How to Change Your Age on TikTok in 2024

How to Change Your Age on TikTok

Although there is no straight way how to change your age on TikTok, there are still ways to get around this situation.

There are unavoidable circumstances when we get our birthdate or birth year wrong. In a platform like TikTok, it is possible to revert this mistake.

By following this guide, you will master the steps of changing one’s age on TikTok.

There will also be a discussion on community guidelines to help parents supervise their children better when using the app. 

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Why Change Your Age on TikTok?

There are a number of reasons why people want to change their age on TikTok.

This may be in an account of getting things wrong upon signing up or wanting to access age-appropriate features and content.

Changing your age on TikTok is not as complicated as you think it would be!

You would need to follow a few steps to contact the site’s customer service team.

This is unlike other social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram where users can readily change their birthdates on demand. 

On the positive side, this means TikTok is taking users’ privacy and security concerns seriously by taking the time to look at users’ concerns individually.

How to Change Your Age on TikTok

1. Open the TikTok app and enter your login credentials

2. Once on your homepage, click on the ‘Me’ tab on the bottom right corner of your screen

3. Upon reaching your profile, look for the three horizontal lines placed at the upper right corner and click 

4. A dropdown menu will show. Select ‘Settings and Privacy’

5. On the settings and privacy page, scroll to reach the support section. Tap on ‘Report a Problem’ to proceed

6. The prompt will ask you to select a topic, choose ‘Account and profile’ and you will be redirected to another page where you will select ‘Editing profile’

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7. TikTok will give you choices on the next action to take namely changing your name, profile photo, and account bio, among others.

Age change is not part of the options. With this, you have to select ‘Other’ to proceed

8. Tap ‘Need more help?’ found at the bottom and you will reach a page with a feedback form

9. Fill out the feedback form with details of your request. State your need to change an inaccurate birthdate.

You may also include some more information on how you ended up putting the wrong date while signing up

10. A TikTok representative will contact you using the email address connected with your account.

Make sure to always check your inbox and spam folders to immediately see TikTok’s message.

Under certain circumstances, the representative will ask you to provide a government-issued ID with details of your birthday to approve your request.

TikTok Age Guidelines

To protect the safety of everyone, TikTok has set its minimum age requirement to 13 years old.

Users younger than this minimum age requirement can still watch and post content by using TikTok for Younger Users. 

Caution for those caught violating TikTok’s age guidelines, you are in serious jeopardy.

You are at risk of getting banned for good from using the platform using the same account.

TikTok’s Privacy Settings for Users 16 and Below

Due to a growing number of concerns from guardians, TikTok has tightened its privacy settings by setting user accounts aged 16 and below to private by default.

This came with a restriction from using the Duet and Stitching features, disallowing users from integrating other videos, especially popular ones, with their own.

Moreover, videos of users aged 16 to 18 can only be stitched and used in a duet by other users on their friend’s list.

The recent changes are expected to heighten minors’ security while using the app, expected to prevent groomers from having the access to contact young TikTok users belonging to these age groups.

Guardians’ Guide to TikTok: Youth Portal


TikTok can be one of the safest online content sharing platforms available for young people today, especially when age-appropriate community guidelines are followed and users are accompanied with the right guidance.

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TikTok has launched its homegrown Youth Portal which houses in-app tools and educational content.

These features can help young users with valuable information that could help them get the most out of the platform while eliminating the bad.

Parents are encouraged to discuss TikTok Youth Portal with their kids to help them feel safe when using the site by themselves.

TikTok Youth Portal has the same features such as ‘Trending’ and ‘Discover’ as the original version, only that content here has been strictly screened and is age-appropriate.

There are several programs on the site users can engage in such as TikTok for Good, TikTok for Developers, and TikTok Jump, among others.

Downloading TikTok

Downloading TikTok puts great emphasis on user age. New account holders aged 13 and below are automatically placed on TikTok for Younger Users in the United States.

This mode comes with additional protective layers and greater content screening compared to the original version. 

The app is rated 12+ which gives guardians access to kids’ TikTok activities through the use of Apple and Android device-level controls.

TikTok has also introduced the Family Pairing feature that let parents link their TikTok accounts with their kids to give a go signal to some content and privacy settings.


Changing age information on the app is quite a long journey so make sure you get all the information correctly upon signing up.

TikTok follows very strict guidelines when it comes to age-related concerns.

The app is home to a variety of content appealing to all walks of life and people of different ages.

Having children on the team needs bigger and better restrictions to ensure their welfare while using the app.

This guide on how to change your age on TikTok details all the information users need to change their age on TikTok.

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