How to Hide Likes on Twitter in 2024

How to Hide Likes on Twitter

Since the birth of social media, it has paved the way to connect millions of people across the planet and interact with them anywhere.

Some people enjoyed this opportunity to form digital relationships and the ability to express themselves.

Liking on social media has become a feel-good exchange among people.

On the other hand, it also creates anxiety to perform all the time, and getting lesser likes often leads to negative emotions.

Follow our guide on how to hide likes on Twitter!

How to Hide Likes on Twitter?

If you are one of the privy-lovers out there, you would love to know these easy steps to hide likes on Twitter and limit and secure one’s online presence.

Stay tuned and learn tips on further protecting your tweets and company on Twitter.

There might not be a setting that you can use to entirely hide your likes.

However, you can ensure that people in public cannot see your online activities on Twitter.

Here are a few measures on how to hide likes on Twitter.

Making your account private means only people you approve, and your current followers are the only ones that can see your Tweets.

Step 1: Open the Twitter application.

Step 2: Tap the profile picture icon on the top left corner.

Step 3: Go to Settings and privacy.

Step 4: And tap Privacy and safety.

Step 5: Select Audience and tagging from the Your Twitter Activity section.

Step 6: Turn on the toggle to Protect your Tweets.

Only those who follow your account can search your profile, likes, retweets, and tweets.

The privacy setting aims to prevent unwanted user accounts from viewing your activities, such as likes, retweets, tweets, etc.

No one except the account owner will be aware of changes made in the settings. Protected tweets become invisible to search engines like Google.

Search engines will not show the contents and activities of the account when someone searches on the browser.

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Once the account is private, it limits your ability to increase or boost your interactions and reach to other users.

Valuing Privacy on Twitter

Social networking like Twitter has been their go-to website besides Facebook and many other social media platforms.

Today, Twitter is one of the popular social networking sites where people can follow people they know or idolize, express their thoughts, stay connected to friends and acquaintances, or just check on the latest trends and news across the country and around the world.

The average number of tweets sent daily is 500 million, while its active users are 100 million.

Nevertheless, some people tend to sit across the table and value more privacy in their lives. They disdain exposing most parts of their lives in public view.

But it does not mean they totally oppose the social connections in person or online. Clearly, it just proves how everyone is unique in their own ways.

How to Unlike Previously Liked Tweets?

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There are other methods you can try without making your Twitter account private. You can try to “Unfavorite” or “unlike” the tweets.

Manual “unfavorite” of Tweets. 

  1. On the Twitter app, tap the profile picture in the upper left corner.
  2. Go to Profile.
  3. Click Likes to see all liked tweets.
  4. Tap the Like or heart icon on the specific tweets you want to hide.

Note: You need to go through all the tweets one by one and remove their likes.

Once you unfavorited/unlike tweets, nobody can see your likes, including the account owner whose tweet you previously liked.

You cannot view all your previously liked tweets on Twitter’s limitation of only up to 3,200 tweets. Unliked tweets can be removed from lists by manually doing it.

Utilize Third-Party Applications

There are third-party tools that can help delete likes.

You can use Twitter Archive Eraser, a desktop application where you can choose to use the app’s free version to delete 1,000 tweets per week.

Or the paid version varies in four different price ranges and different access levels.

Also, it has its limitations because Twitter’s API does not let the application have full access to all the tweets.

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Another popular app is, Circleboom. It also has both the free version and paid plans that an individual can choose from.

The free version allows removing 20 like at a time, while the paid version deletes unlimited likes.

Note: Find the best and most reliable third-party tool you can use to “get the job done” quickly.

Be mindful of the dangers of using third-party applications such as overselling promises, requiring full access to your account, and forsaking safety and privacy threats.

Using the Google Chrome Console

It has the same 3,200 tweets limitation, and the rest of favorited tweets will be unavailable.

Here is how to use Google Chrome Console to remove likes on a large number of tweets.

  1. Open the Twitter website on Google Chrome.
  2. Log in to the Twitter account.
  3. Look for the Likes section and click to open the page.
  4. Press the F12 key on your keyboard to open Chrome’s console when it resumes to the Likes page.
  5. Click the Console tab.
  6. Copy $(‘.ProfileTweet-actionButtonUndo.ProfileTweet-action-unfavorite’).click() 
  7. Paste it into the console field.
  8. Press Enter on the keyboard to run the script.

Note: Repeat the steps until all possible liked tweets are deleted.

Deactivate or Delete the Twitter Account

Suppose after all efforts to remove your likes are unsuccessful and you find it undoable.

In that case, the last thing you can do is delete or deactivate the whole Twitter account.

Deleting the account means that all your activities, followers, and following will be permanently deleted after 30 days without attempting to reactivate the deleted account.

Note that a person only has 30 days to reactivate the user account before Twitter permanently deletes it.


Hiding likes on Twitter is very easy! It also comes with many advantages as users do not feel pressured to get more likes on their tweets. 

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