How to Unblock Someone on Discord in 2024

How to Unblock Someone on Discord

Even highly regulated communication platforms like Discord allow their users to block profiles.

This feature is helpful, especially when one is experiencing ill-treatment in the form of harassing messages, stalking, and similar circumstances.

In this article, we will teach you the easiest way how to block someone on Discord.

It is not the recommended way to get started on Discord, but it will save you a lot of time and energy as you go along the platform. 

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How to Unblock Someone on Discord

The ire has halted and you realize you want to unblock an account.

By doing this, you will have the chance to chat with them and exchange messages with them normally.

Here is how to unblock someone on Discord.

When Using Discord’s Desktop App on A Personal Computer:

1. When using Discord’s desktop app, it is possible to find the past messages of someone you blocked on the same server you share.

On the message that reads ‘Blocked Message,’ click ‘Show Message’ to reveal the conversation.

2. Once the hidden message has been displayed, the username will also be revealed.

3. Click on their profile and right-click. A dropdown menu will show various actions to take.

Select ‘unblock’ and you have just unblocked someone on Discord.

When Using the Discord Mobile App:

1. Open the Discord app using your mobile phone and enter your login credentials

2. Using the same server you used to share with the person you blocked, find a past conversation you had with them.

These messages are usually hidden on a gray bar labeled ‘Blocked Message.’ Tap this bar to show their message.

3. Once the message has been revealed, click on the person’s profile picture.

4. After landing on their Discord profile, click the three dots found at the top right corner of their picture.

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5. Select ‘Unblock’ from the dropdown menu and confirm your action. It is that fast and easy!

When You Can’t Find the Conversation:

There are also instances when you will not find the conversation you shared with the person you blocked.

Similarly, you may also not share the same server with them. It is still possible to unblock someone despite these roadblocks.

To do this, simply go to your ‘Blocked’ list and scroll until you find their profile. Select ‘unblock’ and you are good to go.

How to Tell if Someone Blocked You on Discord

Luckily, there is a way to know if someone has blocked you on Discord. This is possible by using the platform’s Clyde Bot. 

Clyde is a default tool on Discord that notifies users of unresponsive actions. 

In case you try to message someone who has blocked you on the site, Clyde will inform you that your message could not be delivered because you do not share the same server as the recipient of your message. 

Two possible things can arise from this notification: one, you have been blocked by the recipient and another, the recipient is only accepting messages from his/her friends.

Meanwhile, there is a more reliable way of telling if you have been blocked by using message reactions.

React to a message that the person has sent on the server.

When using a mobile device, a prompt saying ‘Reaction Blocked’ will automatically show.

Meanwhile, when the reaction to a message did not show at all, it also possibly means you have been restricted by the sender.

How to Block Someone on Discord

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Now that you already know how to unblock someone on Discord, it is time you learn to do the counteraction.

To block someone on Discord, follow the steps below.

When using the Discord desktop app:

1. Open up the Discord server

2. Search for the person’s name among the members’ list

3. Right-click on their name and a dropdown menu will show. Select ‘Block’

4. Confirm your action by selecting the ‘Block’ prompt again

When using the Discord mobile app:

1. Open the Discord app using your mobile phone and enter your login credentials

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2. Once you have successfully logged in, search for the person you wish to block. You may do this by scrolling through the server

3. Click on the person’s profile picture. After their profile has been opened, click on the three vertical dots on the top corner of their profile

4. Select ‘Block’ and confirm your action. You have just blocked someone using the Discord mobile application

Reminders on Blocking on Discord

Now that you have successfully blocked someone, know that you can never send or receive direct messages from them.

All the messages on the server this person sent to you or in the server in the past will automatically disappear.

Blocking someone on Discord will also automatically eliminate them from your friends’ list and you will not be able to track their activities on the app any longer.

Neither of you can mention each other in discussions and know when each of you is online.

Restricting Who Can Contact You

Blocking someone may be too extreme to do. Know that it is not the only way to restrict people from contacting you.

Some users opt to change their privacy settings to avoid receiving direct messages and friend requests from people whom they do not know about.

To limit people who can message you, go to ‘Privacy Settings,’ and select ‘Direct Messages.’

Turn off the toggle on the instructions ‘Allow direct messages from server members.’

This action will automatically filter out users in the server that want to send you a direct message but is not on your friends’ list.


We hope you enjoyed reading our easy-to-follow guide on how to unblock someone on Discord.

It is very easy to do! Go through your blocked list today and see who deserves redemption.

It is just as easier to block them again if they repeat their misgivings. 

There are also other ways to filter out unnecessary encounters by changing your privacy settings.

This way, you do not need to block any user anymore and you will have greater protection on who can contact you in general.

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