How to Block on LinkedIn in 2024

How to Block on LinkedIn

The internet bridged the communication gap across the world.

Social network sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn paved the way for people to connect millions using a small device anytime, anywhere.

Since the birth of social media, communicating with loved ones and anyone or most people on Earth is one click away.

A person can easily block people on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. But it’s not well-known knowledge that you can block people on LinkedIn.

So, how to block on LinkedIn?

 How to Block on LinkedIn?

There is a simple way how to block on LinkedIn.

Even though the LinkedIn team is doing its best to keep its members safe and secure, there are unavoidable instances where some people experience abuse and harassment. 

The networking site placed policies to avoid and prevent these instances but it still persists until this day.

It is possible to block someone on LinkedIn by using your desktop or even your mobile device.

Here are some helpful, easy-to-follow instructions to block a member from viewing your profile:

On Desktop, iOS, and Android

  1. Go to the member’s profile.
  2. Below the person’s profile picture, click the More or … button next to the message icon.
  3. From the list, select Report/Block. Tap or choose Block [Member’s name].
  4. Confirm the pop-up window by clicking Block at the bottom.

On Mobile Browser or Lite App

  1. Go to the member’s profile.
  2. Tap the More or … button.
  3. Select Report/Block, tap, or select Block [Member’s name] from the list.
  4. Tap Submit to confirm.
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 To Unblock a Member

  1. At the top of your personal LinkedIn homepage, click the icon Me.
  2. Select Setting & Privacy.
  3. Click the Visibility of your LinkedIn activity in the Visibility section.
  4. Select Blocking and click Change.
  5. Find the member’s name from the blocked list and click Unblock.

Reasons Why a Person Cannot Locate a Member’s LinkedIn Profile:

  • LinkedIn removed the member’s profile due to violating LinkedIn User Agreement by demonstrating harassing or abusive behavior.
  • The member blocked you.
  • The member hibernated their profile.
  • The member closed their LinkedIn account.

What Happens When You Block a Member on LinkedIn?

If an individual blocks someone on LinkedIn, it will be reflected on their blocked list.

The blocked user won’t be notified of the action taken, and here are some of what is likely to happen.

  • Inaccessibility to each other’s profiles on LinkedIn
  • Severance of each other’s connection and inability to see each other on Who Viewed Your Profile
  • No notification of the blocked member’s upcoming LinkedIn Events
  • Inability to exchange messages
  • If the blocked member is a host or designated speaker, you won’t be able to join any audio event.
  • The blocked member will no longer receive your Newsletters.

Some Reminders when Blocking on LinkedIn:

  • As of the moment, private mode viewers of your profile CAN NOT be blocked.
  • Locally stored contact records are removed MANUALLY.
  • You must wait 48 hours to re-block an unblocked LinkedIn member.
  • LinkedIn allows you to block up to 1,000 people.

Limit Members’ Access to You and Your Profile

 Here are some actions an individual can take if they wish to control other LinkedIn members’ accessibility to their personal profile.

Turn off Open Profile.

Hide profile photo.

Remove the 1st-degree connection setting and adjust the setting of who can send you invites

Change the profile display name.

Hide the public version of your LinkedIn profile

What is LinkedIn?


 LinkedIn is owned by the tech giant Microsoft which focuses on career development and professional networking.

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It is social networking designed to connect people and businesses, share their professional backgrounds and experiences, upload their resumes, and even find careers.

Just like other social media sites, it makes connections possible.

It can share, like, post updates and content, and exchange real-time communication messages with other users.

Many people use LinkedIn to grow their connections and contact, find career opportunities, and enhance their professional reputation.

How Many People Use LinkedIn?

There are more than 800 million LinkedIn users worldwide, making the platform one of the top social networking sites nowadays.

From a marketing standpoint, it is essential to understand and utilize LinkedIn and maximize the platform uses.

To extend or further reach the target audience because it is the world’s largest professional network.

How effective is LinkedIn in generating leads? A whopping 227% more effective and efficient than Twitter and Facebook.

LinkedIn Truths Everyone Should Check Out:

Many people use LinkedIn to form professional connections, reach target audiences, find job opportunities, and improve careers and experiences.

Hence, it’s essential to consider some of this information to maximize your presence in the social network.

  1. People judge based on profile
  2. People notice advertising and spam
  3. People crave special acknowledgment, so a personal touch goes an extra mile
  4. Treat your brand like a brand
  5. Not every member wants to network
  6. Face-to-face discussions are crucial
  7. Groups boost a person’s network


Although the social networking site is a great avenue to reach professional contacts and build and expand career development, knowing how to block on LinkedIn is a good-to-know option.

You may also check these LinkedIn automation tools for help.

Keep in mind that usually, the LinkedIn member won’t be notified of being blocked except if both profiles shared a previous or current Recruiter account. 

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