InMotion Vs Bluehost: Web Hosting Comparison

Web Hosting Comparison : InMotion Vs Bluehost

If you’re ready to start your blog, you are going to need stable web hosting.  If you’re on the fence between InMotion vs Bluehost for your WordPress site, there are some things you need to know. 

When you’re selecting web hosting, it’s wise to consider your needs and wants for your web hosting over the price. You want a good value, not just something cheap. When you look at it that way, you won’t have a problem maintaining your web hosting after any promotional deal ends.

Regardless of any discounts you may get from a web host, you need to choose the hosting provider that will do what you need it to do. Your goals and expectations will differ from other bloggers and website users.

For instance, the ease of website migration, perks and bonuses that come with the package, and key features. Generally, these five factors are what you should consider when choosing web hosting.

  • Ease-of-use
  • Main features
  • Performance
  • Customer support
  • Price

Price should be the final thing you look for in web hosting. It’s important that the service offers what you need. These are the metrics we use to compare InMotion vs Bluehost shared web hosting.

You should have plenty of information by the time you read this whole article to help you make an informed consumer decision. 

Feature Comparison of InMotion Vs Bluehost

Bluehost is a leader in this industry and is one of the ten top most popular web hosting companies at the global level. If you select this hosting provider for your website, you should have high expectations.

Bluehost offers a wide array of web hosting plans such as VPS (virtual private servers), dedicated hosting, and shared hosting. There is also an array of WordPress-exclusive hosting plans that include unmanaged, managed, and WooCommerce store solutions.

Overall, Bluehost stands out in the industry for its outstanding performance, uptime, market share, opportunities, and in its number of clients. 

InMotion doesn’t possess the market share that Bluehost does, but it’s a competent rival. This service offers comparable hosting options like shared plans, dedicated servers, WordPress-exclusive hosting, and VPS. 

InMotion tends to stand out with its broad-tier selection of WordPress hosting.

Bluehost Features

Bluehost Features

Bluehost features for WordPress hosting plans include these features:

  • You get a free domain for the first year
  • Support is available for one site
  • Automatic WordPress installation and updates
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Access to a large array of free website themes
  • Staging environments

How much storage you get access to is based on the hosting plan you choose. Even Bluehost’s basic tier provides staging environments and automatic updates. 

It’s important to note that Bluehost offers more sophisticated functionality at a slightly higher price and a good selection of managed WordPress plans.

InMotion Features

InMotion Features

InMotion is different from Bluehost in that it doesn’t provide you with WordPress only shard plans. However, you can get conventional shared hosting that does support WordPress. 

Here is what InMotion has to offer:

  • Free domain name for the first year
  • Automatic daily updates
  • One-click WordPress installer
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Customer support for up to two sites

You can easily see the differences here between InMotion vs Bluehost in WordPress-only functionality in shared hosting plans. That’s because they are targeting a broader audience segment.

You can upgrade to a managed hosting plan for WordPress through InMotion, but there will be a significant increase in price, specifically when you need to host several sites.

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User Experience Comparison of InMotion Vs Bluehost

Since we’re addressing WordPress website hosting, you are going to be primarily using the WordPress dashboard the most. You may sometimes need to use your web hosting cPanel, so you should expect a good user experience.

We’re going to address what each of these hosting providers’ control panel offers and the ease-of-use.

Bluehost User Experience

Bluehost is, hands down, the most user-friendly between the two web hosting companies. Just looking at it, you get an overview of your websites.

You will be using the control panel to log into your WordPress sites with one click. You just navigate to the left menu to check your domains and email accounts to purchase any new services you want.

If you decide you need more functionality for any reason, you can navigate to the Advanced section of the menu, which directs you to the cPanel.

Bluehost’s cPanel includes our favorite and most appealing tool such as phpMyAdmin and more.

InMotion User Experience

Admittedly, InMotion’s control panel isn’t as sleek, but it does give you more visible options at the front page.

For instance, you can check your billing status from the main screen. It helps you keep track of your billing cycles. 

When you check it out, you’ll see that the control panel contains site-wide and account-wide choices. For instance, you can manage your cPanel and manage your domain transfers from the same screen.

It does have functionality, so while it’s not as appealing to look at, there’s nothing that makes it less functional than Bluehost’s control panel. 

Performance Comparison of InMotion Vs Bluehost 

When you’re selecting web hosting, it’s important to look at its performance, since that is something that will have an extensive impact on your own site’s performance. Here are some testing stats of each through WordPress sites to see the difference in loading times. 


Washington, D.C. – 0.392 seconds

San Paulo, Brazil – 1.24 seconds

London, England  – 0.791 seconds

San Francisco, California – 0.617 seconds


Washington, D.C. – 1.43 seconds

San Paulo, Brazil – 2.22 seconds

London, England  – 1.90 seconds

San Francisco, California – 1.16 seconds

It looks like InMotion out paces Bluehost’s speeds, but we must consider that Bluehost hosts more websites than InMotion. That does and will impact the speed of web page loading on web hosts. 

It’s highly probable that if these web hosting service providers were hosting the same number of websites, that website loading times would be the same or comparable. 

Another thing that is impacted by how many websites are being hosted is the web host’s uptime. 

Here are the current stats for that:

  • InMotion: 100%
  • Bluehost: 99.97%

Keep in mind that when compared to any other web hosting company, InMotion may surpass in uptime, which is mostly due to hosting fewer sites.

Customer Support Comparison for InMotion Vs Bluehost

It’s a given that at some point, you will need help with your website or hosting. When that happens, you will want to feel confident that you are getting the best support possible from a team of professionals who are knowledgeable and helpful.

Both of these web hosting companies provide around the clock customer support. Both of them also offer support through live chat, phone, and email. 

In a survey of WordPress web hosts, we found this rating system out of 5 stars for each of these services.

  • InMotion: 3.78 
  • Bluehost: 3.42

Each of these services provide about the same level of customer support for their WordPress website users. You may expect more from managed WordPress hosting, but these ratings are not unusual since you cannot please everyone no matter how hard to try. 

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Bluehost may be down by 0.36 stars, but again, they have more customers.

Price Comparison of InMotion Vs Bluehost

In the realm of web hosting, the rule of thumb is that you will have to pay upfront for longer commitments if you want to enjoy the promotional price.

Bluehost and InMotion both do this.

Bluehost offers their Basic WordPress plan for $2.75 per month, but you have to commit to a3-year contract to get that promo price. This is quite inexpensive and affordable even at $106.20 for three years. Although, if you want one of the more expensive plans, pricing can become an issue.

Another thing that is a common theme amongst web hosting services is that at the time of renewal for services, the price per month is drastically increase. For example, the $2.75 per month becomes $8.99 after the 3-year commitment ends. 

Bluehost Pricing

InMotion is no exception to these rules. This company also has a Lite plan that costs $2.49 per month, with a 3-year commitment costing $89.64. The price then goes up to $4.99 after the 3-year contract ends. 

Now, InMotion may cost less with and without the promo price, but both offer similar commitments in upfront costs. 

There is no guarantee that as InMotion grows and evolves (which it may or may not), it will increase its prices. Bluehost is more popular and is used by more bloggers.

InMotion Pricing

InMotion Vs Bluehost: Which One Should You Choose?

This is a personal choice that has to be made by each individual. InMotion is limited with its WordPress options, which means you’re also being limited in features. 

Bluehost has built a great reputation amongst bloggers who use WordPress, which means they bring more features and sophisticated functions to the table.

InMotion is also limited in functionality when compared to Bluehost. This is true even though InMotion currently offers better performance and support. Remember, that is likely due to the fact that this service hosts fewer sites and has fewer customers than Bluehost.

Overall, Bluehost is the better web hosting solution if you want to pay less, and enjoy feature-rich functionality. Also, Bluehost’s interface is more user-friendly than InMotion’s. 

However, if you don’t mind having to pay extra for InMotion for WordPress websites, perhaps this is your choice.

Essentially, the decision comes down to going with a popular company like Bluehost or trying InMotion to see how it works for you. You may or may not notice a big difference. 


While we aren’t here to tell you which one to choose, we can say from experience, that Bluehost is our favorite of these two web hostings platforms.

However, InMotion and Bluehost are both viable options. After all, no two web hosting providers will provide the same experience. 

Bluehost is better if you want a more user-friendly web hosting option for WordPress at an overall lower price (visit HostingCoupon.Codes for a discount!)

InMotion is a bit more expensive when all is said and done for WordPress, but it appears to provide slightly better performance.

We prefer Bluehost between the two, but you may have different needs and expectations in web hosting than we do. 

Ultimately, the decision is up to you. Choose according to your needs, expectations, and goals for your WordPress websites. 

Remember that it’s not about the price, but about the value you get for the cost of web hosting that matters. Don’t pay extra for something you don’t need, or less when you do need a special feature. 

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