How to Unsubscribe from LinkedIn Premium in 2024

How to Unsubscribe from LinkedIn Premium

If you are a job-hunter who already found a career with the assistance of LinkedIn’s paid subscription or a recruiter who thus far hired a new employee, you might be wondering how to subscribe from LinkedIn Premium.

This article will provide you with several ways on how to unsubscribe from LinkedIn Premium.

How to Unsubscribe from LinkedIn Premium

According to LinkedIn, canceling a premium subscription is only possible from the official application, desktop site, or mobile browser, if you bought it via LinkedIn’s desktop webpage.

However, if you are an iOs user, you might ask how to unsubscribe from LinkedIn Premium since due to Apple’s privacy policies, cancellations are forbidden if you purchased the subscription through iTunes directly on LinkedIn or the App Store.

If that’s the case, Apple would like you to begin the cancellation process on your desktop or the LinkedIn mobile app.

After that, you will be redirected to the iTunes subscription management settings page for the rest of the process.

Steps to Cancel LinkedIn Premium from the App, Desktop, and Mobile Browser

Follow the steps provided below if you would like to cancel your LinkedIn Premium Subscription using the official app, desktop, or mobile browser.

Step 1: At the top of your LinkedIn Homepage, click the “Me” icon.

Step 2: From the dropdown provided, select “Access My Premium”.

Step 3: On the right rail, select the “Manage Premium Account”. Then, you will be redirected to your premium subscription settings.

Step 4: Once you were redirected to the settings page, select “Manage Subscription” and click “Cancel Subscription”. After that, follow the prompts to complete the cancellation process.

Ways to Unsubscribe from LinkedIn Premium via iTunes

The following steps will help you to cancel a LinkedIn Premium Subscription purchased through iTunes or the App Store.

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Step 1: Using your desktop or mobile device, access the iTunes application or website.

Step 2: Open the Subscription Management Settings page.

Step 3: Make sure that you are signed in with the Apple ID you used to purchase the LinkedIn Premium that you would like to cancel and locate your subscription on the page.

Step 4: From the bottom of the screen, click “Cancel Subscription”, then confirm your decision.

REMINDER: You need to directly contact Apple support if you subscribed to LinkedIn Premium Subscription on or after June 01, 2020, and wish for an immediate cancellation to subscribe to an alternative subscription, or for profile hibernation of closure.

After your subscription is canceled, your plan will expire at the end of your current billing cycle.

Any requests for immediate cancellations are already at the discretion of Apple support and not on LinkedIn.

What Happens After a LinkedIn Premium Subscription is Canceled?

After canceling your LinkedIn Premium Subscription, your account will return to the basic or free feature, retaining your profile, connections, and other data.

Moreover, you will lose all your premium access at the end of your billing cycle, including:

  • Your accumulated InMail credits and you can’t credit them back.
  • Additional insights on all job postings.
  • LinkedIn Pages.
  • The full list of the account that viewed your profiles alongside the specific details included.
  • Access to LinkedIn Learning.
  • Unlimited people browsing and you may now encounter the commercial use limit.

After unsubscribing from your LinkedIn Premium, you can now delete your payment method at the end of your billing cycle.

It is important to note that you would not be able to delete it if your paid subscription is still active.

You should also be reminded that you are not eligible to sign up for another free trial for at least 12 months after you cancel a free premium trial.

Regarding a canceled promotion or plan that is no longer offered, you will lose your discounted price and you will not be able to re-purchase it again.

Basic LinkedIn Account vs. Premium Subscription

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Using a basic account, you can:

  • Find colleagues and classmates who also have a LinkedIn account, regardless if they own a premium or not.
  • Ask and give recommendations.
  • Search and view profiles of other LinkedIn members.
  • Receive unlimited InMail messages.
  • Save a maximum of three searches and receive alerts on those results every week.
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The Following Are the Different LinkedIn Premium Subscriptions:

Premium Career:

It is the base plan that starts at $29.99 per month. It is advisable for those who are currently hunting for jobs and would like to connect with the hiring manager.

Its features include receiving three InMail message credits, comparing one’s profile with other candidates applying for the same position, and providing resources for interviews and recruitment.

Premium Business:

This plan starts at $47.99 a month. It is advisable for company owners and those in business development that would like to connect with potential partners and promote their brand.

Its features include receiving 15 InMail credits, getting insights and information about the company’s pages, and viewing an unlimited number of people when browsing through the platform.

Sales Navigator:

It starts at $64.99 per month. It is advisable for professionals who would like to generate sales and build leads on the LinkedIn network.

Its features include receiving 20 InMail message credits, getting insights on potential accounts and leads, and making several lists of leads through an on-site builder and recommendations.

Recruiter Lite:

It is the highest-end plan and starts at $99.95 per month. It is advisable for recruiters and headhunters who are finding quality talent on the LinkedIn site.

Its features include 30 InMail message credits, advanced unlimited search with filters that are specifically made for recruiting, integrated hiring functionality and candidate tracking, and dynamic candidate suggestions for each opening.


In this article, you have learned how to unsubscribe from LinkedIn Premium through the official application, mobile site, desktop, and iOs.

If you found a job that requires you to do manual tasks, such as connection requests or sending follow-up messages, check out these lists of LinkedIn automation tools that could help automate activities for you. 

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