How to Promote Your Blog with SEO?

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The times when you only needed quality content to make your blog popular are long gone. Now you have to utilize all the tools and don’t forget to exploit the SEO methods. In this article, we’ll describe how to promote your blog on WordPress or another platform.

Links Are the Must

If you still didn’t purchase dofollow backlinks, visit this page and make it as soon as possible. As you know, the algorithms analyze the resources depending on the mentions on the Internet. The more links lead to your blog, the better. And this resource is one of the best places for blog promotion and SEO optimization.

Remember that Google’s goal is to place the most informative and useful content on the first pages. Bots use a different way to evaluate your resource, and links are one of the most important. If you want algorithms to consider your blog reliable and valuable, don’t forget to place links to it on other resources.

You need to know the following factors while searching for backlinks:

  • the resource where you put your link should be trustworthy;
  • find the blogs with the same or at least close themes;
  • buying the links, examine the company’s services: do they write articles or is it your responsibility, etc.

Keep these factors in mind, and the links will bring you traffic and recognition from the search engine.

Structure the Blog

Create a logical structure for your resource. Define the most important pages serving as a core and make a net of internal links connecting this core with other posts and materials. Internal linking kills two birds with one stone. First, it facilitates ranking and indexing by bots, giving a clear and easy-to-understand picture of the entire resource.

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The second benefit is improving the user experience. Convenient navigation makes it easy to find the information, and interconnection between the related articles increases the amount of time spent on your pages. 

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Email for Promotion

Don’t forget about good old email marketing when looking for the best ways to grow and advertise a blog. You can read in detail the methods of using these SEO tools for backlinks. Here we’ll discuss only the main factors. 

First, don’t think that an email is an outdated tool. It still provides you with a lot of opportunities when it comes to promotion. But going to the other extreme is a mistake too. The unwise use of email marketing can attract the attention of the algorithms and make them think you are sending spam.

You can use several types of business emails to attract traffic to your blog. Use all of them; don’t lose the enormous potential of this way of marketing your blog for free. Collect the email addresses from all available sources, for example, the registration form. Give some info product for free in exchange for the address.

Optimize the Speed

Nowadays, people are used to receiving all they need here and now. Users don’t like to wait. For you, it means the need for the optimization of page loading time. No one will wait if big pictures on your pages load slowly. You can use a CDN to increase the loading speed or compress the images you place in the posts. 

Don’t Stop Learning

The technologies are developing at incredible speed. Every day new tools and methods appear. The market changes, and specialists have to adapt really quickly. The tools you used a year ago can be useless today. It means that in this field, learning is a constant process.

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You need to keep up-to-date with modern technologies and trends. For example, read this article on  about a fresh approach to SEO. It shows how advanced products with complex technologies affect SEO methods and tools. 

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Mobile Friendliness is a Priority

As we already mentioned, user experience is the first thing you should consider. Today the majority of users prefer their mobile devices. It means your resource has to work impeccably on a screen of any size. No one would turn on their PC if they could access your blog from their smartphone

WordPress and other platforms provide many mobile-friendly themes. Don’t try to save money on this point. The adaptability to the small screens of mobile devices and cross-browser compatibility are very important if you want to attract new visitors.


Promoting the blog is not hard, but it requires determination and a thought-through strategy. Start your campaign with SEO optimization to reach the best results. And don’t forget that your blog is not for search algorithms; it’s for people. Even the most effective promotion won’t be productive if the visitors find your blog uninteresting and leave it after a few seconds.

Sometimes we forget about this simple fact and concentrate all the effort only on links, keys, and other factors related to the ranking and indexing. The key to successful promotion is balancing all the measures you take.

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