How to Pin a Comment on Instagram in 2024

How to Pin a Comment on Instagram

Based on Instagram’s rules, you can pin up to three comments from other people in your post, and these will appear on the top of your comment section.

This way, these are the first comments that people will see when they view your post.

Pinning someone else’s comment below your Instagram posts could be a great way of highlighting your followers’ responses to your content or promoting specific information.

In this article, we will provide a detailed guide on how to pin a comment on Instagram. Read on! 

How to Pin a Comment on Instagram

Pinning a comment on Instagram does not cause a sweat! It is also very strategic, especially for marketers, as they can use the feature to make essential product information easily discoverable for users.

Similarly, this will prevent repetitive queries on the comment section as a pinned comment already answers everyone’s question.

Here’s how to pin a comment on Instagram:

Step 1: Open the Instagram application or open the platform on the website.

Step 2: Navigate your specific post to which you would like to pin a comment. You can execute this by clicking your profile tab.

Step 3: Choose the comment you want to pin or tap the comment notification that you receive from that post then swipe from right to left.

Step 4: Click the pushpin icon.

By learning these steps, now you already know how to pin other people’s comments on your post.

In doing so, the person whose comment was pinned will receive a notification.

Just in case you changed your mind and you would like to unpin a comment, simply swipe from right to left on the pinned comment and tap the pushpin icon again.

How to Respond to Instagram Comments

In order to respond to an individual Instagram account’s comments under your own or someone else’s post, just tap the “Reply” icon under the comment.

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In cases where you do not want to reply publicly, you can also respond privately to a comment by sending the user a private message, then mention their comment and give your response.

How to Get More Comments on Instagram

Achieving more engagement on any social media platform is usually rooted in a user’s authentic and unique content that the audience loves, aside from some photo editing magic.

The following are some ways that you could do to get more comments on Instagram.

Asking Question

It is a simple and proven tactic that usually works to get more engagement from your followers.

Just simply ask a question in the caption of your photo, video, or reel to prompt other users to comment on your post.

If you use your account for business purposes, then that question could be related to your product.

Holding a Contest or Giveaway

In creating an online contest or giveaway on your Instagram account, you take entries by asking other users to tag their friends in the comment section.

This strategy works in two ways. First, you will get a lot more comments because people love free stuff.

Second, those comments would actually send a notification to the tagged user who does not follow you to comment on your post and join the giveaway.

In a lucky scenario, those people could be interested in your account and follow you as well. 

Furthermore, if you will collaborate with other brands or users for a giveaway, you could extend your audience reach even further and likely gain new followers from the brands that you are partnering with.

Simply Ask Your Followers to Tag Their Friends

If you do not want to hold a giveaway for financial purposes, you can just simply encourage your followers to tag their friends by posting something that is relatable, inspirational, or related to your brand.

For example, “Who else loves pizza? Tag them!”, “Tag someone who thinks you know is very hardworking!”, “Tag that one friend whose name starts with the letter J to buy you a Starbucks tonight!”, etc.

Post Some Helpful Advice

A great social media engagement comes from posting that adds value to your followers’ feed, like insisting on knowledge or insight into something that they could be interested in.

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For instance, you could share some “secrets” on how to invest in certain fields such as crypto or stocks by doing your own research.

You could also post some study techniques for students as well as love, mental health, or financial-related advice.

By doing this, your followers will thank you for the tips, share their own stories, or even tag their friends who they think could relate.

Share Some Good News

Spreading positive vibes and updates to your followers, may it be big or small, is one of the reasons why they follow you since they would like to know what is happening in your life or what kind of accomplishments or progress your business has made.

By doing so, they will likely feel compelled to congratulate you or lift up your spirit.

How to Hide Offensive Comments on Instagram

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Sometimes, you will come across some people who are rude on the internet.

If you are tired of seeing offensive comments, you can just simply hide them with the following step.

Step 1: Open the Instagram app or website

Step 2: Go to Settings

Step 3: Under Settings, click Privacy.

Step 4: Tap Hidden Words.

Step 5: By tapping the Hidden Words section, you will be directed to the Offensive Words and Phrases section.

Turn on the Hide Comments toggle and the Advanced Comment Filtering.

Now, offensive comments based on Instagram’s criteria will be hidden and not be shown automatically.


Instagram has many features which help in simplifying one’s life on the app.

Learning how to pin a comment on Instagram will save you a lot of time answering repetitive questions asking for the same answer. 

Make sure to use this feature the next time you market something! It will ditch you loads of time and effort, compared to replying to comments individually.

Also, another automated feature you should check out is this link where you can buy Instagram followers. Check it out!

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