How to Share Post On Instagram Story in 2024

How To Share Post On Instagram Story

You can now instantly add a sticker of an inspiring post from your feed, such as a friend’s fundraiser for a good cause or a photo of a new product from a business you love, to your story for everyone, your friends and followers, to see.

Like sending a Direct message, you can add a feed comment to your story by tapping the paper airframe icon at the bottom of the post.

You can now start a new story from the main menu.

If you tap it, you’ll see the feed post rendered as a sticker that you can use in your narrative with a background of your choosing.

Keep on reading to step by step procedure for sharing a post on Instagram story. 

How to Share Post On Instagram Story

It’s a terrific method to get more eyes on your posts if you share an Instagram them to your story.

It’s easy to share something, whether you’re submitting something new or reposting something interesting that someone else created:

  • To share a post from your feed, tap the paper aircraft icon (the share button) that appears at the bottom of the post.
  • To add a new addition to your story, click the “Add Post” button.
  • You may reposition, resize, and reposition stickers within your Instagram Story post by tapping on them and using the controls provided.

When you add a post to your story, it will appear as a sticker; when you tap it, you’ll be taken back to the original Instagram post.

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The original poster’s username will also be prominently displayed, which is fantastic for properly attributing user-generated content (UGC).

Less than 10 seconds are needed to complete the entire procedure.

How Brands Can Use The Instagram Story Feature

Brands, like regular Instagram users, may utilize stories to keep their pages fresh and engaging.

But it may also be a great tool for revealing exclusive material and connecting with your audience on a more personal level.

Those who are already followers of and purchasers of your goods might be located by use of a brand-specific hashtag.

You may then share these stories with your audience to keep them interested in the brand and up-to-date on its activities.

This serves two purposes: first, you get your business or product in front of more Instagram users; and second, Instagram itself grows.

To continue, it allows the company to display genuine user-generated content demonstrating how the products can be used in a customer’s daily routine.

How To Turn On Story Sharing

How to Pin a Comment on Instagram

Make sure the option is checked in your settings if you need other people to be able to share your content.

  • You’ll be taken to your profile page if you click your photo.
  • If you want to change the settings, tap the menu button (the three lines) in the upper right.
  • Please select “Privacy” and “Story” from the drop-down menu.
  • Ensure the switch next to “Allow sharing to narrative” is turned on (note that your account must be public for this setting to be visible).

Promoting your own content and that of others is easy when you share it on your story.

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Final Thoughts

The subject of how to share the post on the Instagram story has been thoroughly addressed here.

It is necessary to be tagged in an Instagram Story to share its content on your own story.

The original poster’s account must also be public if they want their work to be seen by the general public.

Even if you aren’t tagged, you may still send the story to someone else by using Instagram’s direct messaging feature or by copying the URL and sending it by email, text message, or another social media platform.

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