How To Start Selling Your Crafts On Instagram

How To Start Selling Your Crafts On Instagram

In this modern digital era, Instagram has been widely transformed from a simple photo-sharing platform into an emerging marketplace where creators can turn their crafty dreams into successful businesses.

Instagram offers outstanding opportunities to exhibit and sell your handmade products. 

But if you really want to use the Instagram platform to sell adorable crafts, then you need more than just an eye-catching feed. You will definitely be in great need of the magic of Order Form Creator.

Unlocking The Instagram Valuable Resources

The key to successful selling on Instagram is not only about charming pictures and sharp comments but also about streamlining the buying process.

That’s where the Order Form Creator comes into play, turning your Instagram profile into a fully developed online store.

Selection Of The Right Order Form Creator

First of all, when you leap into selling your crafts on Instagram, you should wisely choose the perfect Order Form Creator. Several options are available, each with its unique features and capabilities. 

Popular choices include are 

  • Google Forms
  • Typeform
  • JotForm

 The ideal choice actually relies on your specific needs, which may be payment processing, customization options, and integration capabilities.

Crafting Your Order Form

After choosing your Order Form Creator, it’s time to craft an engaging and user-friendly order form.

Order Form

Your form should be a perfect extension of your brand, complete with your signature colors and style.

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 Here are some key components that you must keep in mind to include:

  • Product Display should be attractive.
  • Pricing and payment options should be clear and diversified.
  • A detailed column for fast delivery must be added.
  • Add the Contact Information section in case you need to for any clarifications or updates.
  • Present a summary of the customer’s selections to make sure everything is accurate.
  •  Connect your preferred payment method to the form to ease secure transactions.

Creating Irresistible Instagram Content

When your Order Form Creator is ready, then it’s time to create compelling Instagram content that stimulates traffic to your form.

Exhibition of Your Crafts in Style

Instagram is all about aesthetics. Invest in high-quality photography to exhibit your crafts in the best light possible

Importance of Storytelling 

Share the inspiration behind each piece, your creative process, and the love and dedication you pour into your work. People love to connect with the story behind the product.

Audience Engagement

Don’t just post and forget. Engage with your audience by responding to comments, thanking them for their support, and addressing any questions or concerns promptly

Consumer-Generated Content

Encourage your customers to share photos of their purchased items on their own Instagram accounts using a unique hashtag associated with your brand. 

Guide The Sales Process

Selling on Instagram is not just about posting pretty pictures—it’s about guiding potential customers through the sales journey.

Active Engagement

When someone expresses interest in your craft, be ready to engage. This personal touch can make a significant difference.

Reliable Payments Method

Popular payment processors like PayPal and Stripe are trusted options that offer peace of mind to your customers.

Order Confirmation

After a successful sale, send a personalized order confirmation email to your customer. Please include details of their purchase, estimated delivery times, and your contact information.

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Building A Growing Community

Your Instagram profile isn’t just a shop—it’s a community where your customers and followers can connect with you and each other.

Consistency In Engagement

Keep your audience engaged by regularly posting updates about your crafts, sharing customer testimonials, and participating in relevant hashtags and challenges.

Special Offers

Reward your loyal followers with exclusive discounts, early access to new products, or limited-edition releases

Continuous Feed Back

Listening to your customers’ suggestions can help you refine your offerings and enhance customer satisfaction.

Instagram Ads

Expanding Your Reach


Collaborative projects with other influencers in your niche and cross-promotions can introduce your crafts to new audiences and expand your reach.

Instagram Ads

If your budget allows, then try to invest in Instagram ads in order to reach a wider audience. Thus, you can target specific demographics and interests, assuring that the right people see your products.

Tracking and Flexibility


Apply the Instagram Insights and your Order Form Creator’s analytics to track the following:


Customer behavior


Utilize these valuable insights to upgrade your strategy and base your decisions on fact-based information.


Flexibility and a willingness to experiment are key to long-term success. Stay updated with the latest Instagram features and trends, and be prepared to adapt your strategy accordingly. 

So, Combining Instagram with the capabilities of an Order Form Creator can transform your crafting hobby into a lucrative business opportunity.

Prepare yourself to craft your own story of achievements and watch as orders begin to stream in, and your creative journey is at the edge to start!