How To Revive A Dying Marketing Campaign

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As much as you try to avoid it, this can happen to anyone: you get a product on the market, you launch it, the product sells quite a bit at first – and then suddenly, no one is buying your product anymore. Your marketing campaign is dying, and you seem to be getting fewer and fewer sales.

So, how do you salvage your marketing campaign? Is there anything that you are doing wrong – something that you can fix? What can you do to bring attention back to the product and make people buy it? Well, there are a couple of things that can help you in this situation, so keep on reading.

1. Change The Delivery Method

If your marketing campaign is dying, there is a good chance that you are not leveraging your platform of choice enough and that your product simply does not stand out. Human attention is hard to get nowadays, considering the variety of things on the Internet. 

This is why you need to take all the necessary actions and even adapt, when necessary. What was popular two years ago may not be as popular at the moment. It will feel “out of date,” which is why customers may avoid your product.

For example, you might be tempted to post pictures on Facebook or Instagram, as this is what everyone seemed to do at some point. However, it seems that nowadays, videos are the most engaging content type. Therefore, if you have only been posting pictures before, you might want to consider switching to videos.

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2. Change The Social Media Platform

Times are changing, and so is social media. For example, thinking back to the popularity of MySpace, it’s hard to imagine how people barely use it anymore. That being said, after people moved to Facebook, MySpace pretty much became a ghost town and Facebook became the new kid around the block. 

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People are still using Facebook today, and it is the preferred choice for more than 80% of millennials. Still, the younger generation is shifting towards other platforms, such as Instagram or TikTok. If most of your marketing campaign takes place on Facebook, you might want to consider a change in scenery.

You might also want to mix and match the mediums available. Social media platforms are not the only places where you can advertise your product. For instance, you may start a blog and write about the product there – or write informational articles linking to your product. Often, clients will first look for information that can solve their problems, and then search for the right product for them.

3. Change The Pricing

When selling your product, you are tempted to put higher prices to cover the costs of manufacturing and distribution and perhaps gain a little profit as well. That being said, when prices are high, there is a good chance that people won’t even look at your product.

In Michigan, many commercial litigation attorneys say that their clients filed for bankruptcy in a short time after they increased their profits. When the prices are lower, you get less profit per product, but you may get more people buying it.

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This will increase your profit little by little, even if it might take a couple of months. You might want to consider going for bundles and discounts – for example, selling the second product at a discount. This way, even if they come in to buy just one product, they may just feel tempted enough to get the second one, as well. 

Go For A Different Market

If your marketing campaign is dying, there is a good chance that you are not advertising to the right market. For example, what you sell may not be a priority to them, or perhaps they may not even be speaking your language. You need to reach a new audience if this is the case.

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When you are advertising to the wrong market, you are wasting time and effort on people that don’t need your product. This is why you must find a niche and target the people who are more likely to convert. You might dream of going for a broader market, but as a starter brand, you should keep a smaller focus. 

The Bottom Line

Sometimes, all it takes to revive a dying marketing campaign is to change a couple of things. Perhaps you need to change the audience, the prices, or the platforms that you are advertising on. These changes may seem small but may lead to profit in the long run.

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