How to Make Instagram Private in 2024

How to Make Instagram Private

Controlling your visibility on Instagram comes with many benefits and disadvantages.

For some, privacy on social media brings ease when they use the application.

Meanwhile, some users prefer to keep their profiles for public view as they enjoy sharing information, content, and ideas for the enjoyment of many.

Regardless, do you know there is a way to get around a private account by using a private Instagram viewer? Check this amazing feature!

This article comes with a guide on how to make Instagram private. The steps are very easy! You can do it without hassle. 

How to Make Instagram Private

It may be one of the most intelligent moves of Instagram to have introduced an option to make a user’s profile private by just ticking a few boxes.

Instead of hiding each post, you can do it all at once.

Here is a guide on how to make Instagram private. Make sure to follow these steps carefully.

For Android and iPhone Users:

1. Go to your Instagram app and click your profile picture

2. Tap the three horizontal lines found at the top right corner of your screen

3. A drop-down menu will show. Select ‘Settings’ from the options

4. Once on the settings page, scroll and look for ‘Privacy’

5. Tap the toggle found next to the ‘Private Account’ to make your account private. It is that easy!

For Desktop Users Using

1. Go to

2. Put your login credentials to access your account

3. Tap your profile picture and select ‘Settings’ from the dropdown menu

4. Once on settings, click ‘Privacy and Security’

5. Scroll down and find ‘Account Privacy’

6. Tick the box next to ‘Private Account’

The same steps apply to mobile browser users accessing their Instagram using a third-party search engine using their phones.

What is a Private Account?

A private account on Instagram means only your followers have access to the content you post on your page.

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Once you make your account private, people need to send you a follow request, which you can either decline or approve, to make it to your following list. 

More specifically, only your followers can see your photos, videos, hashtags, location pages, stories, followers and following list, and other activities you do on Instagram.

What is a Public Account?

On the contrary, a public account is accessible by everyone.

Posts, updates, photos, followers, and the following list of users are available to the public, even those that are using third-party search engines to view your Instagram activities.

Pros of Having a Private Instagram Account

Despite seemingly keeping a distance from the general public, having a private account brings about many benefits to users.

We listed some of them below:

1. More Control Over Viewers of Your Content

Let’s admit it. Social media platforms, including Instagram, are full of lurkers and fake accounts.

Many of these post negative comments on users’ posts for leisure, entertainment, and even for a living. 

To avoid having these types of viewers, turning your Instagram to private mode can be the best option to take.

By this, you can only limit who has access to view your content, thus avoiding encounters with fake accounts.

Similarly, there are sensitive discussions in our private lives that we want to keep within our tight-knit circle.

The best way to have this? Switch that toggle button to private and see your posts protected in no time.

2. It Avoids Content Stealing

In this day and age where information spreads in a millisecond, with intellectual property rights in the digital space still in its infantry, making a proactive move is beneficial.

Have you ever encountered a post, some even from our friends, which looks familiar?

Suddenly we recognize the reason behind the familiarity: we have made that content!

And the other party did not take the time to give a copyright disclaimer. It happens a lot.

To avoid being broiled in such a dilemma, putting our profiles in private will ensure only the people we know, and trust, have access to the content we post on platforms like Instagram.

3. It Brings Peace

There is nothing that can bring peace to a social media user than knowing he/she will not be subject to digital harassment the next day.

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Switching to private mode is the most effective way to filter out activities that do not resonate with our goal of having a happy, healthy, and efficient digital life.

Why Brands are Switching to Private Mode

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It may come as a surprise to know that many brands today are switching their business profiles to private mode.

From a consumer’s perspective, this is contrary to the popular belief in marketing that the more people a brand’s post reaches, the better it is for sales.

Here are a couple of reasons why “privatizing” Instagram is changing the landscape of marketing:

1. Creating a Sense of Exclusivity

Brands know how to play the game. It may seem like a paradox, but a private Instagram account immediately creates a sense of exclusivity.

Having guards on the gates mean only the coolest, stylish, and trendiest members of the population are allowed to buy their products.

As a result, more people would like to be a member of the club and are more willing to burn cash just to get that exclusive gate pass.

2. It increases curiosity 

Privacy is king. Even in our day-to-day living, we are more curious about people that exude a degree of mystery to them.

The same applies to brands. Keeping their profiles for the eyes of only a small fraction of the population leaves the rest wondering what is inside their content.

Remember, inciting curiosity is the first step to sales!

3. It filters out and keeps the real ones

Having a private Instagram is the key to getting rid of Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) chasers and keeping real ones.

Only the people who are genuinely interested in the item can inquire, thus saving time and effort involved in answering queries that often lead to nowhere.


Having a private Instagram creates a degree of exclusivity and mystery which often help businesses gain more followers and generate higher sales.

For individuals, this feature is also helpful in helping them have greater control over their respective posts and activities.

The next time you are at a crossroads to decide whether to keep it public or not, do not forget to check back to this article on how to make Instagram private.   

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