How To Create A Family Blog

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Family blogs are a great way to gather memories with your family. By making a chronicle of your family events, not only will you be able to read the content again later on, but you should also be able to share tips and ideas with your readers. 

With the right idea, a blogger can make more than $80k every month with their blog. You just need to design your blog correctly and then create content that the Internet will love reading. If you want to start a family blog, here are the steps that you should do beforehand.  

1. Make Sure the Entire Family Agrees

This might be a no-brainer, but if you want to start a family blog, you need to get everyone on board for that. Such a blog will put your entire family in the public eye, which can create quite a few privacy concerns. If you have minor children, you are technically allowed by the law to post pictures of them – still, not every family member may feel comfortable with it.

You must make sure that all the adults are okay with it, and that you are not posting the pictures without their know-so. For example, if you post pictures of your underage children in Davis, and your spouse does not agree with it, this may affect your marriage, and you may be sued under California law. 

To prevent any issues, you should get some Davis family lawyers to handle the paperwork and privacy policy for you. This is especially the case if you are planning to make your blog an official source of income.

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2. Choose the Platform

When starting a blog, there are two ways for you to go: you either use a blogging platform, or you may get your own domain. Domains come at a price, and you will need a web designer to make your blog look the way you want it. However, you will enjoy the benefits of a bespoke name, which can be beneficial if you plan to build a brand name. 

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On the other hand, if the link name is not that important for you, then you may go for a blogging platform such as WordPress. For the most part, these platforms are free and will take care of all the technical details for you. They represent the better option if you just started blogging and are still trying to figure out your direction.  

3. Pick a Good Name

Family blogs tend to have their last name in the URL, but sometimes, this may lead to family concerns. Therefore, when you start a blog like that, you may want to be a bit more selective regarding your blog name. To prevent any issues, you may want to use a nickname, or maybe even an alias.

Go for a memorable name. You may use a thesaurus in that regard, and find a name that you know for a fact will stick. You may also want to do an Internet sweep to see if there is another blog with a similar name out there. Otherwise, your blog may not get the traffic that you expect of it. 

4. Determine Your Audience and Niche

Blogging is more or less a business, so you need to determine where your audience is, and who they are. After all, you want people to read your blog – which can’t happen if you are writing to the wrong audience. Do you want to share your content with your friends and family, or do you only wish to reach a wider audience? You should figure these things out beforehand so that you know precisely who you are writing for.


5. Decide on the Writer

Who is going to write the contents of your blog? Will you be the only one creating content and posting or will the other members of your family do this as well? If it’s a blog where every family member can post, then you may want to set everyone up with a username and password. This way, the readers will know exactly who the author is.

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6. Begin Writing

Now that everything has been settled, you need to start writing and posting. Remember that your family blog is not there to impress anyone – you’re mainly writing a chronicle. You may use keywords and other SEO techniques to get your blog up, but for the most part, you may write whatever you feel like.

The Bottom Line

Writing a family blog may seem intimidating a first, but after some time, it will begin to feel like a journey. Plus, aside from offering insight with every post, you’ll also have something to look back on years later. If you have topics to talk about, then get started with your family blog. 

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