How to Blog About Travel During a Pandemic

How to Blog About Travel During a Pandemic

The coronavirus came as a real shock to travel bloggers. How do you travel and visit new countries if many borders are still closed? Of course, you can already visit dozens of countries, but is it worth risking your health?

Many bloggers were forced to change the format of interaction with the audience radically. Lack of ways to create new content is equivalent to death. How to blog about travel during a pandemic?

Here are some tips to help many bloggers.

Use the Database You Created Long Before the Coronavirus

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Typically, many people visit dozens of countries in a short period. Imagine how many photos and videos appear on your hard drive after visiting any popular place.

Most likely, you are not a robot, and you cannot publish new posts or stories every day. Content creation takes a lot of time and effort. This is why you should take a look at your archive.

It is possible that you still have a couple of thousand photos and more than 2-3 hundred videos left to publish new content. Your subscribers will be glad to see that you are trying and creating something new, even during a pandemic.

However, searching archives for interesting content can take a long time. If you are a student, you can find an affordable essay writing service and delegate some papers. Then nothing will stop you from creating new content for your audience.

Use Photo Stocks or Write About Your Friends’ Travels

If you are a travel blogger, then you don’t have to visit new countries every week. How about finding good photo stocks and downloading beautiful photos and videos?

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You can write a couple of travel tips, describe the hotel booking process, or mention local attractions. Use various sites like Wikipedia to collect the most interesting facts about volcanoes, waterfalls, rivers, and historical places.

But do not forget to mention that these are not your photos and that you are using such content for entertainment or educational purposes. Then your audience will be loyal to a small change in the publication format.

This strategy will give you the ability to create posts until all boundaries are reopened. Ask your friends to share photos and videos with you. This will be a great opportunity to add new content to your website or social media page.

Start Writing About Your Domestic Travels

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International tourism is stagnating, but that doesn’t mean you should despair. How about traveling around your country? It can be a good idea! As a rule, most countries do not restrict the movement of citizens across states and regions.

So visit a local lake, climb a mountain or show how ancient ruins look up close. Your audience will be delighted with the new content. This is a great idea if you don’t want to post old content and lose subscribers.

Plus, local tourism is much cheaper if you don’t stay in luxury hotels or visit premium restaurants.

Choose New Topics


For many bloggers, it is very difficult to change the content format as it requires rethinking the whole concept of travel. Let’s say you have been posting photos of oceans, islands, and bungalows for several years.

What if your country has a ski resort or a great campsite in the woods? Feel free to change the format of your posts or choose new topics.

Show how beautiful the local forests, rivers, and lakes are. Visit the canyons with waterfalls and take some great photos. In addition, the travel format can be varied.

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Show races, tug-of-war, or kayaking at sea. Jump with a parachute or fly over the fields in a hot air balloon. Your followers will love it. Get creative, and your audience will support you.

Start Writing About Interesting Facts and Locations

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Let’s say you can’t visit foreign and even local resorts and attractions. What are your plans? Perhaps you should start writing about some interesting places on earth.

Make popular collections of facts about volcanoes, resorts, ancient cities, and civilizations. Educational content will also interest your audience. You need to strike a balance between the amount of information and photos or videos.

People love to look at media content rather than read, especially if you are an Instagram blogger.

Pick Old Stories and Describe Your Emotions in Other Words

Let’s say you need to wait a couple of months before the borders of some countries become reopened. Don’t keep your followers waiting. Instead, think about your best travels and create a selection of funny and curious moments.

Describe those events that made an indelible impression on you. Don’t be afraid to appear secondary. Take the example of musicians on music blogs who do a lot of remixes. Nobody forbids you to describe your emotions twice.

Final Words

As you can see, there are many tips to help the travel blogger not get bored during a pandemic.

Take advantage of any interesting options to support your audience and keep your popularity. Do not be afraid that you will have to use old photos and memories for years.

Soon, humanity will be able to cope with the pandemic, and all borders will be reopened.

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