How to Unblock on LinkedIn in 2024

How to Unblock on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network that connects job seekers and employers to be more productive and successful.

It allows job seekers to create an account, make a post about educational attainment, work experiences, skills, and interests. It also allows employers to post job opportunities. 

However, there are some instances when other members bring toxicity and abusive content.

To ensure a safe and trusted experience on LinkedIn, they created the professional community policies that have a “Block” feature to handle these types of instances aside from just reporting them and an “Unblock” feature if ever you want to reconnect with them again.

In this article, you will learn the easy steps on how to unblock on LinkedIn. 

How to Unblock a Member on LinkedIn?

There are times that you feel unsafe with other LinkedIn members who show unmannerly behavior that’s why you put them on your blocked list, and there are also times that you just mistakenly put members on your blocked list.

Whatever reasons you have, you can unblock them anytime.

Here Is how To Unblock a Member on LinkedIn Using a Desktop or Laptop:

  1. Navigate your mouse and click the “Me” icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage
  2. Click “Settings & Privacy”
  3. Find the “Visibility” section on the left side and click it
  4. In the “Visibility” section, look for “Blocking” and click it
  5. Find the member’s name and click “Unblock”
  6. Insert your LinkedIn password
  7. Click “Unblock Member”
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Here Is Another Way to Unblock a Member on LinkedIn Using the Mobile App:

  1. Tap the “Profile” icon or your profile photo
  2. Tap the “Settings” icon
  3. Find the “Visibility” section and tap it
  4. In the “Visibility” section, look for “Blocking” and tap it
  5. Find the member’s name and tap “Unblock”
  6. Insert your LinkedIn password
  7. Tap “Unblock Member”

Why People Block and Unblock?

LinkedIn believes that transforming the world of work starts with culture and values. Both are central to the foundation of how they operate.

They recognize that every professional interaction is a chance to practice respect, compassion, honesty, and integrity.

This is one of the reasons why they created the professional community policies. 

Through these policies, you can report and block other members’ profiles that engage in harassment, abusive behavior, and policy violations.

Even though LinkedIn has policies to stop these types of behavior, there are still members who wanted to take action on their own and block them right away.

If you can block members, you can also unblock them.

This tool is important especially if you have just mistakenly included them on your blocked list.

What Happens When People Block and Unblock on LinkedIn?


Once you block a member, you can’t access each other’s profiles including shared messages and content, and you won’t be connected to the member you blocked.

However, the blocked members may still see your public information including your public profile, public shares, and public comments. 

If you feel that you blocked the incorrect member or you’ve changed your mind about blocking a certain member, you can also do unblocking, but it will not restore a connection if you are previously connected. 

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You will need to send a new invitation to connect.

How to See the List of Who You Blocked?

Whenever you block a member, it will appear on your blocked list.

To see your blocked list, you need to:

  1. Click the “Me” icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage
  2. Click “Settings & Privacy”
  3. Click “Visibility” on the left rail
  4. Click “Change” next to “Blocking”

Do Not Unblock LinkedIn Spam & Scam Profiles

LinkedIn is a safe platform but you can still find spammers and scammers on the site. Learn to identify, flag, and avoid harmful activities. 

  • Spam is abusive, harmful, and disruptive messages and content.
  • Scam message is sent by fraudsters under false identities or by impersonating legitimate people to steal money or collect personal information used for extortion.
  • Phishing is used by cybercriminals claiming to be from a legitimate company to get your sensitive information such as credit cards, and passwords, or installing malware by inviting you to click on links in emails.

You should report, block, and never unblock the profiles of people sending spam and scam messages, and phishing.


It is appropriate to block a LinkedIn member if you feel unsafe and doubtful.

You can also unblock someone on your blocked list whenever you wanted. Just go to the settings and click “unblock” in the visibility section.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article about how to unblock on LinkedIn. 

Make sure to use LinkedIn automation tools to enhance your professional life.

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