How to View Blocked Twitter Accounts in 2024

How to View Blocked Twitter Accounts

Blocking on Twitter happens hundreds and thousands of times a day as there are millions of accounts on the platform.

This happens for several reasons, but mainly to get a break from someone whose digital activities could pose risk or irritation to another. 

Regardless of the motive, there is a way to view your blocked list.

This way, you can assess which ones will stay blocked and who will get redemption. Follow our guide on how to view blocked Twitter accounts.

How to View Blocked Twitter Accounts

Reviewing people on your blocked roster is very important.

There are instances where you need to communicate with an account included on the list and the only way to do it is to view your blocked Twitter accounts and unblock them.

Below is our straightforward guide on how to view blocked Twitter accounts:

Step 1: Go to your Twitter homepage.

Step 2: On the dropdown menu located at the side-most part of your screen, click ‘more’ 

Step 3: This will display a dropdown menu filled with different actions to take next. Tap ‘settings and privacy’ to proceed.

Step 4: Under ‘privacy and safety,’ select ‘mute and block’. This option will take you to the accounts, words, and notifications you have blocked in the past.

Step 5: Choosing among blocked accounts, muted accounts, muted words, and muted notifications, click ‘blocked accounts’ to access your list of restricted people. 

Step 6: The list will show two clusters: All and Imported.

Click ‘all’ to see every account currently included on your blocking list and ‘imported’ to see accounts you have blocked after importing another account’s list. 

This is how to view blocked Twitter accounts. It is very simple!

How to Unblock Using the List

Since you are already on the menu showing the list, you may proceed with unblocking by clicking the ‘blocked’ button next to the person you want to unblock.

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This will automatically remove the person from your restricted roster.

Hover your cursor above the button to confirm the action, if it reads ‘unblocked,’ you have done the right action.

List of Actions Blocked Accounts Cannot Do

Due to the casted restrictions, there are several things blocked accounts cannot do to your account.

Here are some of them:

  • Blocked accounts cannot follow you
  • Blocked accounts cannot ‘legally’ view your tweets, your following and followers list, your likes, and your media
  • Blocked accounts cannot search you on Twitter or add you to their list
  • Blocked accounts cannot send a direct message to your account
  • Blocked accounts cannot tag you in a photo

List of Actions Blocked Accounts Can Do

  • Tweets and mentions about a blocked account can still show on your timeline, especially when they are mentioned by the people you follow. On the other hand, you cannot click or visit profiles. Their usernames will remain unclickable.
  • Mentions of you and the account you have blocked can still exist together in a tweet. 

How to Block Someone from their Profile

Blocking someone can be done by visiting a person’s profile. To do this, follow the guide below:

1. Go to the profile page of the person you are intending to block

2. Click the three horizontal dots found on the upper left side of their profile, next to the notification bell and the ‘following’ or ‘follow’ button

3. Select ‘block’ from the dropdown menu

4. A prompt showing two options: Block and Cancel will show on your screen. Tap ‘block’ to proceed. That is how you block an account on Twitter from their profile.

Blocking on Twitter

Twitter strives its best to keep its environment safe and comfortable for all users.

Thus, it introduced blocking to help people put restrictions on accounts that may threaten or have already threatened their safety, security, and wellness at some point. 

Blocking is a way for users to restrict certain accounts from contacting them or viewing their digital activities.

In real life, blocking can be similar to cutting ties of connections and even relationships.

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Knowing When You Have Been Blocked


Unlike on Facebook where blocked accounts are neither aware nor notified about the action, Twitter has an entirely different approach to this action.

There is only one way to know if someone has blocked you on Twitter. If they are still searchable, go to their profile and check.

You will see a message that goes: “You’re blocked. You cannot follow or see @*username’s* tweets. Learn more.” 

At this point, you cannot do any further action than to go back to your profile as you have been cut access to their tweets, likes, updates, and other activities on Twitter.

Losing a follower can be painful, but you can gain a lot more and buy real Twitter followers anyway.

‘Soft Blocking’ on Twitter

In recent times, ‘soft blocking’ has become a widely-popular term on Twitter and other social media accounts.

To soft block someone, go to their profile, click the three dots next to the notification bell, click ‘block’, and finish by clicking ‘unblock’ or ‘undo.’

This is a strategy employed by many to remove a follower on Twitter without the other person being aware of it.

The good thing about soft blocking is it less obvious and harsh than the traditional way of blocking. On the other hand, it is not permanent.

The other person may have been removed from your follower list but they can still message you.

They can also view your Twitter activities if your profile is public.


There are many advantages and disadvantages associated with blocking on Twitter.

On the upside, it gives you peace of mind and protects your privacy at all costs.

On the downside, this could lead to a permanent end to a friendship or a relationship, digitally or in real life.

Make sure to review your blocking list once in a while and follow our guide on how to view blocked Twitter accounts.

Before you click or restrict anyone on any platform, think it twice over and think again.

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