How To Start A Crafting Blog

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Blogging has become a great way to earn some extra money while pursuing your favorite hobbies. If you’re into crafting, then you’ve probably already heard of selling your crafts to make money. What if we told you there’s another way to make more money out of the same crafts that you will eventually sell?

Advantages Of Starting A Crafting Blog

If you’re already very good at your crafting hobby of choice, then you can start blogging from an authoritative point of view. One of the biggest advantages of blogging is that you can use your website to sell items. Not only will you be able to sell your own handmade crafts, but you will also be able to sell other items such as the best craft organizer or other products you use on a day-to-day basis. 

In other words, you can add to your income through your blog. Another advantage is that you can use your blog to hone your skills as a writer. This is especially useful if you intend to work in the writing industry as it can serve as your portfolio. 

Things You’ll Need Before You Start

You’re already familiar with the requirements of your craft. What are the requirements for starting a blog? There are quite a few, even though they are relatively simple. Here are a few:

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  • Domain Name: The catchier your blog’s name is, the more likely users will remember it when looking for and sharing content. Try to keep your domain name (the part that comes after www in your website URL) as close to your blog name as possible. 
  • WordPress: The easiest platform to use for managing your website is WordPress. It’s very user-friendly, and you can download plugins and themes that will help you master SEO (which you’ll need to drive traffic towards your blog and earn money). 
  • Crafting Supplies: Whatever your craft may be, you will need to actually practice your hobby to write about it. You will only be able to continuously create content this way. Also, it will ensure that you are creating high quality content that your readers will be interested in reading because you will be putting yourself in their shoes—crafting as they would.
  • Camera And Editing: People are losing their attention spans nowadays, and continuous blocks of lengthy text will only bore them. You’ll need to break up the text with a few photos of your crafting projects. You don’t necessarily need to be a professional photographer, but taking your own photos for your blog is crucial to your success.
  • Affiliate Program: Running a blog costs money, and it’s best if the blog makes enough money to cover the running costs. To cover your expenses, you may want to consider joining an affiliate program. As your blog grows, you may even grab the attention of sponsors to gain more earning potential.
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Content Creation

If you aren’t particularly crafty with your words, it may be difficult for you to write for your blog. This usually isn’t a big deal because most bloggers aren’t professional writers. However, as more and more people started blogging, the competition is now fierce. 

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You’ll either need to hone your writing skills, or you will need to hire writers to create content for your blog. Of course, the latter is the more expensive option and is not recommended. Most bloggers learn to write as they grow, or already have some writing skills to work with. 

It’s always best to start strong, so before your website goes live, you should have a few posts already prepared, and have the ideas ready for the next few blog posts. This ensures that you blog isn’t empty at the start.

Using Social Media For Your Blog

There are three main ways that users will find your blog:

  • through search engines (this is why you need SEO)
  • through word-of-mouth (this will only work once you’re somewhat successful).
  • through social media. 

The best social media platforms that you can use to spread awareness of your blog are Pinterest and Instagram. In particular, Pinterest is well-known for arts and crafts, and many people use the platform in search for blogs like yours. Instagram is also useful because it is focused on photos, so you’ll need to learn how to take attention-grabbing photos

Conclusion: Starting A Crafting Blog Is Easy

As you can see, practically anyone can start a crafting blog. If you’re passionate about your crafting projects, then this next step in pursuing your hobby shouldn’t be too difficult.

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Getting ahead of the competition might feel like an upwards slope, but if you enjoy what you do then there shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Try to keep your costs at a bare minimum and you might be able to make money off your blog sooner rather than later.

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