How to Create the Most Impressive Galleries

How to Create the Most Impressive Galleries in 2021

Whether you’re a photographer, designer, creative, or just a freelancer who needs to display a few galleries on your WordPress website, we’re here to help.

WordPress provides numerous gallery plugins intended to make your work easier and help you create the most impressive galleries without touching a single line of code.

In this article, we will show you how to create the most impressive galleries for your WordPress website by taking advantage of one of the most user-friendly gallery plugins, Modula. Let’s dive right in!

Why Should You Choose Modula?

If you are looking for a simple, practical way to represent your work visually, you should start creating an image gallery or an online portfolio. Having Modula by your side, you can easily design albums, resize your pictures with custom grids, add a large variety of hover effects, and sort your galleries with filters. 

On top of everything, Modula comes with an easy-to-use lightbox integration – powered by Fancybox – that improves the way your pictures will be shown. Moreover, you can mix your images & videos and add animated GIFs to your galleries in a few clicks. But let’s see how we can make this happen.

Step 1: Install and activate Modula

To begin with, go to your WordPress dashboard and look for the Plugins sections – click on it and then press Add New.

image 3

You’ll be redirected to a page with all freemium WordPress plugins. Type Modula in the search bar on the upper right corner, and when you find it, click Install Now.

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image 4

Just wait a couple of seconds and then click Activate. Now, Modula will pop up in your WordPress menu.

image 5

Step 2: Create a new gallery

From now on, every time you want to create a stunning gallery for your WordPress website, go to Modula icon > Add New.

image 6

To make sure you differentiate this gallery from the others, I advise you to start by naming your gallery. Next, you can upload your image files or add them from your Library.

image 7

Step 3: Customize your gallery

Modula is a fully customizable plugin that lets you have complete control over your galleries. You can create as many galleries as you want and upload unlimited images. There’s more. If you’re willing to make your galleries more animated, Modula comes with a video extension and GIFs integration.

If you hover over your pictures, there will appear three icons: pencil, trash, and reverse. If you click on the pencil icon, you can edit your image metadata. 

image 8

Here you can change the title, add alt text, caption text, filters, URL, and EXIF information. To embed a video to your gallery, copy the Youtube/Vimeo link and paste it to the Video URL box. Then, click Save and Save & Close.

image 9

Next, you can create impressive galleries with different grid types by choosing between creative, custom grid, columns, and slider.

image 10

For my gallery, I will choose the custom grid type. Now, I can freely resize images by controlling their heights, widths, and aspect ratio.

image 11

Then, if you go to Lightbox and Links, you can choose to display your galleries in a beautiful lightbox.

image 12

In this section, you can also add a toolbar with various buttons, thumbnails, transition effects, and much more customization to make your gallery more visually appealing.

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image 13

So far, so good. If you want to allow your website’s visitors to share your masterpieces, go to Social and add Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Email icons.

image 14

You’ll have to include a hover effect that displays social icons. How can you do that?  Go to Hover effects and choose one – I’ll choose 29. Hera.

image 15

If you want to allow your visitors to see your work in detail, you can activate the Zoom extension.

image 16

Since people tend to use more and more tablets and mobile devices, you will need to create responsive galleries. Lucky for you, Modula provides functionality that helps you adjust the number of columns for your gallery on these devices.

image 17

If you want to protect your pictures from image theft, you can add watermarks to your photos or create password-protected galleries. 

Step 4: Add gallery to your website

Once you’re happy with your gallery, click Save gallery

image 18

Modula will generate a shortcode for your fantastic gallery. All you have to do now is copy the shortcode and paste it into a page or post.

image 19

Click Publish, and your impressive gallery is live!

image 20

Create more galleries

Et voila! Using this gallery tool, you can create the most impressive galleries that will attract a lot of visitors. People will love to see your masterpieces showcased in a beautiful Lightbox with amazing effects and animations. 

Increase your workflow, and start creating unlimited galleries for your website in minutes!

Charlie has been building WordPress themes, reviewing web hosts and utilizing social media since their respective inceptions.

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