How to Make Twitter Account Public in 2024

How to Make Twitter Account Public

Keeping things private on social media is the way to live a quiet, undisturbed life.

On the other hand, it also prevents us from sharing relevant information or fostering meaningful new connections in the digital world.

Now that everything has migrated to the computer, having deeper and more open connections is the forward.

In this article, we will help you achieve this. Follow through our guide on how to make Twitter account public.

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How to Make Twitter Account Public

Twitter slang calls this step ‘unprotecting’ one’s tweet.

This is the way users launch their profiles for public view to move away from the lock symbol formerly found on their profiles when their accounts are still ‘protected’ or, in layman’s terms, ‘private.’

This is how to make Twitter account public in four easy steps:

Step 1: Go to Your Home and Click the Profile Icon

Making a Twitter account public starts with going to one’s Twitter dashboard and clicking the profile icon found in the uppermost right corner of your screen

Step 2: Click Settings and Privacy

A drop-down menu will show after clicking the profile icon. To proceed, click ‘Settings and Privacy.’

Step 3: Click Privacy and Safety

This will redirect you to the Settings interface. Scroll down and tap ‘Privacy and Safety.’

Step 4: Select Audience and Tagging and Untick the Box Next to ‘Protect Your Tweets’

Select the ‘Audience and Tagging’ option found at the topmost part of the list of choices available.

From here, untick the box next to the ‘Protect Your Tweets’ option and your account is now public!

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The same process should be followed if you wish to revert your profile to private.

One small difference, you have to tick the checkbox next to ‘Protect Your Tweets’ instead of unticking or leaving it blank.

The Difference Between a Public and a Private Twitter Account

In terms of visibility, a public tweet simply means to it visible to all Twitter account users.

This means all of the posts, media, tweets, retweets, and likes of a public Twitter account are accessible to the public’s view.

Some can even reply on the thread posted by this type of privacy setting. On the contrary, a private Twitter account is limited to the view of followers.

No other person can reply, tag, message, or comment on this account except for the people it is directly connected with a.k.a its followers.

To view any update this account posts, one should send a follow request to the person which will either be accepted, declined, or go unnoticed.

Unless the request will be accepted by the user holding the account in private mode, the tweets and Twitter activities made by that account will remain exclusive to its circle of followers.

What Happens on a Protected/Private Account?

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In a private account, increasing followers will not be automatic.

The account holder should deliberately decide whether to accept or deny a follow request from people who wants to be updated on their activities.

With this, other features such as retweeting their tweets or replying to comments will not be accessible to the public.

Similarly, a private account could not be searched on a third-party search engine like Google.

More often, only the people who directly know one’s username can search them on the platform.

Default Public Account

Not known to many, a new Twitter account’s default setting is in public mode.

For this to change, one has to follow the steps provided above on how to make Twitter account private.

Many American adults are not aware that their accounts are in public mode.

In a study conducted by Pew Research Center, there 83% of participants out of 2,500 have insisted their accounts are in private, with 21% saying nobody sees their tweets.

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But actual results show that 89% of the Twitter accounts of all the survey participants are in public mode. 

Benefits of a Having a Public Account

While many seem avoidant and worried about making their profiles public, there are many advantages of keeping a Twitter profile public.

First, it is easier to build digital connections.

Making one’s profile and information available for the review of many makes them easier to figure out and possibly initiate contact.

This is very important, especially for people who are trying to build their presence on Twitter or those working on personal relations, advertising, and marketing, among others.

Second, this can be an effective move to educate others and share one’s knowledge.

Unlike keeping your tweets to yourself or your small follower base, a public profile’s posts is available for everyone.

If you are keen on sharing facts, news, and know-how on the platform, this could be the most efficient way to educate a bigger number of people.

Last, there is no risk in going public. Contrary to popular opinion, turning a Twitter account to the public does not mean an invasion of privacy.

After all, it is you who decides what you put out there.

To avoid any dilemma, just make sure to share only what you want your followers to know. Be careful in sharing sensitive information such as your live location for safety.


Privacy on Twitter is always a personal discretion. Learning to use this to your advantage is always a valuable skill to learn.

Even on a public or private profile, sharing sparingly is always better than sharing everything.

This way, you will have no concerns about cybersecurity wherever you go and whatever digital platform you use. 

Thanks for reading our article on how to make Twitter account public. It is very easy to do!

Try it for yourself and see if being in the public eye works better for you. Be retweetable, reachable, and followable. 

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