How to Remove Instagram Account in 2024

How To Remove Instagram Account

In case you’ve changed your mind, Instagram now lets you permanently remove your account without ever having to leave the app.

What you need to know is detailed in this post.

In June 2022, Instagram implemented a settings menu option to deactivate a user’s account following Apple’s revised App Store criteria.

Instagram account deletion used to be limited to web-based platforms, such as desktop and mobile browsers.

However, as of June 30, 2022, apps that allow users to create accounts must also allow for the cancellation of those accounts; therefore, Instagram was required to provide this functionality.

Your account, images, clips, views, reels likes, and friends will all be deleted along with your account if you decide to deactivate it.

However, if you reconsider your decision about permanently deleting your account, you have 30 days to reactivate it by logging back into Instagram.

Deactivating Vs. Removing: What You Need To Know

Your Instagram account can be temporarily disabled or deleted entirely.

You can temporarily hide your profile, followers, images, likes, and comments from other users by deactivating your account.

Simply logging back into your profile will restore your previous posts, comments, and likes.

In other words, if you deactivate your Instagram account, it’s gone for good and can’t be reinstated.

Your photographs, followers, likes, and other information will be permanently removed from Instagram when you delete your account.

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If you decide to join Instagram again in the future, you will not be allowed to utilize the same username, and neither will anyone else.

How To Deactivate Your Instagram Account

You aren’t quite ready to give up Instagram just yet. You might want to temporarily shut off your Instagram account if you feel some space is good for you.

You can’t cancel your Instagram subscription through the mobile app on iOS or Android, either.

To permanently delete your account, you must utilize a computer or mobile browser.

Learn how to remove your Instagram profile from your desktop or mobile device.

  • To deactivate your Instagram account, you must open a new browser tab and sign in with your old account details.
  • Go to the top right and click your profile image to do this.
  • Go to your profile and click “Edit Profile.”
  • Select “Temporarily disable my account” from the drop-down menu.
  • You can get this information from the “Why are you disabling your account?
  • Then choose an option from the “Please explain” menu. 
  • Simply re-enter the password you used to access your account.

If you want to remove your Instagram account, it will be removed from public view and search results.

Your profile name, images, likes, followers, and comments will remain intact.

How To Permanently Delete Your Instagram Account

How to Get on the Instagram Explore Page

When you’re ready to move on from Instagram, you can do so after backing up your data. In this case, users can choose between two different alternatives.

The first choice is a permanent one, as it permanently removes your Instagram profile and all of its data, while the second is a more temporary one.

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When you’re ready to give up Instagram for good, you can only do it utilizing a browser, although you can use either your mobile device or a desktop computer.

Instagram will hide your profile for 30 days before permanently deleting it.

Thus, you can put it back into effect if you lose your opinion. Find out how to remove your Instagram profile here:

Log In To Your Account

The Instagram delete page can be accessed directly from any web browser. When you’re ready, enter your login information and press the button.

Select A Reason For Deleting Your Account

A pull-down menu has appeared. There are eight possible explanations for wanting to cancel your account, and you can choose one of them below. Pick one randomly.

Enter Your Password And Delete Your Account

Including your followers, no one else will be able to see your Instagram profile from now on.

Within 30 days of canceling your account, you will be able to reactivate it by logging in with your username and password.

Final Thoughts

Though entertaining, Instagram can put your personal information and even your morality at risk.

While there may be some disagreement on the optimal frequency of social media use, everyone can agree that a break is welcome from time to time.

Disabling or removing your Instagram account is completely acceptable. When you’re ready to return to Instagram and other social media, they’ll still be accessible.

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