How to Hack Someone’s Instagram in 2024

How To Hack Someone's Instagram

Instagram is now among the most downloaded apps of any kind. About 1.21 billion people throughout the world used Instagram that year.

Numerous users have uploaded several personal details and memories about their lives to this app through images, videos, and text.

But you can have good reasons for wanting to hijack an Instagram account. Instagram accounts may and frequently are compromised by hackers.

How to Hack Someone’s Instagram

Here, we’ll review the many techniques used to break into an Instagram account.

Method 1: Attempt to Gain Access to Someone’s Instagram By Resetting Their Email Password

Email Password

Instagram can be easily hacked if you have a login to the target’s email. The procedure is as follows:

  • First, visit Instagram with their account and click the “lost password” link.
  • Second, they can enter their email address or username to change their password. Don’t use their mobile number to avoid having a password reset request sent to their phone. This way, they can detect any attempted hacking of their account.
  • Third, check your inbox for an email from Instagram confirming your reset request. Follow the instructions in the email to set your password and email address.
  • A fourth step is to use the same credentials on your mobile device before signing out. If you log out of your account, the person whose Instagram you hacked will also be logged out of their account on their phone.
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Method 2: Hack Someone’s Instagram Account By Changing The Password Of It

If you have access to the target smartphone when it is unlocked, changing the Instagram password is another effective attack.

  • First, you must open Instagram on the device you wish to configure.
  • Secondly, select Password from the Security menu.
  • Third, both the old and new passwords must be entered.
  • Fourth, select “Save” from the menu that appears. 

After making these modifications, log out of their Instagram account so they can’t access it anymore. You can now access their account via your mobile device using the updated email address and password they provided.

Method 3: Phishing

Email lock

Instagram is not immune to the widespread use of phishing to access user information. This is how the hackers got the user’s login information: directly from the user.

They used to construct carbon copies of legitimate websites that were visually identical to the originals.

After that, they successfully redirect the visitor to the bogus page, where the genuine user inputs their credentials.

The information you provide will be stored on the hacker’s website, giving them access.

To steal users’ credentials, some phony apps pretend to be legitimate merchants by offering them deals and discounts.

Method 4: Spyware Apps

Another method used to get unauthorized access to an Instagram account is spyware apps.

The spyware could be put on the target device in various ways, at which point its actions would be logged.

The user’s password will be stored and recorded once they input it, and it will then be able to be used for logging in to their Instagram account in the future. 

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When a phone is not rooted or jailbroken, it is far more difficult for spyware to monitor its actions.

So you will be in luck if your target user has a mobile device that is rooted or jailbroken.

Spy apps can help you keep an eye on someone’s mobile activity. They offer a keylogger feature, which can help you know the password of the target’s Instagram account.  

Final Thoughts

These are the most common approaches hackers use to break into Instagram accounts, along with precautions you can take to keep your account secure.

You can try these methods if you have decided to hack Instagram accounts for some reason. 

Hackers are constantly developing innovative methods, some of which may seem impenetrable initially.

Consequently, it would be best if you took all the necessary measures to safeguard your account.

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