How to Change Age on Discord in 2024

How to Change Age on Discord

Many social media platforms have established strict measures when it comes to the minimum aged requirement for their users.

This is to ensure that new joiners are on the right level of mindset to understand the contents shown on the platform which sometimes need parental guidance. 

Often, changing personal information like age on digital apps is hard, and this is a problem faced by many Discord users.

It is not easy, but it can be done. Follow this guide on how to change age on Discord. 

How to Change Age on Discord

Changing your age information on Discord can be complicated.

It does not follow the typical steps found on social media sites where users can tweak their age and birthdate anytime.

The easiest and fastest way on how to change age on Discord is by submitting a request of your intent by contacting Discord itself.

Before we proceed with the detailed guide, please note that you will be needing a photo of your ID clearly stating your age, date of birth, and the exact year you were born.

To be safe, ready any of your government-issued IDs such as passport or driver’s license, among others.

Moreover, take note of your Discord tag found at the bottom left corner of your screen and jot it down on a piece of paper.

Take a photo of yourself with your ID and Discord tag and make sure all details are visible to minimize the probability of your request’s rejection.

Guide on How to Change Age Using the Discord Request Form

Finally, here is the guide on how to change age on Discord using a ‘Submit a Request’ form:

  1. Login to your Discord profile and go to the Discord forum homepage
  2. Open the ‘Submit a Request’ form
  3. On the first question, ‘How can we help you with,’ answer ‘Trust & Safety’
  4. Enter your email address on the space provided
  5. For the ‘How can we help’ question, answer ‘Appeals, age, update, and other questions’
  6. Once done with filling the submit a request form, proceed with updating your age information. Follow the MM/DD/YYYY format when putting your new details, and attach the required materials including the photo of yourself holding your identification card with your date of birth on it, and your Discord ID.
  7. You may also add an explanation as to why you are filing such a request to support your request.
  8. Once all required fields have been fielded and all requirements have been successfully attached, click ‘Submit.’
  9. Often, Discord automatically updates the date of birth, as requested, for successful applicants. On the other hand, it means your application has been rejected if Discord had not taken any action a few days following the filing of your request. 
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What is Discord?

Discord is a free-of-charge communication app that allows users to exchange texts, chats, voice messages, and videos.

It allows people with ages as early as 13 years old to use the platform to better communicate with their peers on different subject matters.

Unlike the popular Messenger app, Discord acts more like a professional communication avenue such as Skype and Slack.

It was launched in May of 2015 and is now used by millions of users and translated into over 30 languages worldwide.

It has both a desktop and a mobile application to cater to everyone’s preferences. 

Discord Communities

To calm the apprehension of parents thinking twice about allowing their children to Discord, the platform is home to communities acting as support groups where users can feel free to share their feelings and information. 

The majority of Discord servers are private, which means groups are often formed through invitation only.

Similarly, the site does not support algorithmic tracking which means users will not be fed by tailored ads and news that pique their interest.

Discord is known to be entirely driven by shared interests.

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How to Change Age on Discord Without an ID

Simple answer: there is no way you can change your age on Discord on the same account without presenting proof of identification.

However, you can always make a new Discord profile and use a secondary email, different from the one you have used for your first account, to confirm it.

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Many young people use this technique and set their age to 18 and above to access content otherwise restricted for their age. However, this also runs with a risk.

Discord has the discretion to ban accounts proven to have engaged in fraud while on the platform.

Make sure to think this twice over before doing it yourself.

Why Does Discord Ask for Your Birthday? 

image 14


No, Discord is not asking for your birthday to let your friends know about it when the day comes.

This communication platform ensures that every new user is compliant with its minimum age requirement of 13 years old to get started with the app.

This requirement could change, depending on the regulations set by a country’s government.

In many countries in Europe, the minimum age should be 16 and above.

Having this rule avoids incidents where young users, too young for their age, encounter materials that are not appropriate for their age, otherwise known as ‘NSFW’ or ‘Not Safe For Wumpus.’ 

Wumpus is Discord’s resident cute creature who is highly sensitive to adult images and videos. 

In other words, Wumpus is a warning for users under the age of 18 to refrain from joining communities with these types of materials in their spaces. 

The next time you see Wumpus, it means you are entering a community not appropriate for your age.

Exit the page immediately to avoid being banned from Discord.


Discord places a strict rule on age-related matters to protect users from accessing pages that are not appropriate for their age.

This way, it can remain a safe space for young people to communicate with one another, without worrying parents and educators about their safety while using the platform.

Now that you have learned how to change age on Discord, make sure to do it appropriately. Remember, Wumpus is always on the lookout.

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