How to Announce New Job on LinkedIn in 2024

How to Announce New Job on LinkedIn

Landing a new job is a matter of great pride for many. Did you know this could also be strategically done to increase presence on your new network?

LinkedIn has become an efficient platform to build our professional profiles and knowing how to use it, including the LinkedIn automation tools, contributes to success.

In this article on how to announce new job on LinkedIn, we will provide a detailed guide on how to construct your job announcement creatively.

Make sure to follow these steps carefully so as not to preempt the public launching of your new career path. Let’s make it special!

How to Announce New Job on LinkedIn

Most of us do not feel the need to announce anything that goes with our employment careers to the public. It is a private matter, we often say in defense.

While privacy is key, there are also many reasons why letting others know about a new role could be beneficial to our professional life.

But before we dive into the advantages, follow this step-by-step guide on how to announce new job on LinkedIn:

Step 1: Plan All the Way: Do Not Preempt the Announcement

Often, new employees of a company are very excited to take on the role that we announce across all social media platforms before we are ready.

Only to see ourselves not fit for the role or struggling to adjust to the new work setting just a few weeks after. 

Before posting anything, make sure you have already settled down on the job and are ready to confidently say you have assumed the position.

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Step 2: Thank Your Previous Employer

Another important step before the announcement is thanking your previous employer.

Aside from showing gratitude that is due, this also shows you have maintained good relations with them even after departure.

Step 3: Announce

Make your announcement meaningful and strategic. Include a few of the important details such as what you do on the job and the near-term projects you will work on.

Keep it short and positive.

Step 4: Update Your Profile Information

Now that you have announced your new job, it is time to update your professional information. Put on your role and list your new employer.

At this stage, you might also connect with existing employers of the firm to strengthen your network.

How to Announce Departure from a Job

As they say, do not burn old bridges. You might have left your previous employer might but maintaining good relations with them is important.

You never know when you will be needing their presence, be it in a professional, business, or personal context. 

To announce your departure, indicate the years you have spent in the company, and include some of the memorable experiences to make it more personal.

Do not forget to express your gratitude for the opportunity and growth you had with the company during your tenure.

How to Construct a New Job Announcement 

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While we have provided a step-by-step guide on how to announce new job on LinkedIn, here is how to properly construct your post to make sure you will do it well:

As mentioned, you have to plan all the way to the day of the announcement.

This means deciding when you will do it, what message you want to convey to your readers, and which platform your will use to do the launch.

When to Post

The best time to announce is three weeks to a month after officially assuming the position.

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This way, you can already explain in detail what sort of job you do for your new employer, without the usual new employee jitters many new entrants experience.

Also, this timeline is ideal as you might have already established connections within the organization who can testify to or validate your assumption of the new job.

What to Say

Similarly, make the message short but positive. There is no need to be elaborate and bore readers with unnecessary information.

Share what makes you excited about the job and other feel-good details that spark joy in your readers.

Where to Post

Lastly, deciding where to post is crucial. You have to determine your target audience before selecting.

Mainstream social media platforms may be good in informing families and close friends about the new opportunity, but they often do little contribution to expanding your professional network.

Remember, LinkedIn is home to 800 million professionals with whom you could establish professional connections anytime.

Benefits of Announcing a New Job on LinkedIn

Here are two important benefits of announcing a new job on LinkedIn:

Professional Growth

Assuming a new position shows professional growth which instantly gives the audience a characteristic of adaptability and dependability as you can bring something new to the table.

It is better to job hob every few years instead of staying on the same job for extensive years without evolving professionally.

Network Expansion

Posting your new job also allows scouting new connections in your new field.

This means you can learn new things from new people and engage in both creative and professional activities with them which are essential for your growth.


There is a simple way how to announce new job on LinkedIn.

Make sure to make your post simple, positive, and meaningful to give a good first impression to the new people you will be working with.

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