How to See Deleted Messages on Discord in 2024

How to See Deleted Messages on Discord

Exchanging messages on Discord sometimes escalates into heated discussions.

Senders delete messages that they have already sent in fear of getting reported or banned by the platform.

As a general rule in life, you don’t get to delete your mistakes—but in Discord, you can—and you can do it so many times in a row without leaving traces.

Tune in to this article on how to see deleted messages on Discord.

While there is no absolute way to do it, we will help you get around the rule and avoid receiving abusive messages that could be deleted in no time.

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How to See Deleted Messages on Discord

Many of us are wondering how to see deleted messages on Discord for many reasons.

One, you may be reminiscing about a message sent in the past which have already been deleted.

Second, you are a recipient of a harassment message and want to report it to the platform.

Sadly, there is no easy and fast way to see deleted messages on Discord.

The site’s engineers confirmed that Discord does not have an official way to retrieve messages that have already been deleted by the sender.

Nevertheless, using third-party bots and plugins can make this possible.

Often, users resort to downloading plugins such as BetterDiscord and Message Logger V2 and connect them to Discord to see their deleted and edited messages on the site.

On the other hand, these sometimes come with virus and malware risks that could only turn the situation worse.

A Safe Way to Get Rid of Abusive Messages on Discord

There is a safer way to get rid of receiving abusive messages on Discord.

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This method does not only save you time from having to install plugins to read deleted messages but avoids receiving them altogether.

The first method is to make the channel on a ‘Read Only’ mode to control who can send the messages on your space.

However, this step is known to be too limiting as members could not engage in discussion with one another.

On the upside, this prevents trolls from plaguing the fun, especially during streaming sessions and interactive activities.

Using the Dyno Bot

Another method is to make use of Dyno Bot which is one of the most popular bots in Discord. 

The Dyno Bot has an action log feature that keeps a record of messages, depending on your subscription.

Free accounts get their last ten messages saved on the action log while premium accounts reach up to a hundred.

Meanwhile, this feature does not automatically save images or give details on who sent a particular message.

The Dyno Bot is used by over 7 million Discord servers as a fully-customizable moderation tool, helping community management easier than ever.

Using the Logger Bot

Another way to keep track of servers’ messages is by using the Logger Bot.

This tool is specifically designed, as the name suggests, to log activities on Discord.

This includes message archiving which allows logging of messages exchanged on their own servers. 

The Logger Bot can be a helpful feature on how to see deleted messages on Discord as it keeps a record of conversations on every server using this bot.

How to Delete Messages on Discord

Meanwhile, if you are on the offensive, you may want to know how to delete messages on Discord by following our guide below.

When Using a Desktop Browser:

  1. Go over to your Discord account
  2. Click on the three horizontal dots found at the right corner of a specific message you want to delete
  3. Select ‘Delete Message.’ A confirmation prompt of ‘Delete’ or ‘Cancel’ will show. Click ‘Delete’ and the message has been deleted.

When Using a Mobile App:

1. Open the Discord app and input your login credentials

2. Find the message you want to delete

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3. Long tap the specific message and select ‘Delete’

4. A confirmation prompt of ‘Delete’ or ‘Cancel’ will show. Click ‘Delete’ and the message has been deleted.

Note that Discord currently does not have a feature that lets users delete bulk messages all at once.

You have to follow these steps for individual messages you want to delete.

Is Reporting a Deleted Harassing Message Possible on Discord?


Before we start, you have to take note that Discord will ask you to provide three things when you report a harassing message namely User ID, Message-ID, and Server ID.

These important details vanish along when the message has been deleted.

To ensure you get all these details in place, always take a screenshot of the message and copy IDs before the sender can revise actions. 

This screenshot will be the proof for your claim and will house all the important details necessary to get Discord moving with your request.

Reporting a Harassing Message on Discord

Here is a simplified guide on how to report an inappropriate or harassing message on Discord:

1. Go to Discord’s official request form and select ‘Trust & Safety’ on the dropdown menu

2. Fill in the form with the required details, including you’re the details of your email

3. Answer the report type query with ‘harassment,’ and the subject as ‘Abusive Behavior report.’

4. Paste all the labeled IDs you have copied earlier namely User ID, Message-ID, and Server ID on the description box

5. Attach the screenshot of the harassing message on your report

6. Click ‘Submit.’ Discord will contact you via email with the progress of your request.


There is no absolute answer to the question ‘how to see deleted messages on Discord.’

While the platform does not specifically allow users to view deleted messages, using plugins and Discord bots could help log your message history.

If you are a recipient of malicious messages on Discord, act promptly and take a screenshot of the message.

Copy the Message-ID, User ID, and Server ID and immediately file a request form.

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