How to Get TikTok Famous in 2024

How to Get TikTok Famous

If you want to know how to get TikTok famous in 2024, then read on.

TikTok’s growth has been nothing short of amazing.

Since its inception in 2016 as merely a karaoke app, the platform has gone on to become the go-to entertainment app for millions of Gen Z users around the world.

Not only has the app provided a platform for users to showcase their talents but also an avenue through which they can earn money.

Do you wish to be a TikTok content creator? Let’s just say it right away: Getting famous on TikTok isn’t a cakewalk. But, that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible.

With the right strategies and the right advice, you can increase your following on TikTok in no time. However, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

When trying to become famous on TikTok, one has to understand that there is no single straight-cut formula to it.

The app is home to 1 billion users and equally a large number of content creators, and as a result, you have to stand out from the crowd if you wish to climb up the TikTok ladder. But, don’t worry.

That is what we are here for! In this blog, we will discuss how to get TikTok famous with the help of just a few tips. Continue reading to find out!

Benefits of Getting TikTok Famous

Before we help you with tips on how to get TikTok famous, let’s brush over just how popular TikTok is so that you can better understand the benefits of having a large following on the app.

Anyone who is even remotely acquainted with social media apps has heard of TikTok.

Presently, the platform has over 1 billion users, making it the world’s seventh largest social networking platform, in the same league as Facebook or Instagram.

The United States currently has 73 million TikTok users, which means 22 percent of the total population of the nation uses the app.

Apart from the large number of users that the platform has managed to acquire, TikTok also boasts of users from varied age groups.

Contrary to popular belief, TikTok isn’t a “kid’s app” anymore since the platform has now a strong representation of all age groups even though youngsters remain its main demographic.

If you combine both these factors, i.e, the platform’s large number of users and the varied age of users, along with the fact that TikTok has a super-engaging algorithm, the benefits of getting famous on TikTok become obvious.

With so many different kinds of users leveraging the platform, it becomes easy for you to reach your target demographic, irrespective of whether it is for personal fame or for marketing.

It doesn’t matter what kind of users you are attempting to target, since you have very high chances of finding just the right crowd for yourself on the platform.

Is It Possible To Get TikTok Famous Overnight?

There’s a saying that goes “It takes many years to become an overnight success.” So, when trying to get famous on TikTok, keep this saying in mind.

You might have heard that getting famous on TikTok is very easy.

That isn’t entirely wrong since being TikTok famous is much easier than increasing your following on Instagram or Facebook.

The reason why it is relatively easier to amass a larger following on TikTok than on other social media networks is that the app doesn’t recommend content to the audience on the basis of follower or viewer count.

TikTok features videos on the FYP (For You Page) where users are recommended videos similar to what they already watch.

This means if you manage to target your audience precisely, your chances of appearing on your audience’s FYP becomes higher and it’s a pretty easy road from there.

But, the first bit of it, i.e, pinpointing your audience is the most difficult part of this process.

Even if you follow the right strategies, you won’t get a million followers overnight. It takes determination and patience.

We are not saying that one of your videos can’t get viral from which you end up getting loads of followers. But, if you wish to get real fame, one viral video won’t help you.

It doesn’t work if you have just one viral TikTok video, but the rest of your videos are not getting many live views.

You have to hit the sweet spot consistently if you wish to maintain your following and increase them too.

What Content Performs Well on TikTok?

The answer to this question varies depending on what kind of demographic you wish to target.

Your content has to revolve around your demographic so that they take an interest in your videos.

If you wish to build a larger TikTok following, one of the first things you need is patience. The next is to read your audience.

Your audience is your key to TikTok fame. Half of the answer to “how to get TikTok famous” lies within the audience you are reaching.

It will help you to understand what kind of content they are liking so that you can make more of them.

Hence, when trying to become popular on TikTok, you have to analyze two things closely:

  • Your likes and followers, which you will find on the top of your profile. Closely monitoring your likes will help you get an idea of what kind of content is being appreciated by your audience. You can make more of such similar content.
  • Your views, which you will find listed on your videos. This will help you to understand what kind of videos are being featured more on your audience FYPs.

How to Get TikTok Famous: Advice on How to Improve Your Metrics


Now that we have covered the basics that you need to keep in mind when trying to get famous on TikTok, let’s not waste any more time and cut straight to the tips that can help you to become popular on TikTok.

Remember, these aren’t full-proof tips, but when combined together they can work wonders in helping you to get followers.

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Be Consistent

Make a habit to post one video every single day. You might think that this is a lot, but in hindsight, it will help you in unexpected ways.

For instance, just like most social media apps, being consistent with your posts helps your audience to keep coming back for more.

If you don’t have a regular posting schedule, your followers won’t have much interest in your content since they won’t have any idea about when you post or are active.

However, posting every day also doesn’t mean that you can just go about posting rubbish videos that no one would like to watch.

You have to consistently put out high-quality videos if you wish to become a TikTok star.

We are aware that it isn’t easy but we do have a trick up our sleeves.

When filming a TikTok video, put in a little more effort and record a couple more during the same day, if you can.

If you do this, you won’t have to worry about filming a video every day. You can just post an already made one.

Identify Your Niche

One of the most important tips to keep in mind when trying to get more engagement on TikTok is to find your niche.

In order to build your audience, you need to find an overall theme for your account and stick to it.

Do not deviate too much from that theme, especially when you are just starting out since it can end up making your audience confused.

If you stick to a particular niche, it will attract the right followers and help you get more engagement.

Everyone who starts out on TikTok wishes to be loved by every kind of follower. But, that is unrealistic.

You cannot attract a large variety of followers since it can make your videos scattered, which might not interest users.

Hence, choose a theme that resonates with your personal brand or profession. It can be cooking, art, dancing, comedy, or anything else.

You can expand on or experiment with your content once you have managed to acquire a decent number of followers.

Jump On Trends

If you wish to gain TikTok followers quickly, there’s no better way to do it than to jump on trends.

One of the benefits that creators get with TikTok that they won’t find on other platforms is that the app often features trends or challenges that creators can participate in.

The best way to participate in TikTok trends is to use a trending song since they are the heart of TikTok videos.

Use a popular sound on your video; you can either dance to it, lip-sync, act out a skit on it, or just have it play in the background.

Apart from using popular songs, you can also leverage trending filters or recreate trending recipes.

But, make sure to remember that it resonates with the theme of your account.

While trends are very fun to do, don’t let them be too much different from what you usually post.

At the same time, you can also use any unique audio that goes with your videos, and it can end up being viral which can also make you famous.

Jumping on trends is a great way for new people to discover you and consequently, follow you.

Engage With Other Creators

TikTok, more than anything else, is a social media network. Hence, one of the best ways of acquiring followers on the platform is by being “social”.

Engage with other creators who follow a similar theme like your profile. It is a great method that helps new followers to discover your account.

Comment, like, and share the content of other creators and they might do the same for you.

This can help their followers to find your profile, and in turn, follow your account.

Collaborating with other users not only helps your account to be known by new followers but, also gives a fresh twist to your content by introducing a new face your followers can engage with.

In fact, the TikTok platform encourages its users to collaborate with other users by providing a feature called “Duet”.

You can react to the video, copy their dance on the video, or just share your opinions on the video using the feature.

Engage With Your Followers

This tip goes hand-in-hand with the previous tip.

Just like interacting with other creators can help you with your reach, interacting with your followers can equally help you get more exposure.

Followers love it when their favorite creators reply back to their comments or take the time out to message back to their texts.

This might sound like a lot of work but increasing your engagement can be one of the fastest ways of increasing your following. 

Try to be humble and kind to all your followers, especially when you are starting out.

Don’t let the fame get to your head since your fans are responsible for most of your fame.

Just like they can follow you, they can also choose to unfollow you if you make the wrong move.

This is not meant to scare you away but we are saying this so that you know to remain careful about what you say.

Be Authentic To Yourself

Authenticity is a quality that is seldom found in this day and age of social media networks.

In an attempt to gain more followers, do not lose your true self.

In fact, your followers might even like your content more if they see that you are being genuine with your thoughts or opinions.

It doesn’t matter what your content revolves around- it can be anything related to photography, cooking, dancing, or something else, but as long as you are being genuine with whatever you put out, your followers will appreciate your content more.

Don’t do everything for the sake of trends or likes. Even though it might sound cheesy, your ultimate goal should be self-satisfaction.

It is no fun getting a lot of likes if your own content doesn’t make you happy.

Hence, don’t say something in your videos you usually wouldn’t say to your friends.

It will just end up making you look like a try-hard and that’s never a good look for a creator.

Seek Brand Collaboration

Brand collaborations are a great way to increase your following and get compensated for it at the same time.

If you are not familiar with the concept of brand collaboration, let us put you in the loop.

When a brand reaches out to a content creator to make content that is specific to its product or service, it is called brand collaboration.

You have probably seen several creators recommending a service or a product in their videos. Those are most likely sponsored by some brands.

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Brand collaborations are an effective method of gaining more followers since it not only helps you to earn a little money from the brands but also to recommend new products to TikTok users who can like your suggestions and in turn, follow you.

Influencer marketing is popular by the day, so jump on the bandwagon and improve your metrics!

Moreover, there are several platforms you can use where you can reach out to brands and ask them to collaborate with you rather than waiting around for brands to come to you.

An important thing to keep in mind, however, when collaborating with brands is to form partnerships with companies whose principles resonate with you.

Do not collaborate with a brand who do not share the same beliefs as you or do not have products or services you actually like.

Only promote products or services you have used yourself and have been beneficial for you.

Be Creative

Ingenuity is something that really sells on TikTok. Hence, don’t be afraid to think outside of the box.

With so many TikTok influencers around the world creating new content, your videos can easily get buried under them.

Be creative and make sure to create something that makes you stand out from the crowd.

We are aware that being creative on TikTok is a little more difficult than on other platforms since you get a short duration in your videos.

However, doing videos in “parts” is a great way to make your audience keep coming back for more.

Moreover, try to think of video ideas that will hold your viewers’ attention.

You can try to incorporate movie references, pop-culture references, or other relatable innuendos in your videos that will be humorous to your audience.

You can also make comedy skits since they are a wonderful way of getting the attention of different kinds of users.

Use Popular and Relevant Hashtags

Using hashtags is one of the most effective ways of increasing your reach. But, you have to know which hashtags to use.

Just about any hashtag wouldn’t work; it has to be relevant to your videos if you wish to reach your target audience.

For instance, if you are making a comedy video, use the hashtag #funny.

Similarly, if you are making a cooking recipe video, use hashtags like #recipeoftheday or #homechef.

Using relevant hashtags helps in attracting the right crowd, increasing their chances of following you.

Don’t forget to use staple hashtags too that are in trend and go with just about any video such as #explorepage, #like, #foryoupage, #video, or #followforfollowback.

Moreover, if you don’t really care for the right hashtags, you can also choose to hijack popular hashtags.

That’s right; your hashtags don’t always have to be relevant to your content. As long as they are popular, they can attract viewers to your videos.

Track what hashtags are trending that week and use them on your videos.

Invest in Advertising

If TikTok fame is of the utmost priority to you and you also have the money to spend, paid advertising is a great method of gaining followers.

Presently, the platform has a starting cost of $10 for 1000 views.

However, before you go ahead and invest in paid advertising on TikTok, know that the whole system is still in the works and isn’t very effective, especially if you use the app for personal fame rather than marketing.

The paid advertising aspect of TikTok hasn’t been explored that much compared to other social media platforms.

Besides, the platform is more about self-expression and gen z users come to the app looking for humorous and inspiring posts rather than brands and commercials.

However, if you are a company that has youngsters as its target demographic, TikTok can be a great place for doing paid advertising.

Expand Your Reach through Other Platforms

TikTok should not be your limit. If you have social media accounts on other platforms, don’t forget to promote your content on those accounts.

Viewers who follow you on Instagram or Facebook can become impressed by your videos and choose to follow you on TikTok if they don’t already.

Just repost the same video on other platforms and ask people to follow your TikTok.

People who genuinely like your content will make every effort to support you.

This will help to increase awareness about your TikTok profile and get people to follow you.

Don’t Give Up

We have already mentioned how patience is one of the key factors to consider when chasing TikTok fame.

Don’t accept defeat if you have not managed to become famous on TikTok over a couple of days.

Remember, overnight success will only last you a couple of days on TikTok.

But, if you build an organic following who genuinely follows you for your content, getting popular on TikTok isn’t all that difficult.

Just remember to stick to your niche content, be consistent with your posts and seek inspiration from other creators.

And, before you know it, you will notice your follower count increasing.

TikTok has been the subject of significant debate in recent years.

Some think that TikTok is a useless app while others think there’s no point in yet another social media app that has the same features as most of the other apps out there.

There’s no denying that TikTok has its fair share of terrible videos that make no sense, but at the same time, there are videos that can make your day better, help you get inspired, or just have a good laugh.

If you think that you have something to share, TikTok is a great platform to showcase your talents and voice your opinions.

No matter what your age, you are bound to find something for yourself on TikTok.

Final Thoughts

That’s it! In this blog, we discussed 12 tips on how to get TikTok famous.

TikTok’s streamlined nature offers potential for growth for content creators as well as advertisers.

Nothing should stand in your way of getting popular on TikTok if you are skilled and have the determination and patience to go forward.

Anybody who is willing to devote enough effort and time to generate good content can grow a following.

There is no exact checklist on how to become popular on TikTok, however, these techniques will assist in dramatically boosting your chances.

Continue to improve with these how to get TikTok famous tips and you will have a better chance of increasing your fame.

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