How to Pick A Web Design Company


Last year, Australians’ total online shopping expenses reached A$28.6 billion. Experts predict that, by 2021, the market value of Australian e-commerce will reach A$35.2 billion.

What does it mean? It means businesses should invest smartly in digitalisation, and the first step is to find the right web design company.

Research reveals that the most digitally-sophisticated brands have notably higher revenues,  profits and employee potential compared to those who do not invest much in digitalisation. Companies should start adapting technologies; they just have to find the most suitable solutions.” shared Max Funding’s small business loan specialist Shane Perry.

With that said, here are some tips on how to pick the right web design company for your business. 

Step 1: Be Specific with Your Needs

Not all websites are the same. Thus, it’s essential to specify how you’re going to use the website and what can it do for the visitors.

If you’re going to sell products or services, you need an e-commerce site. If this is the case, you must hire a web design company with extensive experience in developing e-commerce sites with advanced features and integrations. Preferably, their package should include adjusting the site to scale with your growing business and technical support.

While many companies build e-commerce sites, there are other factors to ponder, such as hosting and content management. If you’re an average entrepreneur who’s not familiar with these technicalities, ask for guidance from reliable consultants.

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Step 2: Look For A Diverse Web Design Portfolio 

Look into your prospective website design company’s prior work. Keep an eye on features like DIY website frameworks and custom-built sites. 

Are they well-versed in creating websites for businesses like yours? For example, if you’re starting a service business, a provider that specialises in online stores may not be the ideal candidate.


Step 3: Check Their Industry Experience 

There are a bunch of great web design businesses springing up every day. Hiring a web design company with years of expertise will offer you peace of mind that your venture is in excellent hands.

Step 4: Be On The Look Out For Sophisticated Website Functionality

Websites must do more than simply look attractive; they must also work correctly. The services and tools a web design firm offer should be considered, apart from the visual appeal. For instance, customers are increasingly adopting mobile phones to make purchase choices, regardless of the business. A responsive design ensures that your website will look great no matter what device your visitors are using.

Step 5: Take Note Of Extensive Marketing Services

Choose a creative web agency that provides a wide range of digital marketing services to make your life much easier. On top of the web design, you’ll have a single experienced provider to turn to, from PPC ads to search engine optimisation.   Other solutions to inquire about with your web design agency include copywriting, content writing, social media marketing, and web analytics.

Step 6: Check Your Prospective Web Company’s Website

If your prospective web design company is what they claim to be, it will reflect on their website. Check it on mobile phone, desktop, laptop, and tablet devices. 

Is the website responsive? 

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Is it eye-catching? 

Does it provide the function you expect of it? 

Can you navigate smoothly? 

If your browsing experience is superb, give this company some points.

Step 7: Ask About Their Web Design Process

Each web design company follows a particular process. Ask them to discuss the process with you to know what to expect from them as a client. It will be more practical to hire a web design company with in-house SEO experts, writers, graphic artists, and photographers.

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Be cautious about companies that refuse to give clear answers. A professional web design company will do its best to enlighten its clients.

Step 8: Talk About Future Maintenance

The work doesn’t end once the website goes live. It should be maintained to please the visitors and Google bots. Clarify with your prospective web design company the extent of their website care and maintenance. 

Besides, the digital landscape is continually shifting, adding the threat of viruses and hackers. Therefore, your web design team must have around-the-clock monitoring to keep the website safe and running.

Step 9: Learn From Those That Worked With Them

Before reaching a final decision, connect to other website owners who’ve already engaged the very same web design team you’re considering. Does the functionality and design of their website meet or exceed their expectations? Do they use any extra items or services? If so, how effective are they? 

Work With The Right Web Design Company For Your Business

Building your business website from scratch is not an easy task. While many business owners and entrepreneurs fell into the trap of DIY-ing their website, wise up and make better choices. 

Working with a professional web design company will save you money, time, and resources and accelerate your business growth.

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