How To Optimize Web Design For Lead Generation

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Web design optimization for more leads shouldn’t be challenging. Unfortunately, while it isn’t a simple practice for novice web designers and website owners, hiring a web design company can simplify everything.

Marketers and designers should implement strategic approaches to maximize lead generations from websites. Lead generation starts when website visitors click the “contact us” or “call to action” buttons.

This leads them to landing pages that contain forms for collecting the visitors’ information. The visitor immediately becomes a lead once they have submitted the form with their contact details.

However, this isn’t always the case. Some visitors immediately opt out of your lead generation page. Below are web design tips that optimize your website for lead generation.

1.  Choose The Right Website Design

Web design aesthetics should be a priority when designing lead generation websites. Interestingly, web design choice makes up 94% of your visitors’ first impressions.

You can’t attract the attention of potential leads without a killer web design. They won’t also stay longer on your site. Consider the following web design tips for assured success:

  • Have a style guide – Website design style guide helps designers and marketers create uniform web pages.

    Visitors and potential leads will most likely trust your website if it has a cohesive appearance. Your style guide should focus on the font style, website colors, and image style, among others.

  • Ensure your web design reflects your business – You should design a website that reflects your business or brand. You should use unique color choices, design style, and other aesthetics that make your website design stand out.

  • Opt for custom web design – Using a custom web design is a sure way of making your brand memorable. Custom designs with the help of web design experts make your site stand out from competitors.
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2.  Focus On User Experience

Building a website that meets your target audience’s needs also boosts its lead generation efforts. Even though the website belongs to your business, it should meet the expectations and demands of your target audience.

You should prioritize the user experience in the following ways:

  •  Improve page-load speed – Web visitors are searching for quickly available information. You should ensure that your website page load speed is top-notch. Tools such as Google PageSpeed Insights test your website speed and find ways of improving them.

  • Leverage white space – Unlike what most people believe, you shouldn’t fill up all parts of your site with content. Website pages with white pages are attractive.

  • Simplify website navigation – A simple navigation system enhances user experience. Users will most likely spend more time on your site if they can easily find whatever they are searching for. Use broad headings, bullets, and subcategories to organize your web pages.

3.  Add Forms To Pages With The Most Traffic

Your lead generation efforts should begin with a thorough evaluation of the current situation of your website.

You might discover and tweak certain pages into excellent lead generators. Start by auditing the primary source of your site traffic. Some sources of site traffic include:

  • Email marketing – Some visitors may land on your web page from your marketing emails.

  • Social media platforms – You can also generate web traffic from marketing campaigns on social media pages.

  •  Blog posts – The best performing blog posts can also be the source of your traffic.

  • Live chat – You might also get online traffic when visitors reach out to your support team from your site’s live chat section.
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Having identified where most of your online traffic originates, you should ensure that their landing pages capture the visitors’ attention and interests.

For instance, if your analytics tool suggests that most of your traffic is inbound links from your Instagram page, you should update the specific landing page with relevant and engaging content.

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4.  Use Testimonials To Boost Credibility

Surprisingly, more than 92% of online leads trust brand recommendations from other people. The easiest way of converting leads into customers is ensuring they trust your brand. You can improve customer trust through:

  • Adding testimonials to your site – Testimonials are a great way to showcase your brand. Integrating them into your site gives leads an insight into how previous customers think about your services.

  • Adding Google reviews to your site – Sharing authentic reviews from Google is another easier way of improving customer trust.

  • Integrating reviews from third-party sites – Customer reviews from third-party review websites, such as Consumer Reports and Yelp, can also build trust.

Using testimonials and reviews can build visitor confidence in your products and services.


Optimizing web design for lead generation should increase the conversion of website visitors into leads.

Following the tips mentioned above can make your site a lead magnet. However, leads won’t magically turn into customers. You should nurture them through the funnel.

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