How to Hide Followers On Instagram in 2024

How To Hide Followers On Instagram

Do you wish there was a method to hide your Instagram followers?

Despite the app’s extensive privacy options, there is no way to conceal your profile on Instagram.

Although you can’t make your Instagram followers invisible to the public, you have some control over who can see them. 

This article will show you two simple methods to prevent specific persons from viewing your Instagram followers. 

Hide Followers On Instagram By Switching To Private Mode

Your Instagram followers will be concealed if you change your profile settings to private.

While you can’t hide your total number of followers, you can conceal your followers and those you follow.

How to switch to private mode on Instagram:

  • You should launch Instagram.
  • To edit your settings, go to your profile and select the menu on the upper right.
  • Click on Settings
  • Click Privacy Settings and Account Privacy
  • You can select the “Private” option to make your account private. It will hide your followers list from people whom you don’t follow. 

If you make your Instagram account private, anyone who wishes to follow you must ask for permission. 

How To Keep Your Instagram Followers Hidden Without Going Private

If you want to gain more followers, you shouldn’t hide the number of people you already have by making your page private.

We can only think of one other solution, and that’s to block people. You’ll need to manually block their access one by one, which could take some time.

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However, this will prevent certain Instagram users from seeing who you follow and who follows you.

Keep in mind that the blocked users will also be unable to locate your Instagram profile in the future (until you unblock them).

There could be difficulties and arguments if a user one day finds that your page does not appear in the search results.

You should consider seriously whether the benefits of maintaining a secret Instagram follower list are worth the potential drawbacks.

How To Block A User On Instagram

Instagram Follower
  • To block a user, open Instagram and navigate to their profile. Use the “More” button (three dots) in the upper right corner.
  • Choose the Block option.
  • Instagram will allow you to block this page or any future accounts the user creates. Just choose one of the two choices and press the Block button.

Done! A firewall has been created, and the user is now inaccessible. Since they can’t access your page now, don’t worry about it.

If you do this, that individual won’t be able to view your Instagram profile, including your list of followers, the people you’re following, or any of your posted content.

The Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, Instagram does not include a “secret” button that would make your follower count invisible to everyone but your friends.

You can make your profile private, unfollow a user, and block them if you don’t want them to see your posts or any activity on your page. 

But you can hide the list of your followers from other users.

Above mentioned methods will make your followers list inaccessible for the users you don’t follow.

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If you want to keep your Instagram following count secret, remember that making your account private will prevent new people from seeing your posts.

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