How to Profile Your Team on Your WordPress Website


Your employees are what make your business tick – but they’re also the heart and soul of your business, and profiling them on your website can help make your company more human.

Why Profile Your Team?

Having an About page on your website is a great way to explain what your business is and which problems it can solve for prospective customers and clients. Adding team member profiles to your About page, or creating a dedicated Team Member page, can provide additional information for current and prospective clients to establish and build trust, and direct enquiries to the right people for a seamless customer experience.

Team Bios Made Easy

Creating a Meet the Team page on your site is simple – but organizing your team members and displaying them in a way that’s easy to skim can pose a few problems if your team is particularly large or complex. Utilizing one of the team member plugins available can help ensure your team content displays well on all devices, and makes it easy to keep that information up to date as team members come and go.

3 FREE Team Plugins

Team Members

Focused on presenting your teams as the ‘heart of your business’, the Team Members plugin offers a responsive and clean design, and allows you to create members, add their positions, bios and more, and copy-paste the shortcode to display team information anywhere. Features include:

  • First and last name, bio and photo fields
  • Social media link integration
  • Member display settings
  • Color customization
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Team Members is free via the WordPress plugin directory, has 4000+ active installs and an average user rating of 4.9/5 stars.

Meet My Team

Great for grid displays and ideal for large teams, Meet My Team is designed to provide a clean display for multiple team member bios. Features include:

  • Team member name, profile photo, email and bio display
  • Social media links integration
  • Responsive grid with smooth readjustments
  • Ability to fit within any chosen theme
  • Easy insertion into any page with shortcodes

Meet My Team is free via the WordPress plugin directory, has 3000+ active installs and an average user rating of 4.7/5 stars.


Team is a fully responsive and mobile-ready plugin allowing you to display team member profiles with descriptions, as well as links to social media profiles using a shortcode widget. Features include:

  • Three different themes
  • Team member thumbnail images
  • Background image integration
  • Team member name font color customization
  • Unlimited teams

Team is free via the WordPress plugin directory, has 3000+ active installs and an average user rating of 4.6/5 stars.

Creating Team Bio Content

Ready to start profiling your team members and building customer trust? Here are three key things to consider when creating your team content.

Keep Copy Consistent

If you have a marketing department, enlist their help to write team bio copy. This will ensure a professional tone is maintained throughout, with copy that reflects your brand voice.

Simplify with a Template

If your team members will be writing their own bios, make it easy for them with a simple template. You may include their background and experience, their interest in the industry, what they do on a daily basis to help customers, and what they most love about their role.

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Focus on Great Images

When it comes to staff photos, you can either go super-professional, or candid, depending on the brand personality you’re trying to project. Whatever style of image you choose, make sure all photos are a web-sized resolution for optimum loading and display, and ensure each employee’s face is clearly visible.

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3 thoughts on “How to Profile Your Team on Your WordPress Website

  1. Shakir Malik says:

    Making a profile for the website team sounds quite an easy task if someone wants to do it in a hurry. However, I use Meet My Team which makes the job easier. 🙂

  2. Jillian Bell says:

    Is it possible to create without using any plugin..plain and simple? Using too many plugins seems not good for the site.

    1. Hi Jillian, yes anything is possible. But to deploy custom profile pages without a plugin you would need to do some custom development. Not super complex, but certainly more complex than we could get into in a comment 🙂

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