How Many Users Does Salesforce Have in 2024?

How Many Users Does Salesforce Have

How many users does Salesforce have in 2024? That is the topic of this article.

Salesforce has been the number one customer relationship management platform for eight years in a row. That’s a major accomplishment. 

Salesforce holds a market share of 19.8%, beating out all of its comined competitors.

It offers automated processes that save time, making it faster and easier to meet your business goals. 

Also, it enhances your productivity by streamlining your whole organization, so you’re working more efficiently and smarter. 

Let’s answer, how many users does Salesforce have? 

How Many Users Does Salesforce Have in 2024?

Salesforce boasts over 150,000 users who subscribe to their services. These organizations are now achieving what Salesforce promises to deliver. 

Salesforce users are all over the world working smarter, with more streamlined operations. 

Salesforce has presences in more than 84 cities, with 110 offices across the globe.

Salesforce Towers are found in New York, Atlanta, Indianapolis, San Francisco, London, Dublin, Paris, and Tokyo. 

Currently, there are two new Salesforce Towers under development in Chicago, Illinois, and Sydney, Australia. 

What Are Some Reasons Salesforce Maintains Its #1 CRM Status?

Now that you have the answer to, how many users does Salesforce have, you need to understand why. 

Salesforce uses cloud-computing technology that allows you and your employees to access whatever is needed, when it’s needed. 

  • Salesforce offers customization and scalability based on your needs.
  • Salesforce makes your security a priority.
  • Salesforce is constantly growing its Partner ecosystem.
  • Salesforce is designed to be an all-in-one CRM platform.
  • Salesforce easily integrates with cloud-based applications.

Its CRM services aren’t the only thing people like about Salesforce. It also brings with it company values and culture that appeals to the masses all over the world. 

This is proven by the numerous awards and accolades for its innovations, efforts, and volunteer work.

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What Are the Highlights of Salesforce’s Features?

One of the factors that helps us answer, how many users does Salesforce have, is how its features attract users. 

It’s important to know what this CRM company offers to its users that makes it so appealing. 

  • Salesforce features dynamic dashboards that monitor and track how your business is performing based on customer behavior, market trends, and other key areas. 
  • Email integrations help you and your employees to sync calendars for meetings and other scheduling through Outlook and Gmail. Even if you’re not connected to the Web, you can gain access to your important emails. 
  • Collaboration is a big deal in business, and Salesforce knows that. The collaboration feature helps teams and members through real-time communication. 
  • Real-time analytics helps you to learn more about your customers, which includes complex data that is easy to understand and helpful. 

These are the features that attract users to Salesforce. Also, it helps to further clarify, how many users does Salesforce have and why.

Where Is Salesforce Used the Most?

Salesforce 508

Businesses in the United States are where Salesforce is most used. The United States makes up 45% of all of it’s users.

The top five include:

  1. US: 45%
  2. UK: 15%
  3. Canada: 10%
  4. Australia: 7%
  5. India: 6.5%

Other countries that make up the rest of its users include France, Germany, Netherlands, Brazil, and Spain. 

What Are Some Interesting Facts About the Salesforce Tower in San Francisco?

  • The San Francisco Salesforce Tower is 1,070 feet tall and has 61 stories with office space of 1.4 million square feet. 
  • This building boasts the biggest water recycling system known in a commercial high-rise that is onsite in the US that can filter up to 30,000 gallons of water from the whole water system. This is the first of its kind in the city.
  • The San Francisco Salesforce Tower took more than 2.5 people to build it.

This structure has made a positive impact in the San Francisco area.

What Are Some Salesforce Statistics?

  • Regarding business size, 74% of its users are small businesses
  • The computer software industry is the highest user of Salesforce at 16%.
  • A whopping 88% of Fortune 100 companies have used a Salesforce application.
  • Salesforce became a Fortune 500 company and now ranks at number 137.
  • This company is ranked as the second of the 100 best companies to work for on Fortune’s list.
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How Many People Work for Salesforce?

Salesforce has 73,541 employees all over the world. Since 2020, that’s a 30% increase in employees.

Another one of the company values at Salesforce is to have satisfied and engaged employees. 

Over 90% of the employees and former employees of Salesforce say it’s a great place to work and they approve of the CEO and the company.

This is due in part to its dedication to diversity and equality. 

Salesforce treats their employees very well with ample paid vacations, maternity or paternity leave, and paid holidays.

Additionally, they have insurance, and monetary benefits that give everyone a chance to achieve more within the company. 

What’s the Latest News About Salesforce?

In 2022, the Trailblazer Ranch became a gathering spot for employees where they can get to know each other and socialize. 

Salesforce also announced their Safety Cloud that allows people to join together safely. 

Also, this year, Salesforce announced that sustainability is now a core value of the company. 

More than all this, Salesforce released its quarterly reports as part of being accountable and transparent.


How many users does Salesforce have in 2024? You now know that the answer is 150,000 users from all over the planet. Y

ou also have a better idea of why they have so many users of their platform.

This information has made it easier to see how Salesforce has kept their #1 status in the CRM market.

Not only does this company offer helpful customer relationship management solutions, but it also serves its users well through AI technology and more.

In today’s world, it’s vital to automate as much as you can to save time, energy, and to be more productive in this incredibly competitive world. 

Are you one of the small businesses that use Salesforce? Is that working out well for you?

As a small business owner, would you consider trying Salesforce to improve performance, enhance customer service, and overall streamline the whole process?

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