How to Tell if Someone Has Blocked You on Discord in 2024

How to Tell if Someone Has Blocked You on Discord

The surest way how to tell if someone has blocked you on Discord is to send them a direct message.

If it doesn’t go through like it normally does, there is a big chance you have been blocked.

On the other hand, there are many other ways to tell whether you have been blocked by a user without having to send them a message.

Let us dive right in and find out if we have been blocked by a Discord user.

It sure feels bad to be restricted, but it is better to know than to be left with no clue until someone points it out to you.

How to Tell if Someone Has Blocked You on Discord

Being blocked on any social media platform is burdensome. This is why it is important to have a huge number of members in a server to make up for the loss of one.

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Traditionally, there are three ways how to tell if someone has blocked you on Discord. The first way is through direct messaging.

You will not be directly notified in an event when someone has blocked you on the app.

The best way to know is the absence of send or receive message icon on the person’s profile. 

Another way to tell is by trying to search their profiles using the Discord app.

If you search for the person whom you suspect has blocked you, there will be an error notification that will show on your screen saying that the other party is ‘accepting your messages’ but you could not view their profile any longer.

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Lastly, the Discord profile of the person who has blocked you is not searchable and any information about them is not available.

Blocking puts a barrier between you and another user which leads to your automatic elimination from their friend list.

Restrictions include your inability to view their recent activities and their status. 

How to Tell if Someone Has Blocked You on Discord without Direct Messaging

Aside from the three main ways to tell if someone has blocked you on Discord, there are other ways to know if you are caught in the dilemma.

We will let you in on our secret ways how to tell if someone has blocked you on Discord without the need to message them directly.

Who would have guessed those message reactions have another purpose other than letting people know how you feel about their messages?

Using a common server, you can tell if someone has blocked you if your reaction to their messages does not show.

It is more obvious for mobile app users to know as a notification saying ‘Reaction Blocked’ will show in an event you have been restricted by the person who has sent the message.

Another unpopular way to tell is through using the Clyde bot.

Discord’s Clyde is a toll that monitors unresponsive actions performed by a user on the app.

In case you have been blocked, Clyde will notify you with the following message: 

“Your message could not be delivered.

This is usually because you do not share the same server with the recipient or the recipient is only accepting messages from friends.”

Take note that some users opt to limit receiving direct messages from their friend’s list only.

This does not mean you have been blocked. To tell for sure, use the other methods listed above to know if a user has put a restriction upon you.

How to Send a Direct Message on Discord

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DM or ‘direct message’ simply means sending a message to a specific person using a private chat, instead of replying to the public thread.

It stands for initiating a one-on-one conversation with a person or a group.

Here is How To Send a DM to A Person on Your Discord Friend List:

1. Open your Discord and go to the Discord icon found at the top left corner of your screen

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2. Go to the ‘Friends’ section and select ‘All.’ This will display all the people on your friend list

3. Find the user you want to message and click on their avatar

4. Using the textbox, compose your message. Once done, click ‘Send’ and you have just ‘DM-ed’ a.k.a directly messaged someone on Discord.

Here is how To Send a DM to A Person Not Included on Your Discord Friend List but Uses a Common Server:

Sending a private message to someone who is not on your friend list is possible, especially when both of you belong to a common server. 

1. Open your Discord and select a server

2. From the list of members, find the user you want to directly message. Right-click o their profile and select ‘Message’

3. Using the text box, compose your message. Once done, click ‘Send.’ That’s it!

Messaging someone on a common server requires less than three minutes to complete.

Here is how To Send a Message on A Discord Group Chat:

Messaging on a group chat is also possible with Discord, like on other mainstream social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. 

1. Start a conversation between you and a Discord friend

2. Tap the ‘Add Friends to DM’ icon and start adding friends into the conversation.

Note that Discord limits a group chat’s maximum number of members to 10, which already includes yourself

3. Type their username and select the ‘Create Group DM’ option

4. Send a message to your new group


There are a lot of ways how to tell if someone has blocked you on Discord.

It may be through direct messaging or simply reacting to the previous messages they have sent. 

It is important to distinguish whether someone had just changed their privacy settings or intentionally blocked you.

This is the reason why using more than one of the methods listed above to confirm is important.

The next time you need to know if you have been blocked, follow the steps listed in this guide.

These will surely save you loads of time and drama.

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