How Many People Use Instagram Stories in 2024? (Full Stats)

How Many People Use Instagram Stories

How many people use Instagram stories? Instagram Stories are vertical photos or videos with 15 seconds duration and automatically destroy themselves after 24 hours. It was introduced in 2016 and was inspired by Snapchat.

Almost 90 percent of businesses around the world have an Instagram account.

And they all post Instagram Stories occasionally or regularly to get the target audience’s attention.

Brands and businesses post their products and services as Instagram Stories and utilize the visual impact.

The beauty of Instagram is that people can post a variety of content like photos, collages, videos, creative content, etc., and at the same time can earn out of it.

This article is about how many people use Instagram Stories in 2024.

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How Many People Use Instagram Stories in 2024? 

  • 61% of Instagram users discover their friend’s activities through Instagram stories.
  • More than 900 million people use Instagram stories daily.
  • 36% of businesses use Instagram Stories to promote their brand and products.
  • Instagram Stories has increased the average daily usage of Instagram to 28 minutes.
  • 96% of marketers in the US are expected to use Instagram Stories for marketing in the future.
  • Instagram posts have a 13% to 27% reach rate compared to a 2%-9% rate of Instagram Stories.
  • Almost 50% of Influencer marketing depended upon Instagram Stories.
  • 70% of Instagram Stories are watched with the volume on.
  • 70% of Instagram Stories are viewed by people aged under 24.
  • 90% of completion rate for sports-related Instagram Stories 

1. 61% of Instagram Users Find Their Friends Activities Through Instagram Stories

When thinking about how many people use Instagram stories, Instagram stories are a great source of information to understand what your friends are up to. Instagram stories allow users to identify authentic content.

It stays for the next 24 hours on your screen and automatically gets removed after the time.

2. More than 900 Million People Use Instagram Stories Daily

1 in 5 Instagram stories gets direct messages from the story viewers.

According to stats, Instagram has more than 2.35 billion monthly users among which, 900 million people watch Instagram stories daily.

In 2018, the statistics were recorded as 400 million daily story viewers, which became 500 million quickly.

Brands and businesses post one-third of the stories on Instagram.

3. Daily Active Instagram Stories from October 2016 to January 2019

Instagram Stories

4. 36% of Businesses Use Instagram Stories to Promote Their Brand and Products.

When thinking about how many people use Instagram stories, since Instagram is a major social media platform where the majority are the young generation, businesses are concentrating more on creating marketing techniques to influence their followers.

Marketing experts believe that Instagram Stories are a great way to connect with their target audience.

Creative Instagram Stories created by Instagram Influencers have shown a large scope of business sales conversion.

About 22 percent of brands create Instagram Stories to showcase the inside look of their products and services. Around 14 percent host Influencer takeover, and 10 percent mention life events.

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Instagram Stories

5. Instagram Stories Has Increased the Average Daily Usage of Instagram to 28 Minutes.

People used Instagram Stories for fifteen to twenty minutes before Instagram Stories was launched.

Instagram Stories are highlighted on top of every user page where people can view various kinds of Story templates posted by people they follow.

They are 15 seconds long and play back-to-back when opened. According to statistics, people have used Instagram 28 minutes more after the introduction of Instagram Stories. 

6. 96% of Marketers in The Us Are Expected to Use Instagram Stories for Marketing in The Future.

When thinking about how many people use Instagram stories, marketing experts are convinced about the scope of Instagram and Instagram Stories for marketing purposes.

Statistics show that around 50 percent of global brands update at least one Instagram Story per month.

7. Instagram Posts Have a 13% to 27% Reach Rate Compared to A 2%-9% Rate of Instagram Stories.

Instagram Stories are widely used to get the quick attention of followers on Instagram. However, statistics show that Instagram posts give better performance results than Stories.

Instagram posts gain more followers to the account while Stories promote the account activity. 

8. Almost 50% of Influencer Marketing Depended upon Instagram Stories.

Global marketing experts believe that Influencer marketing is going to be the most effective marketing technique during the next few years.

There are many influencers in social media channels, and most of them have Instagram accounts to connect with their audiences easily.

About 37 percent of marketers use Instagram Stories as part of 25 percent of their marketing campaigns.

About 13 percent of them use Instagram stories to 100 percent of Influencer marketing campaigns. 

9. 70% of Instagram Stories Are Watched with The Volume On

When thinking about how many people use Instagram stories, Instagram Stories lasts only 15 seconds, and most people watch them with sound on.

Advertising agencies conducted a survey and found these results, which opens up a possibility to create short Instagram Story ads that can quickly connect with viewers. 

10. 70% of Instagram Stories Are Viewed by People Aged Under 24

There are several surveys and statistics that prove that youngsters are more into Instagram than any other social media platform.

According to Hubspot, around 59 percent of Millennials and 70 percent of Gen Z watch Instagram stories regularly.

Around 25 percent of them check stories to know more about a product or service. However, a study found that 72 percent of Gen Z like Snapchat Stories rather than Instagram Stories.

When thinking about how many people use Instagram stories, people love sports-related content and are ready to rewatch content if they are interesting.

According to stats, Sports featured Instagram Stories have a more than 90 percent completion rate. Entertainment-related Instagram Stories follow it with an 88 percent rate.

Instagram Stories posted by Brands tries to add their website links to it. This feature helps brands to build their website traffic.

Based on the statistics, it was found that about 15% to 25% of people swipe links found in the Brand Instagram Stories.

13. About 96% of Marketers from The Us Are Expected to Use Instagram Stories 

When thinking about how many people use Instagram stories, about 90 percent of the top 100 businesses globally have Instagram accounts, and they regularly post new content to maintain communication with their customers.

Statistics show that 50 percent of all businesses worldwide produce at least one Instagram Story in a month.

14. 13.3% Reach Rates for Profiles Containing Followers Count More than 10,000 and Less than 50,000.

According to stats, on how many people use Instagram stories, accounts with two million or more followers have around a 3.7 percent reach rate.

Based on the details of a study on 920 Instagram accounts, it was seen that the accounts with high followers have low reach rates. 

15. 4 Am – 6 Am (Est) Is the Best Time to Post Instagram Stories in The Us

Timing is very important in posting Instagram Stories. You should make sure that the Instagram Stories posted are getting the maximum attention from followers, and the best method to do that is by posting stories during the peak time of Instagram usage.

People use Instagram before going to work(4 am – 6 am), during lunchtime(12 pm – 2 pm), or after work in the evening(8 pm – 10 pm).

Studies show that posting Instagram Stories during the mentioned time provides them an extra advantage.

16. Average of 2.5 Instagram Stories Are Posted by Brands in A Week.

Creating daily posts or stories on Instagram is not mandatory to get better results. The quality of the post is very important to attract the attention of the target audience.

A couple of better researched, organized posts in a week are sufficient to accomplish the reach rate for brands.

While posting Instagram Stories, it is recommended to use relevant tags, location names, stickers, animations, etc.

17. Around 58% of People Became Interested in A Product After Watching the Instagram Story Related to The Product.

The major purpose of Instagram Stories from brands is to develop more markets for their products when thinking about how many people use Instagram stories.

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Most businesses use Instagram Stories as a tool to make people familiarize themselves with their products.

Recent stats show that around 58 percent of people became interested in a product after watching the Instagram Story, and 50 percent of the followers visited the brand website to purchase their product. 

18. 24.92% of All Contents in Instagram During 2018 Was Instagram Stories

After its launch in 2016, Instagram Stories became a trendsetter among Instagram users. Around 24.92 percent of all content in Instagram during 2018 was Instagram Stories.

About 50% of all content on Instagram are Single images, and the rest are videos and multiple images.

19. Fitness Industry Generates 73% of All Instagram Stories

According to Klear stats, the Fitness industry is the leading business in Instagram Stories, which generates 73 percent of all the posts.

It is followed by the Fashion business with 70 percent domination on Instagram Stories, and retail comes third with 56 percent.

About 43 percent of Instagram Stories are related to Technology, whereas the most anticipated category, Travel, has 24 percent, and food & drink, has only 15 percent!

Instagram Stories

20. The Us Marketers Have Allocated 31% of The Ad Budget Exclusively for Instagram Story Marketing 

At one point, the advertisement and marketing industry-focused on TV programs, magazines, and leading sports events.

But the social media presence has completely changed the usual marketing traditions globally.

A recent survey on ad budget has shown that the US marketers have allocated 31% of the ad budget exclusively for Instagram Story marketing.

The rates are reasonable, and the results are mind-blowing. The marketers can include almost all advertising plans to promote their brand using Instagram Stories. 

21. Average Frames on Instagram Stories per Day During 2020 Was 3

One Instagram Story lasts 15 seconds, and about 30 percent of Instagram Story activity includes one frame in a day.

The 2020 stats say only 10 percent of Stories had more than 12 frames per day. Statistics show that businesses lost about 20 percent of the audience before the second frame.

It shows that the brands should be well aware of how easily people can become bored, and they should plan creative story contents that can grab people’s attention.

22. About 85 Million People in The Us Watch Instagram Stories

When we compare social media sites Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook, it is evident that 70 percent of people watch Stories on Facebook, followed by Instagram and Snapchat.

Snapchat has 46 million users in the US; meanwhile, Instagram has 121 million users.

According to statistics, about 70 percent of Instagram users in the US watch and post Instagram Stories.

23. Among 30% of Instagram Users, 16.9% of Men and 16.1% of Women Are Aged Between 25-34

A study revealed that around 68 percent of millennials in the UK are regular Instagram Story viewers.

It shows that Instagram is the most popular social media platform among youth. Snapchat follows it with 49 percent, and Facebook comes third with 44 percent.

According to Statista, 29.8 percent of users are aged 18-24, and 16 percent are 35-44 year-olds.

Instagram Stories

24. Micro-Influencers Can Earn $73 per Instagram Story

Instagram is a platform where people can enjoy creating content and at the same time earn money from them.

Today, most brands depend upon Social media Influencers for promoting their brands and products.

On average, Influencers earn $43 – $721 for posting Instagram Stories. So if you are a celebrity with a good followers list, you can earn around $721 for a single story! 

25. 1 in 3 Instagram Story Viewers Said They Felt to Buy a Product After Watching Related Stories

Most global brands have invested in Instagram Story marketing as they recognized it as a shortcut to reach the maximum target audience and influence their buying habits.

About 80 percent of Instagram users follow at least one brand, making the platform a great marketplace.


How Many People Use Instagram Stories in 2022?

According to Instagram story statistics, over 500 million people make the most of the Instagram stories feature every single day.

This is an impressive number, and just goes to show how far-reaching Instagram’s influence is.

How Much Can a Micro-Influencer Earn from An Instagram Story?

You might be surprised to learn from the article above that according to Instagram story statistics, if you are a micro-influencer on Instagram, you can earn as much as $73 per Instagram story.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, it’s obvious from these Instagram statistics that Instagram is a powerhouse when it comes to social media, and it is showing no signs of slowing down.

With more and more people using Instagram every day, either for personal or business reasons, there is enough evidence from these Instagram stories statistics to encourage you to make the most of this Instagram feature, so that you can connect with your audience on a more intimate level and leverage your brand if you are using an Instagram business page.


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