These Criteria Are Important When Choosing A Binary Options Broker


If you think of multiplying your capital through an easy scheme, you can consider binary options trading. In binary options, the arrangement is quite simple: You are expected to pick a market, and an underlying asset, and then predict how the asset will fair over a period. 

For instance, you pick an asset such as stocks, commodities, forex, or crypto tokens. You can then predict whether the price value of such an asset will increase above a price point or decrease below the price point over a period. 

While the above instance shows a straightforward investment procedure, binary options trading entails more.  

As a trader, you cannot embark on the entire trading procedure alone; you require the service of a trading platform and a broker. The bulk of the trading activity is conducted by the broker.  

Before checking out the qualities of a good broker and the important criteria to identify a good broker, you can check out an honest olymp trade review, for example, and be sure of what you should go for.  

Moving forward, several traders have fallen into the hands of swindlers in their quest for a broker. These brokers set up every trading arrangement, the traders invest their capital, and make predictions; however, when it is time to cash out, it turns out that you have been duped. 

It is on this premise that we have compiled the criteria you should look out for in a binary options broker. 

Important Criteria To Consider When Choosing A Binary Options Broker

It is difficult to distinguish a reliable from a fraudulent broker until the deed is done. However, you should consider these features before picking a binary options broker; 

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Regulatory Status

The foremost criterion is the regulatory status of the broker. Most times, traders do not inquire about the regulatory status of a broker once they are licensed. This singular negligence has cost a lot of traders their investments. 

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It is, therefore, important to ensure that the broker is regulated alongside their license. A licensed broker agrees to a code of ethics that prioritizes the customer.

Some popular regulatory bodies for binary options brokers include Financial Services Authority (FSA), Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), CySEC, ASIC, etc. 

You should also note that binary options trading is not regulated in all countries, so traders in these countries seek brokers and trading platforms offshore for their investment.

If you fall into this category of traders, ensure the broker from a different country is licensed and regulated in their country of operation. 

Payout/Cash Out Percentage

At the end of every trading round, your prediction either becomes accurate or wrong. Should your predictions be right, your projected return is called a payout percentage. 

The payout percentage will be determined by the broker using the asset price, expiration period, option type, and other criteria. However, the payout percentage varies between brokers. 

It varies between 70% to 85%, while some brokers pay as high as 90%. It is, therefore, in your best interest to look for brokers that pay as high as 85% or more. 

Trading And Payment Options

There are several brokers out there, and one of the criteria to distinguish a good one is the number of payment and trading options available. A good binary options broker will have a crypto payment option. 

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More so, such a trader can help navigate the crypto market in case of traders that might pick crypto tokens as underlying assets. In addition, you can check these crypto trading bots and strategies to gain more knowledge.  

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Demo Accounts

Before settling for a broker, ensure the platform allows you to create a demo account and engage in sample trading before entering the real market. The period for the demo account usage varies among brokers. 

Brokers that offer demo accounts allow you to test your strategies and understand how binary options trading works without losing your real investment. 


Binary options trading is simple; getting a reliable broker makes it simpler. While it is a risky venture where you can lose all your investment, getting a good binary options broker can help minimize your losses and provide security for your funds. 

It is, therefore, important to be extra careful and look out for these criteria before engaging a broker. 

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