How to Stream Switch on Discord in 2024

How to Stream Switch on Discord

Game streaming has become popular during the pandemic.

Even today, many content creators make loads of cash just by putting their games live, for the enjoyment of players of the same community. 

In this article, you will learn how to stream Switch on Discord.

Putting your Nintendo Switch game on a live involves a lot of steps to take, especially since this gaming device does not function like a mobile phone where streaming can happen simultaneously without add-on devices.

On the upside, this niche enjoys a wide number of followers to help you gain popularity fast. 

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How to Stream Switch on Discord

Nintendo Switch and Discord may sound like two different species that could not be kept in the same room.

But in reality, some players are making these two platforms work together by making some adjustments here and there.

Below is a guide on how to stream Switch on Discord. Note these steps might require the use of some devices for a successful streaming experience. 

Some of the things players need to prepare are video playing software of your choice to play the stream, a video capture card for computers without an HDMI port, and a downloaded Discord desktop app. 

  1. Connect Nintendo Switch to a dock before turning it on. A dock is a device included in each Nintendo Switch set that allows users to display their games on a television screen.
  2. Connect the capture card HDMI cable to the dock
  3. Connect the capture card’s USB cable to the computer or laptop you will be using. 
  4. Choose a dedicated video playing software where you will play your stream. Among the most-used ones are OBS Studio or a VLC Media Stream. 
  5. Once all the hardware connections are set and the console is already connected to your computer or laptop, turn the console’s power button on
  6. Set your video playing software to capture mode. For a better understanding of this step, check out each platform’s streaming features guide to accomplish this step.
  7. Make sure your device is in its best setting to ensure high-definition streaming. Head on to Switch’s ‘System Settings’ then go to ‘TV Resolution.’ Select ‘1080p’ and ‘Full RGB Range.’ 
  8. After following the steaming features guide for the video player software of your choice, check that the live stream is working. Often, capture card settings need to be changed to ‘Direct Show’ for a hassle-free live streaming session
  9. Open your Discord desktop application and open a ‘Voice Channel’ to present Switch to Discord. Click the screen option found at the bottom of the channel list and it will show a list of your applications and screens. Instead of a webcam, select a capture card as the source of the video.
  10. Click the options tab, select either VLC or OBS, depending on which one you have used, and click ‘Go Live’ to stream Switch on Discord. You will be able to see a thumbnail of your live stream at the bottom right corner of your screen.
  11. To stop sharing, just click the ‘X’ symbol found inside the thumbnail preview. 
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What is Nintendo Switch?

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Nintendo Switch is a multi-player, wireless gaming console that is changing the way players perceive gaming.

Unlike a traditional home gaming device that is almost impossible to transport from place to place due to its size, Switch is portable, with a sleek design and a side barely bigger than a handheld tablet device.

The main idea behind the development of this device is to share the fun with friends and family, without necessarily having to be in the same room.

This is why Switch allows players to play together online using one or multiple systems.

Similarly, it is equipped with streaming-friendly features namely voice chat and split-screen play which vary depending on which game is being played.

Nintendo Switch made its worldwide debut in 2017.

As of this writing, it has sold over 107 million units, trailing behind Nintendo DS and Game Boy which sold 154 million and 118 million units, respectively.

Discord’s Voice Channel for Streaming

Every Discord server, referring to an invite-only space where friends or members of an online community can exchange views and opinions, is classified into two channels.

These are text channels and voice channels. 

Text channels are spaces where members talk solely over plain text. Meanwhile, voice channels are where members exchange conversations using either voice notes or videos, which also allows screen sharing for live streaming. 

Recently, Discord has introduced text chat on its voice channels which were not readily available before.

Today, every voice channel has now added a dedicated text messaging feature to add more context to videos and GIFs posted on the space. 

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This is making things easier for users as it avoids confusion commonly encountered before as users could not put a caption on their posts when using a voice channel.

All About Streaming

Streaming is a widely-popular concept especially in e-commerce and in the gaming community.

It refers to media content that is either live or recorded in advance which is played back in real-time on specific or multiple digital platforms. 

To stream, a user must be equipped with a mobile device or a computer, or a combination of both, that are connected to the internet. 

The most common types of content put on stream are podcasts, TV series, videos, and online game sessions.


In this guide on how to stream Switch on Discord, you have learned that steps require the use of third-party devices and applications such as capture cards, HDMI, and VLC and OBS players, among other things.

Similarly, streaming on Discord is limited only to voice channels that support these kinds of content.

Since voice channels are now equipped with a text messaging feature, make sure to give a heads-up first the next time you plan to stream Switch on Discord.

This way, you can expect more people to tune in and enjoy your content.

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