How to Go Viral on Twitter

How to Go Viral on Twitter in 2024?

Fitting an interesting post to Twitter’s 280-character limit might seem undoable, but there are many ways to get around this challenge.

For some, especially famous personalities like Elon Musk, this task is an easy feat. But for regular users, the chance of going viral seems next to nothing.

On the other hand, “unfamous” users with knowledge of strategies needed to make a tweet blow up are on the right track to make this happen.

Here is how to go viral on Twitter, make money out of it, and reach the site’s millions of users even not having thousands of followers.

How to Go Viral on Twitter?

Twitter is a tricky business. There are funny, informative tweets that could have gotten more attention but did not.

While there are also those one-word posts like Elon Musk’s “Gamestonk!!” that propelled hundreds and thousands of likes and shares.

What is really the secret formula on how to go viral on Twitter? According to Dave Rogenmoser, the CEO of, there are ten (10) effective strategies on how to make this happen which are as follows:

1. Ask for retweets

2. Post a thought-provoking question

3. Make your tweets relatable 

4. Put links

5. Humor is the key

6. Knowing when to post is vital

7. Follow a viral trend

8. Catch users with a catchy headline

9. Users like learning about valuable information–make one

10. Keep it less and simple

Some may also opt to buy more Twitter followers to further increase their likes and retweet stats.

What is a Viral Tweet?

Before we dive right in and explain each of the strategies on how to go viral on Twitter, let us first be clear on the definition of a viral tweet.

Viral content, which could be a post, tweet, or anything that includes information, is public content that generated a high level of engagement and awareness from a site’s users.

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This is especially important for marketers as more engagements mean a greater chance to generate sales.

A viral tweet is not only measured by the high amount of likes it generated but also by the number of retweets, quote retweets, comments, and interactions it pulled off.

Asking for Retweets

As mentioned, one of the most effective ways how to go viral on Twitter is to ask for retweets. A retweet simply means reposting a tweet to share it directly with your followers.

Meanwhile, another type is the Quote Retweet which allows users to put comments above the original tweet before sharing.

Retweets are an important way to promote content on Twitter–having more of this means you are on track to going viral.

To increase retweets, marketers often giveaway prizes like cash, merch, and even cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens to promote their brands.

There is no hard-and-fast rule when it comes to giveaways but it is best to always include strong promotional material when doing so.

Memes are the Key

Ever noticed memes taking over the Twitter space lately? It is because users love humor! Not the Calvin and Hobbes kind of humor but one that is direct and catchy.

Twitter might be a breeding ground for the internet’s funniest and most hilarious content of all time. 

A meme does not need a lengthy post to explain its meaning, only a few words will be enough for it to take the internet by storm This is exactly why Twitter’s 280-character limit is conducive for such content type.

Always make your tweets short and funny!

Timing is the Key

Twitter is all about trends. The word “trending” did not become the talk of the town until Twitter piloted its “trend list” to show the most talked about topics in every geographic location and worldwide.

Having a viral tweet means riding the trend. This means tweeting your take on a certain trending topic in the most unique way.

During the height of the pandemic, the most viral tweets contained Covid-related topics.

Always be on the lookout for what’s new and the events that generate public attention. Make your way around this by creating an attention-worthy tweet!

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Make Your Headline Worthy of a Click

In any content, a catchy headline is worth a thousand clicks.

As Twitter is all about keeping it cool, short, and sweet, make sure to create a tweet that checks all these boxes. 

A headline should contain all the information needed while eliminating unnecessary words that could only crowd the post and deliver no result. Remember the general rule: less is more!

How to Make Money on a Viral Tweet?

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Little to our knowledge, overnight Twitter sensations could make money out of their viral posts. One way is by getting tips from your readers.

Some users put their PayPal or Venmo accounts on their viral tweets to generate small amounts of cash from their readers.

Every strategy is different, but a subtle way to do this is to ask your followers to show you some love by giving a tip directly to your online accounts.

Another is through advertising. Users can do this by finding a tweet that is starting to bud with public attention, and mentioning a brand in the reply section which pays a small amount of cash for the mention.

To increase engagement further, you may opt to retweet the post across your pages for your friends to see and engage.

This is a good way for small-time Twitter users to make a small amount of money without the need to have hundreds and thousands of followers.


There are a lot of ways how to go viral on Twitter. Simple yet effective strategies are the key the generating a huge amount of retweets and likes.

It is all about making your tweets engaging, funny, and short.

Timing is also very important, always be on the lookout for the trends list of what is being talked about and tailor your content accordingly.

Remember, viral tweets come from everywhere. Give it your best shot and always ensure it sparks joy! 

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