How Many People Use Spotify Worldwide in 2024? (Statistics)

How Many People Use Spotify Worldwide

How many people use Spotify worldwide in 2024?

We will be answering this question du jour and addressing other facts and figures related to Spotify.

For instance, Spotify is known for being the world’s biggest music streaming service because of its number of subscribers. 

It’s also known to have one of the biggest musical collections and selections. It also includes other forms of audio content like podcasts and more.

Overall, people all around the globe love Spotify. 

Users can sign up and use Spotify for free if you don’t mind having lower sound quality, some ads, and only using it when you have an internet connection.

Paying subscribers enjoy an ad-free experience, high-quality audio, and can download music to listen to even when they have no internet connection.

Spotify was launched in 2009, and was  founded by Martin Lorentzon and Daniel Ek in Stockholm, Sweden. Today, it’s a leader in the music streaming industry. 

Let’s discuss how many people use Spotify worldwide in 2024 and more Spotify facts and stats. 

How Many People Use Spotify Worldwide in 2024?

In the first quarter of 2022, Spotify reported that 422 million active users across the globe are using its services, paid and free. 

Additionally, Spotify reported that in the first quarter of 2022, there were 182 million premium subscribers in the world, which is a nice boost from the same quarter of 2021 when there were 158 million paying Spotify subscribers. 

In the final quarter of 2021, premium subscribers by region looked like this:

  • Europe: 40%
  • North America: 29%
  • Latin America: 20%
  • All Others: 11%

This doesn’t include free users. 

What Is Spotify’s Market Share?

Spotify’s market share in the music streaming platform sector is 31%, which puts it in first place.

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The ranking list looks like this:

  1. Spotify: 31%
  2. Apple Music: 15%
  3. Amazon Music: 13%
  4. Tencent Music: 13%
  5. YouTube Music: 8%
  6. NetEase: 6%
  7. Deezer: 2%
  8. Yandex: 2%
  9. Other: 10%

Google’s music streaming service must be among the “other” platforms in this sector.

What Is Spotify’s Revenue?

You know how many people use Spotify worldwide and the platform’s market share in the industry. Now let’s talk about revenue.

Spotify’s annual revenue for 2021 came to 9.67 billion Euros, which is substantially more than the 7.88 billion Euros from 2020.

Since 2009, Spotify’s revenues have gone from 13.36 million Euros to 9.67 billion Euros today. 

The source of Spotify’s revenue comes from its ad-supported business, where free users listen, and premium membership fees.

Premium memberships accounted for 8.25 billion Euros in 2020. This revenue stream has gone from 374.6 million Euros in 2012 to the 8.25 billion Euros of 2020.

Ad-supported revenues in 2021 came to 1208 million Euros, but it all started in 2012 at 55.5 million Euros in ad-supported revenue.

How Many Songs Are on Spotify?

The recent numbers show that Spotify hosts 82 million songs on the platform. These songs are stretched across about 8 million artists and creators.

1.8 million songs are uploaded to this streaming platform on average each month.

Some of The Top Ranking Songs on Spotify:

  1. Bad Bunny became the most-streamed artist in 2021.
  2. Taylor Swift
  3. BTS
  4. Drake
  5. Justin Beiber

The most-streamed track of 2021 was “Driver’s License” by Olivia Rodrigo. Additionally, her “Sour” album was the most-streamed album in 2020. 

When considering the artists with the most Spotify followers, plays, and monthly listeners, the list looks like this:


  1. Ed Sheeran: 95.29 million
  2. Ariana Granda: 78.17 million
  3. Drake: 62.47 million
  4. Billie Eilish: 60.13 million
  5. Justin Bieber: 59.01 million


  1. Ed Sheerhan
  2. Justin Bieber
  3. The Weekend
  4. Dua Lipa
  5. Imagine Dragons

How Much Has Spotify Paid to Artists?

In 2021, Spotify paid more than $7 billion to artists on its platform.

For reference, that’s more than any of the other music streaming services have paid out.

2021 is also the year when Spotify broke the record for the biggest annual payout from any retail company in history.

More than 1000 artists made over $1 million in royalties from Spotify in 2021, and more than 50,000 artists earned $10,000.

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The major record labels benefited to the tune of $4 billion in profits on this platform in 2021. 

What Are the Most Popular Genres on Spotify?


The Top 10 Most Popular Music Genres on Spotify Include:

  1. Pop
  2. Dance Pop
  3. House
  4. Teen Pop
  5. Electro House
  6. EDM
  7. Pop Rap
  8. Pop Christmas
  9. Pop Rock
  10. R&B

Naturally, there are other popular genres that include classic rock, country, and oldies.

Since Millennials make up the largest segment of Spotify users, the most popular genres should come as no surprise. 

The 5 Most Popular Podcast Genres Include:

  1. Society and Culture
  2. Comedy
  3. Lifestyle and Health
  4. Arts and Entertainment
  5. Education 

This is out of the 3.6 million podcasts and 180,000 episodes hosted on the platform.

Key Spotify Statistics 2024

You already know how many people use Spotify worldwide in 2024, which answered our topic of the day, but we have some additional interesting facts and stats for you.

  • The female demographic dominates on Spotify, at 56%.
  • Male users account for 44% of its users.
  • More than 44% of Spotify users access the platform each day.
  • Europe may have the most users, but North America (the United States and Canada) uses Spotify the most.
  • Spotify is available in 184 countries. 
  • Spotify supports 62 languages as of 2021.
  • Spotify added 117 regions to its availability between 2018 and 2021.
  • The average user on Spotify listens to over 40 different artists each week. 
  • 44% of Spotify users listen to music or podcasts daily.


After reading this article, you should know how many people use Spotify worldwide, how it generates revenues, its status among all music streaming services, and data about popular artists, genres, and podcasts.

Whether you’re a Spotify user or not, this information should be interesting to you. More than that, it should be impressive.

We were quite impressed by Spotify’s growth and outlook for growth as we researched this number one music streaming platform. 

Are you one of how many people use Spotify worldwide in 2024? If not, would you consider using Spotify?


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