How to Easily Find Construction Workers Should You Need Them


Businesses across every industry in the United States have faced a struggle to attract and hire skilled workers to fill open positions at times.

To be more precise, the construction industry as a whole has been facing an even bigger challenge – to find construction workers as well as skilled tradespeople during a major labor shortage.

With that being said, it’s no surprise that new homeowners and homebuyers have trouble finding construction workers themselves as well.

However, there are a few lesser-known but easier ways to find construction workers should you need them described in full herein.

Know the Hiring Trends 

Hiring Trends

Before further discussion is sparked on how to easily find construction workers, it’s important to understand the hiring trends in this industry.

One of the aspects that makes construction unique is its boom-and-bust cycle, which follows economic trends. For example, new construction often rises when interest rates are lowered, which makes it much easier for homebuyers to borrow money.

Of course, it’s clear that as the demand for new homes increases more construction workers are needed. However, this “easy” money can often overwhelm new homeowners who cannot keep up with payments. This was ultimately one of the great causes of the Great Recession of 2008.

When the avalanche of mortgage loan defaults exposed how insolvent most of the country’s high-leveraged leading institutions are, which caused home values to plummet and new construction to significantly slow.

All the market’s highs and lows, and specifically the construction industry, make it all the more challenging for construction companies to maintain staff at the acceptable level and to even remain competitive.

As it’s well known, these two aspects are two of the prerequisites for running a business successfully. In addition to this, hiring needs in construction also highly vary by region, but typically respond to population trends. 

Through Social Circles 

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One of the easiest ways to find construction workers when you need them is through social circles of former employees. This is why it’s highly recommended to keep in touch with former employees and to send them information about any opening when you need to hire laborers.

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Firstly, former employees could become new hires. The SHRM (The Society for Human Resource Management) recommends that any business owners should stay open to rehiring former employees who are already familiar with their native organization.

In addition to this, many surveys have shown that around a third of construction workers had gone back to their previous employer and as much as 40% were open to being a “boomerang hire”. Former employees, in addition to being a great “new” hire, can also be great recruiters of new employees too.

SHRM also suggests keeping in touch with employees after they leave the company so they can be given a call naturally or to send them an email or direct message to inform them about the latest opening. Last but not least, an official offboarding procedure should be put into place to ensure the departures go smoothly.

This can increase the chances of having employees leave with a good impression of the company, and will be ready to refer their friends and relatives your way.

Home Improvement Websites

Home Improvement Websites

While all of these methods will get you, construction workers, should you need them, there could be a better way to find them and have ample time and reviews to select the ones that best suit your needs.

This is exactly what the developers of a home improvement website Loftera Limited have made it possible – to find the best construction workers in your area while getting free quotes from specialists and a chance to save money via discounts that come attached.

Furthermore, by using their means of finding construction workers, they also help refine your search to get you the most suitable construction workers for your project, for example, a loft conversion.

The best thing about these kinds of websites is that the process of having them find the best construction workers for your project (in your area) is entirely free. In addition to being cost-effective and thorough, the search for the best construction workers for your renovation project will be super fast.

With all of this combined, home improvement websites like Loftera Limited are one of the easiest and leading ways to find reliable construction workers. Should you need them, they will be just a few clicks away.

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Innovative Methods


Another great tip on how to easily find construction workers is through the means of innovative methods. This mostly relies on the use or better said, the leverage of social media.

Social media is truly an excellent tool for finding construction workers easily, however, it should be noted that Instagram or Pinterest won’t do you much service. To recruit a construction worker, you will need to focus only on specific social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn. You could also create a “now hiring flyer” and post it on social media, with LinkedIn being the most suitable platform.

In addition to this, the approach should be also altered a bit. Social recruiting is about promoting your needs, job description, and the benefits you offer (pay per hour, etc, food).

The main aim of using social media for finding construction workers is to show your potential hires all the reasons that make working on a project for your needs great. In addition to this, the chances are much better that you will start receiving more and more applications the better your ad is. This makes finding construction workers fairly easy.

Some of the common ways social media can attract your future construction workers are to set up social media profiles specifically for this purpose, post a  mix of original content, and use images and videos to highlight the project. 

Finding construction workers should you need them has never been easy, and it’s all made possible with these simple tips that new homeowners or people looking to refurbish their loft are aware of.

From going through social circles to find construction workers to using innovative means, the easiest way to do so is through specialized home improvement websites.

They offer a wider array of construction workers in your area and often have free quotes available. 

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