How to Delete TikTok Account in 2024

How to Delete TikTok Account

TikTok can get to your nerves sometimes. Whatever your reason is why you would like to quit the app, here is a piece of good news for you! 

Deleting a TikTok account less than three minutes to complete.

Once you get the hang of it, you can create and delete TikTok accounts at any time you want.

Follow this guide on how to delete TikTok account and be patient as this could take a few minutes of your time to complete.

Nevertheless, you can do this on whatever device you are working on, be it on the mobile app or desktop browser. 

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How to Delete TikTok Account Using Mobile Application

Deleting your TikTok account is faster than creating one. Say goodbye to TikTok for good after just a few clicks.

Here’s how to delete TikTok account using the mobile app:

Step 1: Open TikTok and enter your unique username and password. Make sure you got everything correctly become logging in

Step 2: Access your personal page by tapping the ‘Me’ icon found at the rear side corner of your screen.

Step 3: Click on the three horizontal lines at the side of your screen, just across your profile photo

Step 4: Select the tab which will redirect you to the page with Settings and Privacy

Step 5: Proceed by clicking “Manage account.” This will automatically reroute you to a new tab which will show the “Delete Account” option

Once you are on this page, the app will ask your reason for leaving TikTok.

You would be presented with some options to select which reason resonates with you. Luckily, you can skip altogether by using the next button 

Step 6: Upon answering the question or skipping it, you will be redirected to a prompt warning that you have at least a month to reopen your TikTok before its permanent deletion.

It will detail everything you will lose if you let go of your access. If you are really decided to go on and delete, tap “continue”

Step 7: By continuing the deletion process, you will be redirected to and TikTok will send you a code.

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You will need to input code on the space provided before you can proceed so make sure to keep your lines of communication open

Step 8: Enter the code TikTok sent to either your email address or personal contact number

Step 9: Proceed by selecting the “Delete account” option. After giving your consent and confirmation, your account will be deleted for good. 

You have just deleted your TikTok page. TikTok will be sad to see you go but these types of circumstances happen all the time.

Just create a new one when you are ready.

How to Delete TikTok Account Using Mobile or Desktop Browser

Deleting your account is also possible using a browser on either a mobile or desktop computer. To do this, follow our guide below:

Step 1: Open TikTok’s official website and enter login credentials correctly

Step 2: In the top part of the page, hover the cursor above your display photo and click “Settings”

Step 3: Go to the left sidebar and click “Manage Account”

Step 4: Go to “Account control” and click “Delete”

Step 5: Upon clicking the delete option, TikTok will show you some information alongside asking you to verify your account.

Just go on and confirm your account for deletion.

Once redirected to the login page, that means your TikTok account has been deleted.

This option can be used by users who, for some reason, could not download the TikTok app on their mobile devices. 

Backing Up TikTok Data Before Deletion

Sometimes, we want to keep the memories we made on TikTok and not the account itself.

You can still have access to them by backing up before deletion.

To do this, follow these steps on how to back up TikTok before proceeding to delete.

Step 1: Open your TikTok using the official application on your phone and enter your login credentials

Step 2: Click the ‘Me’ icon to access your profile

Step 3: Click the option showing the label for your settings and your privacy on the dropdown menu, tap “Privacy,” and proceed to downloading your data

Step 4: You will be presented with two options: TXT or JSON. If you go for TXT, you will end up downloading human-readable text files.

Meanwhile, selecting JSON will give you a file formatted using Javascript which can be easily decoded by computer programs

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Step 5: After generating the file in either TXT or JSON format, it will be stored on the “Download your data” screen which you can access later.

This process might take several days to complete as TikTok still needs to collect all your data and store them in one place.

If you want to have this data, delay your account deletion for a few days until the data is already available

The file will detail all the important information you have put on TikTok, including your profile details, bio, history for comments and videos you have posted in the past, and settings, among others.

However, it does not include the videos you posted. If you want to keep these, you have to download them manually.

Here is How to Download a TikTok Video:

Step 1: Open your TikTok app and enter the correct login credentials

Step 2: Click on the video you plan to download. Press the video longer than usual and a “Download Video” prompt will show tap the share button and click “download video”

Note that you can only save one video at a time.

If you would like to download all the videos you posted before deleting your account, repeat steps three and four.

How to Recover a Deleted TikTok Account

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There is no way to recover a deleted TikTok account if you had not logged back in during the 30 days timeframe after requesting for account deletion. 

For those still unsure about deleting their account for good, you may always opt to deactivate an account.

See if deactivating it can bring you peace of mind and help you better manage how many times and how long you use the app every day.


Deleting a TikTok account is very easy. On the other hand, taking this route goes to a point of no return.

Think about your decision thoroughly before going right in.

Similarly, you may want to temporarily disable your account first and see if that works for you.

TikTok has a lot of benefits especially in giving entertainment and how-to guides to its users when used properly.

If you found this article on how to delete TikTok account helpful and interesting, check out more on how to temporarily disable a TikTok account!

Take the necessary TikTok break you need!

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