How To Increase The ROI Of Your Apple Search Ads

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Many internet users now own smartphones and use mobile apps because they offer a better user experience. For iOS app developers, this is both a blessing and a curse because although many people use the Apple App Store, there are many apps on there for them to download. 

Statista states that about 4.7 million apps are on the App Store. So, unless your brand is a household name, it will be hard for your iOS app to stand out organically amongst others. One of the expectations of mobile app development is that launching a useful app will instantly lead to massive downloads, but that is not the reality.

Fortunately, advertisers can use Apple Search Ads to show their applications to specific target audiences. App developers and marketers can bid on keywords on the App Store, so when users input those keywords, their app will appear on top of the search results.

If Apple Search Ads are used correctly, they can be an effective way to reach a global audience that needs the features your application can offer. 

Why You Should Use Apple Search Ads

Some applications gain traction organically on the App Store, but many do not. It would be best to increase the odds of people discovering your application by paying to have it placed at the top of a search result. Here is why this is a good idea:

1. Apple Search Ads Conversion Rate Is High

Visitors to the App Store are likely to click on an ad after a search if the promoted app is precisely what they are looking for when they search for a keyword. Apple claims that more than 60% of downloads in their App Store take place immediately after a search.

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Apple Search Ads also have an average conversion rate of about 50%. These statistics indicate a possible increase in app visibility and downloads when you support it with search ads in the right circumstances.

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2. Dedicated User Base

People who download apps from search ads generate 18% more revenue than people that found them through other means, according to a study done by Voodoo. They also have a 5% higher retention rate than others and are more likely to pay for subscriptions and in-app unlockable content.

3. Discover Keywords With Low CPA

Running search ads on the App Store will allow you to launch discovery campaigns to identify high-ranking keywords for their apps that they do not currently use.

After running these campaigns for some time, you can weed out ineffective keywords and exclude them from your search ad campaigns. You can also use the new high-ranking keywords you find to revive a dying marketing campaign for your app on other platforms.

Many people fail to market their apps the right way, even with Apple Search Ads, and their app launch ultimately fails, making them lose money.  However, platforms like Skai now offer apple search ads optimization services to app owners and developers.

Such platforms provide the tools, expert support and guidance needed to boost their ROI on Apple Search Ads campaigns. 

Benefits Of Apple Search Ads Optimization

Some mobile app developers focus too much on features and neglect that marketing is crucial to the app launch process.

Without proper marketing, all effort and money put into building the app will go to waste. Here are some of the benefits of Apple Search Ads optimization:

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1. Increased Productivity

Using a platform that can improve Apple Search Ads campaign will make it easier to proffer solutions to marketing complications.

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Optimizing the campaigns manually will take more time and require a lot of keyword research and close monitoring of competitors’ activities. Using the right platform to optimize the marketing campaigns will save time and effort.

2. Lower Marketing Cost

With expert guidance and the appropriate automation tools, people can easily monitor KPIs and conversions and quickly make reasonable adjustments instead of wasting money targeting the wrong keywords. 

3. Reduced Mistakes

It is hard to manually keep track of keyword bids and ad budgets, especially if you run multiple campaigns simultaneously. Automation tools can help optimize this process, reducing errors and overspending. 

They do this by automatically adjusting bid prices, finding fluctuations in keywords, and allowing you to adjust the marketing campaign instructions on the go to adapt to the ever-changing marketing landscape. 


Apple Search Ads are relatively new and affordable to most people willing to promote their apps and boost their bottom line. The system is not yet saturated as Facebook and Google Ads, and you will likely get value for your money when using it.

However, not everyone makes the most of it, but there are platforms like Skai with tools you can use to automate and optimize your Apple Search Ads campaign and boost your ROI.

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