Instagram can be tricky because doing it yourself can take a lot of time and energy, but not all tools actually aim to help you; many companies claiming to offer Instagram growth don’t do much to help at all. 

Since engaging with users on Instagram is the best way to grow your follower count in 2022, using an Instagram growth service is the best option if you want real, lasting follower growth. We’ve created this article to help you navigate Instagram growth service options and choose one that makes sense for you. 

After reading, you’ll know: 

  • The best Instagram growth services
  • What an Instagram growth service is 
  • How Instagram growth services benefit your Instagram
  • Growth service FAQs
  • 3 tips for effective Instagram growth 

There’s no doubt that once you read this article you’ll be ready to launch your Instagram to new heights and build your follower count to the level you deserve. Time is money, so you’ll want to make the most of every moment! 

Let’s take a look.  

Best Instagram Growth Services 2022

There is no shortage of Instagram growth companies in 2022out there claiming to be the best option to get more followers; unfortunately, they all can’t be the best. Many companies use buzzwords and don’t actually deliver anything they claim to. 

With so many options out there, it’s tough to choose one that actually does what they claim to do. The good news is that we’ve done the legwork to find out about the best Instagram growth services on the market today. 

These are the 10 companies that we’ve identified as being transparent, honest, high quality, and effective. You can have peace of mind when you choose one of these companies that you’ll be gaining something valuable and you won’t be wasting your investment. 

Let’s examine each company and what you could expect when you work with them. 

Seek Socially

Seek Socially Instagram Followers

Even though Instagram bots are not in style anymore, Seek Socially has found a way to mix both bots and a managed service. You’ll have real human oversight with automation, helping you to stay under the engagement thresholds while still getting results. 

Seek Socially has a variety of plan options that can work with pretty much any budget, so when you need to use an Instagram growth service that provides real followers, check out Seek Socially. 


Growthoid - Instagram growth service

If you’re looking to gain more real Instagram followers that actually care about your content, Growthoid is the best option for you. They’ve revolutionized the Instagram growth service and their clients have definitely noticed. 

You’ll get a dedicated Instagram account manager that will hand-deliver your Instagram growth through targeted interactions. You’ll provide your account manager with your target instructions upon signing up, and they’ll take it from there. 

Growthoid stands out as a prime Instagram growth service because they offer some of the most advanced targeting filters of any company and follow them to a tee, making sure that you get only real, relevant Instagram growth for your profile.

They’ll take those instructions and engage with people who will be interested in your content, boosting all aspects of your Instagram account in terms of followers, likes, comments, and more. 

Growthoid has the most knowledgeable account managers and support team of any company out there right now, so you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your Instagram follower growth is in good hands and you’ll have a team to work with. 



Another great Instagram growth service is Growthsilo, which also works through manual engagements to gain you targeted results and followers. No bots, no fake followers— just real, organic Instagram growth. 

Growthsilo provides you with an account manager that will take over your Instagram growth. They’ll be in contact with you to assess your account and get your targeting instructions, helping you to get more real followers that are in your niche. 

With no contract plans, awesome support, and a guarantee, Growthsilo is one of the most trusted Instagram growth services out there these days. You will see not only an increase in your Instagram followers but also a boost in engagement since Growthsilo works to get you followers that care about your content.

Growthsilo is a completely secure service that protects your privacy and ensures that your Instagram account follows all the terms of use set forth by the platform. You can expect safe, effective Instagram growth when you use Growthsilo.



Taking a bit of a different approach, Kicksta shifts the focus to Instagram stories and helps to pull a lot of new followers in your target audience. Because so many IG users are on stories, it’s become an effective method. 

Kicksta uses mass story views, mass DMs, and a few other engagements to help you get more attention around your account and get more followers from the people that matter. Their services are a bit of an investment, so for lower budgets they may be a bit high. 

In any case, they claim to be the most effective out of all, promising thousands of followers. Check them out and see if you’re into their approach! 


ThunderClap Instagram

Having more Instagram followers and engagement is really important, and ThunderClap knows it. Not only can you buy real Instagram followers from them, but you can also take advantage of their auto-likes and auto-views services for Instagram. 

When you have a solid amount of likes, views, and followers, your Instagram will generate more natural growth. ThunderClap has so many valuable services for all areas of Instagram that they are one of our favorite Instagram growth services out there. 

Using their auto-likes service is one of the best ways to get more people viewing your content because your content will automatically appear popular as well as get more natural reach through the Instagram algorithm. 

You’re covered for 4 posts a day with ThunderClap, so check out their services and see just how much they can help your content draw in more real Instagram followers!  

Media Mister 

Media Mister Instagram Followers

One of the oldest services for Instagram follower growth, Media Mister has been around for roughly 10 years helping people grow their Instagram. They’re pros in getting people more real Instagram followers that will stick around for a long time to come.

With some of the best customer service in Instagram growth, Media Mister will no doubt help you to find the right followers for you and even grow your other social media networks at the same time. Having a strong cross-platform presence is important these days, and Media Mister delivers. 


SocialViral Instagram Followers

SocialViral can help you generate more interest in your social media account and get you real follower growth that will help boost your Instagram to the next level. They’ve been providing IG growth for a while now, helping thousands of clients. 

You can buy anywhere from 50 to 5k high-quality Instagram likes, followers, and views. You’ll be able to get services for other platforms like Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, and more, helping you to build a strong cross-platform presence. 


For those that prefer to use a software-based Instagram service, Jarvee may be just what you’re looking for, especially if you’re a Windows user. When you use Jarvee, you’ll download their software and get your Instagram growing. 

If you’re a Mac user, you can still use their services; check their website and they can give you all of the details in downloading the software so that you can get their services activated. 


Our final service is called Combin, and they offer unique services that will help you get more real Instagram followers. Combin is also available for desktops, making it easy to use for those who prefer to manage things from a computer. 

Combin offers two different packages, one for growth that deals with Instagram audience management and attraction, and one for scheduling that can help you with Instagram stories and post planning. 

Using both services hand in hand can help you to flush out your Instagram strategy while boosting your follower count. 

Task Ant

Hashtags are still a top priority for getting more followers on Instagram, and if you’re looking for natural Instagram growth through hashtags, Task Ant is definitely the service for you. They are the top Instagram hashtag tool on the market and they can completely transform your hashtag strategy. 

You can find all of the most relevant hashtags for your niche through Task Ant, and you can use filters to search for ones based on different criteria. You can also store and organize those hashtags into sets for easy posting. 

If you’ve never been sure about how to use hashtags to get more real Instagram followers, check out Task Ant; your content and follower growth will never be the same! 

What is an Instagram Growth Service?

In case you’ve never heard of this phenomenon before, an Instagram growth service is a company that works through natural and organic methods to engage with Instagram users in your target audience. 

Through this engagement, you’ll gain more attention for your profile and get people looking at your content that actually care about it. Doing this on your own takes a lot of work and time spent on IG; using a growth service effectively delegates that to a third party. 

Here are some of the benefits of using an Instagram growth service. 

Benefits of an Instagram Growth Service  

There are four primary benefits that you’ll enjoy when you use an Instagram growth service: 

  • Targeted followers: a true Instagram growth service will help you to gain attention not just from anyone on the platform but from users that are likely to be interested in your content. If you’re trying to improve your conversion, gain leads, or generate more engagement with your content, using an Instagram growth service is your best choice as they know the importance of being seen by people who are within your target audience. This is really one of the biggest benefits about Instagram growth services. 
  • Quicker growth: not only will you have relevant IG users checking out your content, you’ll also be able to grow quicker. When you get noticed and you have more people looking at your profile, you’ll get more reach based on the Instagram algorithm. When you get more traffic to your Instagram, you’ll have more followers and engagement, which will help to perpetuate more growth overall. This is the idea of social proof; when you have a lot of followers and engagements, people want to be a part of that community. 
  • Save time: as you probably already know, working to engage with new users in your target audience can take up huge chunks of time and even cut into your workflow. When you enlist an Instagram growth service to take over your interactions, you can get back to your own strategizing and leave the engagement to the pros. 
  • More engagement: with more targeted followers, you’ll also be getting more engagement. These new followers aren’t random people from halfway around the world; these are people that care about your content and will be likely to give it a share, leave a comment, like it, or save it. It’s important to have solid levels of engagement because of the way Instagram’s algorithm works, and an Instagram growth service can help you boost that metric.
  • Real-world results: fake Instagram followers aren’t going to follow you, like your content, recommend you, nor buy from you. This is the true benefit of having real Instagram followers that you can from an Instagram growth service– they are real, active Instagram users that care about your content and can even help you to generate more revenue. If you’re looking for tangible business results, using an Instagram growth service will certainly benefit you.


In case you’re still curious about Instagram growth services, we’re going to wrap up our article by answering a couple of FAQs that people have about these services as well as give you 3 tips to help these services be as effective as possible for your Instagram growth. 

Are Instagram Growth Services Safe?

The good news is that yes, Instagram growth services are safe when you choose the right one. Keep your eye out for the following: 

  • Excellent management and support
  • Visible pricing
  • FAQs and info
  • Secure site
  • No bots or fake followers
  • Guarantee
  • Reviews or testimonials 

All of the sites on this list meet these criteria, but always keep your eye out for this stuff as this is what reputable companies will offer and display on their website. 

Unfortunately, many companies out there that claim to help you get more Instagram followers are in it for themselves and aren’t going to get you anything of value. You’ll end up with skewed analytics, fake followers, and a headache trying to resolve the issue.

It pays to do your research in advance and look for companies that care about their clients, offering guarantees and/or trials so that you can see how things work before committing.

Will I Get Insta-Famous? 

Using an Instagram growth service will get you effective results that help you to gain more followers and attention for your profile, but there’s no quick claim to fame on social media. There’s always a chance that you could go viral, but looking for a shortcut to Instafame is probably not a realistic goal. 

We often see mega celebs on Instagram, or very prominent influencers, and they make everything look so easy. They’ve got millions of followers and content that is the envy of many creators out there.

What you don’t see, though, is the truckloads of work that goes into their profile. Content doesn’t just happen overnight: it takes shooting, editing, planning, and much more. These people have dedicated all of their time to making sure that their content is on point. This is vital.

Not only that, these accounts often already have some notoriety to help them grow their audience or are following trending topics that many people are keeping tabs on. You shouldn’t base your ideas of Instagram success off of these extremely popular accounts.

They can be great for inspiration though, and you should always be looking to the best of the best to understand what’s working well on Instagram and what’s not. You can certainly reach more users in your target audience through an Instagram growth service, but never expect that you’ll go to sleep and wake up the next morning with a million followers.

It’s a process, and IG growth services are here to make it easier for you. They don’t work miraacles.

Try your best to simply keep working and creating your content, let your growth service work for you, and you never know what could happen! Going viral on social media is often unpredictable, anyway.   

Are Instagram Bots Safe?

Before Instagram growth services emerged as we know them today, Instagram automation and bots were used to engage with users on Instagram. Since this began to hinder the user experience, Instagram implemented a variety of different flags to curb the use of bots. 

There are now engagement limits for every IG account based on relevant account factors; when your account goes over these daily limits or is showing signs of irregularities, Instagram will flag you and you could be frozen out of a variety of IG features for a time period. 

You may even get suspended or banned. This is what most people want to avoid, and for that reason bots and automation isn’t very safe for Instagram follower growth; not only that, it’s against the terms of use.

Because bots work through mass engagements, two problems frequently occur when you use these services: 

  • The bot performs a surplus of actions and your account gets flagged
  • The bot does virtually nothing and you see no results 

Both of these are undesirable outcomes, and can basically end up with a lost investment and hardly anything to show for it. What’s more, Instagram bots are not very effective at gaining you real, targeted followers; they typically pull in followers from across all niches. 

Bots are no longer the best way to go in terms of Instagram follower growth. Most of the top bots that used to exist have been pushed out of business because they simply can’t provide the services required to keep clients due to these regulations from IG. 

How to Use an Instagram Growth Service Safely 

It goes without saying, really, but you have to work with an Instagram growth service that will provide you with real followers. Shady Instagram marketing companies have a bad reputation for providing ghost followers— users that are fake or bots that don’t engage at all. 

You have to think carefully about what type of followers you’ll gain and the type of accounts that will begin following you. You need real growth and you need more engagement. Ghost followers won’t bring you that, let alone visit your website, buy your product, or share your content. 

You want a growth service that has your best interest in mind, helping you get real Instagram followers, in turn boosting your business results. 

Avoid These Three Types of Instagram Growth Services 

There are three serious red flags that you should keep an eye out for when deciding on an Instagram growth service: 

  1. Guarantee of a follower quantity
  2. Preloaded accounts with thousands of followers already there
  3. Services that want you to buy Instagram followers in bulk

Let’s expand on those red flags so that you can identify them in the real world. 

“Guaranteed” Number of Followers 

The dead giveaway that an Instagram growth service isn’t legit is if they offer you a set number of Instagram followers. If this is the case, run the other way and don’t look back— there’s nothing for you there. 

If you are using a true organic Instagram growth service, the user decides to follow you; the Instagram growth service solely makes the connection. There’s no way that they can promise a set number of real Instagram followers. They don’t control people. 

It seems like common sense, but many people really want to believe them and put their faith in them. This is how they stay in business. If you do find that they meet a specific number of followers each month and it’s always exactly the same, it’s likely they are sending you ghost followers. 

Preloaded Accounts 

Another common way to gain more Instagram followers is to buy an Instagram account that already has thousands of followers when you acquire it. Sounds great, but not so fast. 

Let’s assume first that these are real followers. What likely happened is that someone built up the account and then sold it, leaving the followers there. You’ll acquire the account and start to post your content, but are those followers guaranteed to actually be interested in it? 

Absolutely not. They’ll likely be very disengaged or even stop following you altogether. 

Let’s say that the account was just loaded up with fake followers that are passed off as real ones; if this is the case, you’ll still get no engagement and you’ll likely lose those followers because Instagram clears them out. 

Don’t waste time on this type of deal— it’s not likely to pan out and you’ll just be throwing away your investment. 

Buying Instagram Followers in Packages 

Last but not least, there are plenty of companies out there that claim to send you real Instagram followers in bulk. In rare cases, you can find some companies that use internal networks to send you real followers, but the majority of these companies don’t truly send you the real, authentic followers you can get from an Instagram growth service. 

There are two possibilities here: 

  • They send real accounts that have no interest in your content and your engagement tanks
  • You get a bunch of fake followers that will eventually fall off of your account and tank your engagement as well

Either way, your engagement tanks— they want you to buy a bunch of fake engagement from the same company that sold you the fake followers. This is just a cyclical trap that you get stuck in, so don’t go for it. 

It can be tempting to go for such a shortcut when it comes to getting more Instagram followers, but at the end of the day, quality is much more important than quantity. It’s better to have 200 real Instagram followers than 2,000 fake ones with only a handful of likes on your posts. 

It will also throw off your analytics so you can’t understand your audience nor how your content is truly performing with your real followers. No good. 

Finding a Good Instagram Growth Service 

So, now that we know what not to look for, what should we be looking for when you need an Instagram marketing service? 

There are some key things you want to find: 

  • Work with a company that explicitly mentions organic Instagram growth. These companies understand that natural methods of engagement and interaction can help draw the right followers to your account. This requires you to do your part by posting attractive content and using the right targeting instructions so that they can find the users that will most benefit you. An Instagram growth service that works to interact with users in your target audience is one that will be able to provide the sort of results that you’re looking for.
  • Look for companies that mention real Instagram followers. You don’t want any ghost followers messing up your profile and then falling off over time. No matter if you have 10 or 10,000, you won’t see any improvement with fake followers. Even if a company mentions real Instagram followers, you still need to make sure that they’re an Instagram growth service that will truly deliver that. Always check out the terms of service to see what you find there and understand what the company offers. In some cases, they explicitly say in the terms of service that they can’t guarantee real followers.
  • Only work with companies that actually explain how the service works. Buzzwords are everywhere online these days, and companies know how to sell their services without telling you a single thing about how they work. Make sure you understand exactly what the service will provide you and how it’s going to happen. This goes along with the previous bullet point: they may mention that they provide real followers, but how do they do it? A reputable Instagram growth service will explain their methods and how things work so that you know exactly what they’re doing for your IG follower growth.

You want to work with an Instagram growth service that is transparent about their operation and offers a support team that will help you in the instance that any issues arise.

4 Tips to Help Your Instagram Growth Service 

Since Instagram growth services work through natural engagements, you’ll still have to do your part to ensure you get followers. The whole idea of a growth service is that they draw people to your account— you’ve got to give them something to stay for. 

It’s actually very common for an Instagram user to sign up for a growth service and expect them to do absolutely everything. The true purpose of an Instagram growth service is to help you reach your target audience and get more reach for your content; you still have to provide value so that new people want to follow, and your current followers are retained.

Don’t be one of those people! Make sure that you use the time you save through their services to focus in on your Instagram strategy and set yourself apart as a force in your niche or industry. That’s the true key to Instagram growth.

When you use an Instagram growth service, doing the following 4 things can help you to get optimal results and build your follower count at the highest rate possible. 

Focus on Content Creation  

Content is truly the most important element of your Instagram account, so if you don’t have attractive content that provides value to users in your niche, you’re not likely to grow your followers no matter which Instagram growth service you decide on.

If you use Growthoid, you can save time by reaching new people through their service and use that time you save in order to focus on your content creation. When you post content that your user base wants to see, you’re most likely to gain more followers. This is the best way to help your growth service help you.

There are a variety of different things you should consider when creating Instagram content. Use professional equipment if you can to shoot your content, and edit it so that it fits with your Instagram aesthetic. Try to shoot all of your content in one day so that you can plan it out over the week and stay connected to your content pillars. 

In addition, take the following into account:

  • Angles
  • Focal point
  • Composition
  • Color scheme
  • Negative space
  • Overall energy and feeling

Always ensure you know what type of content performs best, and also consider expanding your content to the many different formats that Instagram offers you. Keep an active Instagram story going and consider using IGTV to create a series you can release weekly, go live, create reels that follow trending topics, do how-tos or behind the scenes, and more.

Use Attractive Captions  

Another way to draw in more followers is to post your content with captions that catch people’s attention. People use Instagram to connect and identify with others, so the more that you can do that, the more followers you can get. People want to feel that personal connection to content and if your caption can help pull them in, your growth service will work better.

Although Instagram is a visual platform, captions can be a huge window into who you are and what you represent. You should keep this in mind every time you post a caption. Not all of them have to be long, but make sure they’re effective for the content you post. 

You should also use hashtags and you can even use emojis to liven it up now and then. Using calls-to-action like “double tap if…” can help to boost engagement as well. You should always have a call-to-action in your content so that you can generate more engagement in your profile. It especially helps if you use one that asks a user to tag other users, because then you get more reach for your content.

Clean up Your Bio  

Your main profile page is going to be the first thing that users see when they land on your account, so you want to make sure that it’s optimized for gaining followers with a complete and well-rounded, credible appearance. 

If you don’t have a solid profile page, users are probably not going to follow you. Here are some things you should make sure to solidify on your main page: 

  • Profile picture: Make sure your profile picture identifies your brand, business, or content immediately, and make sure it’s professional. 
  • Username:
  • Bio: Your username should also reflect your brand identity and be easy to remember. Your bio should clearly state information that’s necessary or attractive to the user so that they know what you’re all about. 
  • Link in Bio: If you have any external links that are important to your content, make sure you put it here, as this is the only place for clickable links on Instagram. 
  • Instagram Story Highlights: You can use previously posted stories to create albums below your Instagram Bio. Do this, and use album covers that reflect your brand and add to your profile’s aesthetic. 
  • Overall Profile Look and Feel:

Make sure that you have your account configured as a business or creator account so that you will have access to additional contact features available for your profile, as well as access to Instagram insights for analytics and data.

Listen and Learn about Your Target Audience

If you don’t know about your Instagram followers and target audience, you’ll have a hard time creating content that they’ll be interested in and enjoy, and you’ll also have a tough time creating targets that work for your Instagram growth service. You need to use listening strategies to understand what your target audience wants so that you can deliver. 

Look at other influencers and competing accounts in your niche to see what kind of content they’re putting out. Also check out relevant hashtags so you can see what content appears under them. 

In addition, always actively review your Instagram insights, and do market research in your Instagram stories. You can poll your followers, ask them questions, ask for ratings, and more. This is an excellent tactic because you can get your audience to tell you things in a fun way without it feeling like a chore, and you’ll also boost your engagement rate.

Wrap-Up: Best Instagram Growth Services 

Using an Instagram growth service is the best way to gain more real Instagram followers. While there are plenty of tools out there that claim to deliver on big Instagram growth promises, choose wisely.

Not all of them are what they claim. 

When you use one of the 10 services we listed above, you’ll be bound to see more real follower growth through natural methods. It’s always better to go with a service that is fully managed, and enhancing your hashtags and likes will keep you growing for a long time to come.

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