How To Create Better Content On Your WordPress Site

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If you want your business website to be successful, you need excellent content. More importantly, you should never stop adding relevant, high-quality content to the website. This way, readers will always remain interested.

Content helps not only build trust among the audiences but also boosts conversions and improves SERPs rankings. In short, it doesn’t matter how good a website looks – if the content is not regularly updated, visitors will not come back.

Develop A Strategy For Content Creation

Most businesses opt for a strong start with their WP websites, only to record fewer and fewer visits after that. The reason for that is most of the time they have a strategy on how to introduce the website but lack one on how to maintain it. As a result, they get poor SERPs ranking, high bounce rates, and low conversion. 

The potential peril for your business is that you turn to black-hat conversion techniques. You may even abandon the website altogether. The best way to avoid this is to prepare content upfront, even before you’ve launched the website. Also, make sure content is tailored to your marketing objectives.

Do Your SEO Homework And Research Keywords

Using the right keywords is very important (if not the most important!) task of any online marketing campaign. Do some research and collect the most searched and popular terms for your audience. 

This way, you can create on-point content that is easy to find and improve your approach to targeting and converting leads. Identifying the right keywords will also help you stand out in one of the most competitive markets of our time.

By using the right keywords, you guarantee that your content is relevant and appropriate for your readers. This also means a higher ranking on search engines and more site traffic. 

Don’t worry if you don’t have experience. Multiple ROI improvement tools can automate keyword research and help you come up with the perfect content. 

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Create Valuable And Actionable Content

Remember – your visitors are there because of a specific purpose. They expect your content to meet their needs and to bring them some value. In short, they should gain something from every blog post they read, or any video they’ve seen.

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Think of it this way – the marketing campaign you developed is based on promising results. If the audience sees no value in spending time on your website, they may turn to a competitor website that provides that value. If the content is actionable, on the other hand, they will stick around and do exactly what you expect them to.

There are many ways to create valuable content. You can introduce product galleries, instruction videos, or even step-by-step tutorials. You can do all that through the WordPress visual editor. 

Empower Your Website With Calls-to-action (CTAs)

A successful marketing campaign leverages content in a way that brings value to both marketers and end-users. This means that every single post or piece of content comes with a purpose, ideally one aligned with your business objective.

For example, an informative post should be followed by a powerful call to action, so that the reader knows what to do next. Inspired by the content, he should either like, download, or share the post.

If you are selling a product/service, you should also motivate buyers to subscribe/purchase before they’ve moved to the next post. The most important part of the job is to make this easy and intuitive for them.

Pay Attention To design

While it is true that the most important aspect of content is quality, you can also improve engagement with appealing layouts.

For instance, you can make it easy to navigate through your content with paragraphs, headings, and intense use of white space. This comes in handy for large and complicated posts, so that people can scroll down and find what they need within seconds. 

Another great idea is to use quality images. Nevertheless, makes sure those images are compressed and don’t slow down the website. Looks at how well photographers’ websites are optimized although they use high quality images. There are many plugins for image optimizations that can help you achieve this. 

Last but not least, don’t be afraid to use bold and bright colors. Many studies underline the positive impact of color on readers. According to them, the right palette will keep even 80% of random visitors engaged and interested in your content.

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Be Original

Keep in mind that most visitors landing on your website are experienced, internet users. They’ve probably seen everything that is out there and are now looking for fresh and original content. If you want them to convert and make a purchase, you need to show them that your content is relevant and can’t be found anywhere else.

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The worst thing that can happen is that a reader recognizes a poorly regurgitated post on your website. You need to follow trends and be more creative than your competitors. At best, ensure that every piece of content is original and can’t be found on any other place on the internet

Make Content Easy To Read

The biggest content challenge you will face is the surprisingly short (and ever shorter) attention span of internet users. Paired with it is their lack of time to estimate the value of content, and they may click away before even grasping the value of what you’re offering. Therefore, keep things simple, and create content that is enjoyable and easy to read. This means short paragraphs, catchy titles, and little to no jargon in your posts. 

Many tricks can help you reduce bounce rates. For instance, you can use bullet lists, subheads, and images, or data visualization. If the post is long, divide it into understandable sections and focus on the most important points.

Publish New Content As Often As Possible

True – you’ve done an amazing job with the website launch and visitors seem very engaged and interested. And yet, you are not doing yourself any favor if you do not keep the same pace in the future. Visitors will keep coming back for new content, so make sure you publish regularly.

This will not only help conversion rates but also signal search engines that you are running an active and worth-to-visit website. Nowadays, you can use WP tools to plan and schedule publications, and to be available to your readers all the time.

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