How to Hack Instagram Accounts & Passwords in 2024

How to Hack Instagram Accounts

Instagram has seen tremendous growth in the past decade.

It has over 2 billion active users, with India, the US, and Brazil making up a major part.  Over 60% of users frequent the social platform at least once a day. 

When compared to other platforms, teenagers account for a large portion of the users on Instagram.

Given the popularity of the platform, there are many reasons for hacking into an Instagram account. 

Other than hacking with malicious intent there are valid reasons for a person to know how to hack Instagram accounts.

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This article provides you with a better insight into Instagram hacking and the important software that can help in the process. 

Why Hack an Instagram Account?

Although hacking into an Instagram account is an invasion of privacy, it is allowed in some instances.

Here are some of the reasons a person wants to know how to hack Instagram accounts:

  • Parents may want to check into their child’s Instagram account
  • You lost your phone and replaced it with a new phone
  • You forget the password
  • An app update prevents you from accessing your account 

Regardless of the reason for wanting to hack into an account, we have many ways by which you can achieve it.

Using monitoring software is an effective and popular way to hack into Instagram. 

Numerous software applications are present now that help in your task. But not all of them are effective or safe to use.

In this post, we have listed the best hacking apps that can help you to hack Instagram accounts.

How to Hack Instagram Accounts: Best Instagram Hacking Apps

1. xMobi

Xmobi Instagram Hacker

xMobi is a mobile monitoring app that works on iOS and Android devices. It can track all activities on the target device effectively.

It is popular as it takes very little time to set up and using the app is a breeze. 

If you are in search of an affordable and safe monitoring app, xMobi is a good choice as it costs you less than $1 per day.

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Further, it provides real-time updates on all activities that take place on the target device. You get the updates every 5 minutes.

Installation of the app is an easy and quick process. Here is how the process is done.

  1. The first step is to create an account. Pick the device you want to monitor and choose a subscription plan from the various types present. After you complete the payment, you will receive instructions for the installation in your email. 
  2. Download the app as per the instruction manual and install it on the target device if it is an Android device. For iOS devices, you should provide the iCloud credentials of the target device and complete the installation.
  3. Once the above steps are complete, you can log in to your user account and start monitoring and controlling the activities on the target device. With features like a keylogger, you can find the password and access the Instagram account and other social media accounts of the target.

Some outstanding features of this software are:

  • View the contact list details such as names, emails, numbers, and more. 
  • The entire call history with information like contact names, numbers, duration of the call, timestamps, and more are visible to you.
  • Find information on the incoming, outgoing, rejected, and missed calls.
  • View the messages such as deleted, sent, and received messages. You can view the names of the sender and receiver, chat history, and the number of messages in every chat.
  • Under the GPS feature, you get to view the past locations with timestamps, addresses, and geographical coordinates.
  • Know the web browsing history including the saved bookmarks.
  • View the private messages on the target device on various social media accounts including Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook. You can retrieve all the shared media files.
  • Collect all the keystrokes from the Android device without the need to root the device.

2. EyeZy

Eyezy Instagram

EyeZy is a full-fledged instant Instagram tracker app. It can track everything a person does on the social media app keeping you in the loop always. 

Using this Instagram tracker, you will always know about the Instagram conversations of the targeted person. 

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The software can give you access to secret messages that the targeted person doesn’t want to reveal.

You can see the received and sent Instagram messages along with the time and date info.

Setting up the tracker app is easy and needs just three simple steps as shown below:

  1. EyeZy offers different plans to suit user needs. You need to create an account and pick a plan that is suitable for you. 
  2. The installer app guides you on the steps needed to set up the software. Further, the 24/7 support ensures you get the assistance you require. 
  3. Once the installation process is complete, you can log in to the dashboard of the app and receive all Instagram info from the target device. 

Some of the outstanding features of this Instagram tracker app are:

  • A powerful keylogger feature reveals each keystroke made on the target phone. The keylogger feature is available for Android and iPhone. 
  • The screen recorder provides a clear picture of all the activities of the target user.
  • You can monitor the text messages and calls, and hack WhatsApp, Snapchat, Kik, Facebook, Telegram, and other social media accounts.
  • The location finder ensures you know where the person is at any given time.
  • Geofencing alerts let you know when the target device enters a pre-set danger zone.
  • Browser history tracking allows you to know the websites the target is visiting and also block inappropriate sites.

3. uMobix

uMobix Instagram Spy App

uMobix is a cell phone tracker app that provides real-time monitoring features.

It is the best choice for hacking into the Instagram account of the target due to its excellent tracking features. The app is available on Apple and Android devices.

The tracker app can monitor more than 30 apps and social media platforms.

For parents worried about the exposure of their children to internet-related threats, the monitoring app helps to keep them safe. 

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You need not be tech-savvy to use the tracking app. The setting up process is easy and completed within a few minutes.

Once the app is set up and starts working, you will receive updates every 5 minutes so you will not miss out on any important detail. 

Using the monitoring software is easy whether you have an Android or an iOS device.

Here are the installation steps.

  1. Register for an account by visiting the official site. Pick a subscription plan from the selection present and complete the payment. You will receive the instructions for setting up the app in your account.
  2. Install the app on the target device with the instructions in your account.
  3. Start receiving the data from the target device on your account. 

In addition to accessing the Instagram account of the target device, the app can do a multitude of functions.

Here are some of the outstanding features of the tracker app:

  • Parents wanting to keep tabs on the social interactions of their children can track all the outgoing, incoming, missed, and deleted calls with all relevant info. 
  • The app can track all text messages. The disable messages features help you to restrict specific contacts from sending messages to the target device. 
  • You can access the Instagram account and Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, and other social media accounts. The software can block or restrict certain apps that you find are not suitable for your child.
  • The GPS location tracker feature helps to track your child’s movements and the GEO finder helps you know the location of your child using only an SMS and track the child’s movements with a single click on your device. 
  • The app can block dangerous websites, restrict, or delete specific apps, and more with its browser tracking feature
  • You can access the camera and microphone of the target device and know the location of your child at any given time.
  • The deleted messages, calls, photos, and other info can be viewed with the help of the app.

4. mSpy

mSpy Instagram Tracker

For parents in search of an effective Instagram monitoring tool, the mSpy Instagram tracker is a good option to consider.

It allows you to monitor the incoming and outgoing messages on the social media platform.

mSpy has over 1.5 million happy customers from more than 180 countries. It has been used successfully for more than a decade.

Get mSpy FREE

Setting up the software is easy as detailed instructions are present. You get 24/7 support for installation and use of the app.

All your info remains safe as the app provides a high level of protection.

Installation needs just three simple steps shown below:

1. Create your account using your email address for free on the official mSpy website.

2. Choose from the multiple plans available and complete the payment.

3.  You can log in to the account and view the Instagram activity and other monitoring info from the Control Panel.

With the help of the monitoring features, you need not follow the targeted person on Instagram to view their messages. You can do it secretly without their knowledge. 

Some of the crucial features of this Instagram monitoring app are:

  • The keylogger feature allows you to view each keystroke typed on the target device.
  • The app takes regular screenshots of their activity and uploads them to your account. You can view them from the Control Panel.
  • Besides monitoring Instagram, the app also monitors other social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, and more. 
  • You can set specific keywords and get alerts when those keywords are used in search or chat. 
  • You can view sent and received photos and videos with time and date stamps. Using this feature, you can ensure your child is not sending or receiving any controversial or inappropriate content.
  • GPS location tracker and Geofencing alerts are present to provide you with info on the location of your child.
  • The app can monitor Wi-Fi network, web browsing, email, and browser history. You can block inappropriate and dangerous apps using mSpy.
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5. Glassagram

Glassagram – Is It a Scam or Legit?

Glassagram is an anonymous Instagram viewer app. It is a digital product that promises effective results.

You can monitor the Instagram account you want to hack and get full access to the account. 

This Instagram hacking tool is easy and quick to install. The registration is free so you can sign up and verify its working method.

With the quick set up you can start using the app within a minute. 

Automatic and real-time updates are provided by the monitoring app every 5 minutes. The cost is very affordable and less than similar products in the market.

The setup requires a few simple steps which are explained below:

  1. Select a subscription plan that suits your needs and complete the payment. You will receive an email with further instructions on the installation.
  2. Install the software on the target device as per the instructions. The process takes a few minutes to complete.
  3. Log in to your account and you will receive the data from the target device once the two devices are connected.

The outstanding features of the Instagram monitoring app are:

  • The private Instagram viewer app gives detailed info on the stories of the target account.
  • You can find the reactions, and comments to the Instagram stories and view them anonymously.
  • The video tracker feature enables you to watch Instagram videos stealthily without the targeted person knowing it. 
  • With the direct message tracker, you can check on the messages the target device receives. Parents can find out about inappropriate messages their children received and identify cyberbullying.
  • You can view the likes present in a specific account. This unique option helps you to find out whose publications your child likes frequently.
  • The location tracker feature provides info on the general location of the device and a photo of the location so you can get full access to the activities of the targeted person.

6. Flexispy


Flexispy is a professional spy app that offers multiple monitoring features that help to safeguard your child from online temptations.

The app provides access to all data on your target device. 

The app works on Android and iOS devices. But you need to root the device if it is an Android and jailbreak it if it is an iOS device.

To use the software, you need to have physical access to the target device for installing the software in it. 

Setting up the app is easy. Here are the steps for the installation of the app.

  1. You need to select a subscription plan from the three available plans. 
  2. Create a Flexispy account by providing your email address. You will get alerts and notifications on your email. The login credentials are sent to your email. 
  3. Using the login details, you can sign in to the account and start monitoring the messages, texts, and other info from the control panel of the app.

Some of the outstanding features of this spy app are:

  • The call logs monitoring feature allows you to monitor the calls that the target device receives or sends and also record the calls. 
  • The password cracker is similar to the keylogger feature but additionally provides PIN numbers that the target device user introduces in the device. 
  • GPS tracker provides location information in real-time without any delay.
  • You can remotely control the target device by restricting the time your child spends on specific apps.
  • The remote-control feature is also useful in activating the front camera of the device allowing you to take pictures and also turn on the microphone to listen to the ambient sounds. 
  • The social media monitoring feature helps to monitor all popular platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Telegram, and more.

7. KidsGuard Pro

KidsGuard Pro

This is an Android monitoring app that can spy on Instagram accounts and other social media accounts like WhatsApp, Snapchat, and more. 

The software is undetectable and does not need rooting of the device. 

With this spy app, you can listen to the phone’s surroundings without the user of the target device knowing.

The app allows viewing of all phone data and records the phone screen of the target device. 

The YouTube and TikTok content monitoring feature helps to protect your child from age-inappropriate content. 

Using the app is easy and installation takes less than 5 minutes. Here are the steps needed for installation:

  1. Use your email address to create an account. Choose a subscription plan and complete the purchase. You will receive the download link of the app in your email
  2. Install the app on the target device using the instructions provided
  3. Now you can view all the mobile activities from the dashboard of the app.

Some of the outstanding features of this app are:

  • It provides a real-time data syncing feature via a 3G/4G network or through Wi-Fi. 
  • No rooting of the Android device is needed
  • It is invisible on the target device after you install it
  • The app is free of viruses and all user data is encrypted for data and privacy protection
  • The app supports multiple languages
  • 24/7 support is provided through live chat and email

8. Spyera


Spyera is a monitoring software for mobile devices, computers, and tablets. It is undetectable and allows you to remotely monitor Android, IOS, Windows, and macOS systems. 

The app has more spying features than its competitors. A 10-day money-back guarantee is present if you are not satisfied with the product. 

It is easy to install and has a user-friendly control panel. You get free updates and remote upgrades.

Monitoring communications and GPS location tracking are key features of this spy app. 

The app is easy to use. You need to create an account by providing your email address.

On purchasing the software, you will receive the download link in your email. Log in to your account and start controlling the target remotely. 

The outstanding features of the spy app are:

  • It can monitor phone calls, call history, call recording, and more.
  • The keylogger application allows you to view the keystrokes made on the target device and record the keystroke history.
  • You can access and download videos and photos taken by the camera feature on the target device.
  • The app is undetectable and runs in the background. 
  • You can read the outgoing and incoming emails and SMS messages.
  • View received and sent messages on chat apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, and more.
  • Monitor the visited websites, log in details, bandwidth, and more.
  • Track the location of the device and monitor it in real-time.
  • The cloud-based monitoring allows a silent sync feature using which you can get all the activities of the target phone on your web account. 
  • You can control the monitoring app from your web account remotely.

9. SpyBubble


SpyBubble is a cloud-based monitoring app that is compatible with Android, Mac, and Windows operating systems.

It works stealthily and records phone calls, texts, emails, and more. 

You can take screenshots, capture keystrokes, and remotely use the camera on the target device to take photos.

To view the activities on the target device, you can log in to your account from any web browser or device. 

The app interface is user-friendly and allows you to view the target device data from your account.

Information from the target device is synced to your web account every 5 minutes. The web access is password protected so the data is well-protected.

Installation is fast and easy. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. First, ascertain that the app is compatible with the target device or computer.
  2. Sign up for the free SpyBubble account. 
  3. Follow the instructions for download and set up of the app on the target device. 

The app begins tracking the activities of the target device immediately. You can access the info by logging into your SpyBubble account.

The outstanding features of this spy app are:

  • It can remotely monitor the SMS and IM chats on social media platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and others.
  • It can track GPS location including the current location and the location history.
  • The app can record all phone calls to and from the monitored phone
  • It can track the visited websites and the bookmarked sites
  • It captures every keystroke made on the device including passwords.



Trusted by more than 500k parents worldwide, MobiStealth helps to monitor SMS, location, calls, and social media accounts like Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, etc.

The app supports Android, iOS, MAC, and Windows operating systems. 

You need not jailbreak or root your device to use this monitoring app.  The surveillance software helps to check every activity on the target device. 

It can record the activity on the target device 24/7. The app provides remote data access and is a tamper-proof and undetectable app. 

The installation takes just a few minutes and the process is simple and secure.

It has multiple support channels. You need to register, connect to the target device, and start monitoring.

The outstanding features of the app are:

  • You can monitor the outgoing and incoming calls and text messages. The phone numbers of senders and recipients are automatically mapped with the phone contacts. 
  • Location tracking is possible even when the GPS is not active on the target device.
  • The app monitors chat messages on all popular social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Skype, Viber, and more.
  • The keylogging feature helps to track and record all keystrokes made on the smartphone or computer. 
  • The spy app records the surroundings of the target device which you can listen to later.
  • The monitoring app tracks emails on the target device and provides info such as details of the recipient and sender, the content of the emails, time stamp, date, and email history. 
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11. Spyic


Spyic provides parental control and remote monitoring features. It can track locations, calls, messages, and app use remotely. The app is available for iOS and Android devices.

To protect your child from cyberbullying and cyber stalkers with malicious intent, Spyic offers effective monitoring features.

You can spy on SMS, social media accounts, calls, texts, and more.  

The app uses trackers for GPS, SIM cards, and Wi-Fi to ensure you get real-time updates on your child’s phone activities.

You can set limits to the activity of your child with the Geofencing feature. 

To install and use the app you need to complete three easy and quick steps:

  1. Register for a free account at the Spyic website. You need to provide your email ID for the registration.
  2. Select the platform that the target device uses and use the installation prompts. 
  3. Once the app is installed and working, you can log in to the control panel of the app and start remote monitoring.

Some of the outstanding features of the app are:

  • You can view the contacts list on the target device and identify people who can cause trouble
  • Read the individual and group chat messages, media files, and other info on social media like Instagram, WhatsApp, and more.
  • Verify the outgoing and incoming calls and find details like the time, call duration, and phone numbers.
  • Check the browser history by monitoring the visited websites, the frequency of the visits, and the site information.

Different Ways to Hack an Instagram Account and Methods to Prevent It

Now that you know how to hack Instagram accounts using monitoring software, you should be aware that hackers with malicious intent can harm your account.

Knowing the different ways your Instagram account is vulnerable to hacking and the methods you can use to prevent them will help in keeping your account safe. 

Instagram account hacking can occur in many ways.  Social engineering is the common method that hackers use on susceptible accounts.

The main methods are listed below:

1. Instagram Hacking Using Malicious Software

Keylogging software is used by hackers for hacking. The software records every keystroke made by the target. This allows hackers to capture the login credentials. 

Another way malicious software can affect your device is when you click on suspicious-looking links or download a risky attachment.

Phishing is another way that fraudulent websites use to learn passwords or mislead people into signing up to access their accounts.

The use of such software is illegal in many countries. The software can be fraudulent tricking people who want to spy into someone’s account and making them the victim. 

2. Third-Party Apps for Instagram Hacking

The hacking into Instagram accounts can occur indirectly. Some Instagram users make use of third-party platforms to access their Instagram accounts.

When cybercriminals hack into such apps they can compromise all the accounts linked to these apps.

3. Vulnerable Passwords

Using the same password for multiple accounts can make you susceptible to hacking.

If one of the accounts is subject to a data leak, hackers can easily hack into your Instagram account with the same password.  Passwords that are easy to guess are also vulnerable to hacking.

4. In-App Scams

Hackers can scam people into revealing their account details.

One of the common ways being used by hackers is sending people Instagram messages informing them that they have received gifts from their friends.

When a person clicks on the link, they are sent to an external site that can steal their password. Some hackers use cash scams to trick Instagram users into revealing their passwords. 

5. Intentional Device Access

Intentional or unintentional access to your device along with automatic logins is another way in which your account password can be accessed.

It is possible to store multiple accounts on a single device but you can access only one Instagram account at a time.

If you have let a close friend or partner use your device to access Instagram, they can use your password to hack into your Instagram account.

Or, your device may be stolen or you may lose it.

If an unauthorized person accesses your email, it can be used to hack into your account using two-factor authentication.

How to Deal with Instagram Hacking

Instagram hack

Instagram has stringent security measures to ensure that user accounts are resistant to hacking. The various measures make it difficult for hackers to access the accounts.

But if your account is hacked, the first step is to report it to the social media platform. All details of the hacking are examined and Instagram will help in restoring your account quickly.

Forgotten Password

If the hacker has changed your account password, choose the Forgotten password if it is an iOS device or Get Help Logging In if it is an Android device.

Use your phone number and other identification confirmation info for the account verification. 

If you lack the required info, use the Need More Help feature and use the instructions provided.

You need to enter a security code for gaining the assistance of the Instagram support team. You will receive the code in your email or phone. 

Identity Verification

Identity confirmation is based on whether you have your pictures on your account.

If you do not, you will get an automated email asking you to furnish information such as your phone number or email address you provided when you started the account and the type of phone (Android or iOS) used. 

If your account has your pictures in it, a video selfie verification process is used.

You need to turn your head in different directions to make the selfie. The support team will review it. 

If the verification is complete, you will receive a link to reset the password. 

Instagram Hacking FAQs

What Is a Cellphone Tracking App?

A cellphone tracking app monitors all outgoing and incoming calls, texts, and media files on your device.

The app can identify GPS location, browser activity, and all activities on your social media accounts.

Is It Safe to Use the Monitoring Apps?

When used for the right purpose, using the monitoring apps is safe for the person using it and for the target user.

However, you need to consider some factors like:

• The security of the data stored in a server where it is vulnerable to hacking

• While installing the spying app, you have to turn off the security settings on the device. This causes the app to become vulnerable to malware attacks.

• If you do not choose the right app, you can end up getting a bad deal. To avoid this situation, use our list of the best monitoring apps. 

Can I Login Into Instagram without A Password?

Using one of the monitoring apps listed above is the best method to access an Instagram account without a password.

The software will provide you with the necessary information anonymously so the person will not be aware of the breach.

How to Avoid Notification when Logging Into Someone’s Instagram?

Resetting the password of the person’s Instagram account is a way to log in without the person being notified of the hacking.

You will need physical access to the email address or device. Visit the login page of the Instagram app or use your web browser.

Use the Forgot password feature and enter the username, email address, or phone number of the target. Click on the ‘Send login’ link.

For a password reset, use the emails or messages of the target device, and use the password you have created now to log in.

You can now access the Instagram account of the target. Make sure you delete the emails the target received for the password reset after the process is complete.

Is It Legal to Use Phone Monitoring Software?

Using the smartphone monitoring software is legal only when you use it to track the phone activities of your child under the age of 18 years and living with you or to track your phone.

In all other cases, it is illegal to install a monitoring app on a person’s phone without his consent or knowledge.

How Can I Know if Monitoring Software Was Installed on A Device?

You can check the storage of your device for suspicious files.

If your device slows down or restarts suddenly or the battery drains fast, it may be due to the presence of monitoring software.

How to Prevent Instagram Hacking?

If you are suspicious of a hacking attempt, you can use the following tips:

• Enable the two-factor authentication. This method will need you to use an additional code when you log in. 

• Change the password. Make sure your password is strong and unique making it difficult for hackers to guess it.

• Visit the security section of Instagram and remove access to apps and account you are suspicious of. You can view the geographical locations you have logged in to and the devices that are used. You need to log out of the locations and devices you do not recognize.

• Do not jailbreak or root your device if you want to avoid spyware from infecting your device.

• Do not use sources other than the Google Play or app store for downloading apps on your device.

• Use top-quality anti-virus apps to ensure your phone is secure and protected from a spyware attack.

• Check the URL of each website you visit.

Final Thoughts

When your reasons for wanting to hack Instagram accounts are ethical, the usage provides you with a wealth of info.

Our list of the best Instagram hacking apps will help you choose the right one quickly without having to indulge in elaborate research on the best apps in the market. 

Irrespective of the monitoring software you choose, make sure the use of the app is legal in your region.

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Using the monitoring apps will ensure you have better control over your child’s activities on the mobile device. 

For employers, the use of a reliable app can ensure the productivity level of their employees.

The apps in our list have affordable plans, quick setup, and effective monitoring features.

With a wide range of features, these apps help you control your children or employees effectively.

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