How To Add Live Chat To A WordPress Website

How To Add Live Chat To A WordPress Website

Live chat allows you to interact with website visitors in real-time and easily turn them into sales leads or customers.

It has proven to be faster and more effective than other support channels. According to the stats, Live chat has the highest satisfaction rate of 73% while email support has 51% and phone support has 44%.

Having a live chat function isn’t only for large corporate websites. There are simple ways to incorporate live chat software into your small or medium sized business.

It helps your agents to reply to customer queries quickly in order to increase sales and enhance brand loyalty. In this article, we’ll discuss how you can include a live chat function on a WordPress website. 

5 Reasons To Include Live Chat On Your WordPress Site

Many people prefer to communicate with most businesses through live chat.

It allows website visitors to get real-time answers and existing customers can also have their support tickets resolved quickly. Here are some reasons why you need to set up live chat for your business:

1.) Provide Fast Access To Support

When prospects find your website, they may want to ask questions to help understand your product or service better.

Rather than having to search for your contact or support page, they can simply click on the chat box and connect to an available sales or support agent. 

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2.) Collect Customer Data And Insights

When using Live chat as a customer interaction channel, you can gather useful information on your leads.

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During the conversation, the agent will ask questions to help understand prospects better. It helps to identify your potential clients, what they need and how you can fill the gap. 

3.) Improve Customer Service Experience

Today’s customers want real-time and reliable access to support agents. By adding live chat to your WordPress website, you will be able to reply queries faster and resolve support tickets quickly. Such timely support helps to improve the customer’s experience with your business.

4.) Boost Sales And Conversion Rates

Almost 80% of companies (multiple industries) report that live chat increased sales, revenue, and customer loyalty in their business.

When your business provides a good experience for prospects, they are more likely to purchase a product or service and become a repeat buyer.

5.) Gain A Competitive Advantage

Only a small percentage of companies use live chat to provide support. The stats also say that about 21% of live chat support requests are not answered.

This means that you can implement a live chat function and work towards building long-lasting relationships with your customers. 

How To Choose The Best Live Chat Software For WordPress?

Live chat software helps businesses to interact with prospects and customers in real-time.The chat box can be added to your website, social media or mobile app.

There are many Live chat plugins for WordPress. Below are 5 factors to consider when choosing a live chat software:

1.) Ease Of Use And Support Resources

You need to select a Live chat software that is relatively easy to learn and set up. There also needs to be a knowledge base or help center so your sales agents can comprehend it better.

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2.) Pricing And Scalability

An ideal Live chat software should enable your agents to serve multiple customers at the same time without any performance issues. You also need to check the price against your budget. 

3.) Available Integrations

Live chat software has to be integrated with customer service support tools and processes. It should allow integrations for chatbots, CRMs, social media, helpdesk systems, and more. 

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4.) Chat Widget Customization

A good live chat software should allow you to customize the appearance of your widget, set up agent profiles, create smart triggers, set up template responses, support more languages, and sync with knowledge base for self-service. 

5.) Dashboards And Analytics

You need to consider the quality of dashboards offered by the Live chat software. The analytics should include real-time and accurate metrics to help you understand live chat performance. 

How To Install Live Chat To A WordPress Website?

Live chat software makes it possible to include a chatbox on your web or mobile app. If your business website is powered by WordPress, you can easily add a live chat plugin to it.

First, pick a preferred Live chat provider then sign up on their website. Next, you’ll login to your WordPress account and follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Plugins, select the live chat plugin and activate it
  1. Configure the live chat plugin by adding your account and complete the settings.
  1. Customize the location and appearance of the live chat widget 
  1. Add live chat agents and give access to necessary chat tools
  1. Test functionality on your website to see if your Live chat is working correctly.