How Many People Use Instagram Shopping in 2024? (Top Stats)

How Many People Use Instagram Shopping

With just the snap of a finger, Instagram successfully turned itself into a leading e-commerce site.

It capitalized on the influx of new app users after it was declared as 2021’s second-most downloaded social media app and gathered 545 million downloads during the year.

Moreover, its prime branding as the home of the world’s leading commercial brands contributed to this shift in business priorities. 

By the end of this article, readers will know many interesting facts about Instagram Shopping which include:

  • How many people use Instagram Shopping in 2024 
  • How many countries is Instagram Shopping available
  • Which luxury brands have the biggest number of following on Instagram

How Many People Use Instagram Shopping in 2024?

We already have an idea about how big Instagram’s following and influence are.

But there remains little information about the performance of its sub-features, including how many people use Instagram Shopping.

To answer this question, 130 million people use Instagram Shopping. This number occupies a big percentage of the app’s total daily users of 500 million.

About 44% of users admit to using Instagram to shop weekly.

This is the reason why marketers are more inclined to sell and advertise on Instagram nowadays compared to other platforms.

What is Instagram Shopping?

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Now that we have already spilled the beans on how many people use Instagram Shopping, it is time to have an in-depth look at what it is all about.

Instagram Shopping is the company’s first thrust to offer shoppable items on a social media platform in response to the sudden shift in consumer behavior from the pandemic.

It is available in over 40 countries worldwide.

This new offering streamlines the long process involved when making a purchase online by helping brands build their own customizable storefronts found right on their profiles.

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Through feed and story posts, users can be redirected to a brand’s shop where they can browse, compare, and shop a brand’s products directly.

A purchase happens without having to use third-party apps with the use of Instagram Checkout.

Instagram’s Features and Their Contribution to Shopping

Like Apple Inc which features an ecosystem of Apple products, Instagram is also making it work through services.

A recent study shows that IG’s features namely Reels, Television, Stories, Feed, and Live all contribute to the positive answer to how many people use Instagram Shopping today,

About 60% of users who saw an advertisement posted on Instagram Stories said they felt more interested to look up the product or service.

Meanwhile, 50% proceeded to the site to make an actual purchase.

E-commerce Features Recently Released by Meta

Aside from Instagram Shopping, here is the list of other e-commerce features that Meta, formerly Facebook Inc, released during the height of the online shopping craze:

  • Instagram Live Shopping
  • Instagram Television Shopping
  • Instagram Shop Button (shown on profile)
  • Gift Card and Food Order Stickers
  • Facebook Pay

How Many Brands are on Instagram?

Realizing the huge potential that lies in the app, 25 million brands and over 200 million business pages have established their presence on Instagram. 

Generally speaking, the platform’s most active brands post an average of 17 Stories per month and 1.6 posts to hook potential leads.

Percentage of Users Following Business Profiles

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90% of more than two billion active Instagram users follow at least one business profile.

This only shows the growth of online commerce on the site. This percentage is also a sharp increase from its 80% settlement back in 2020.

It is revealed that one in two people use Instagram to discover new shops.

Meanwhile, two in three said that they had a more meaningful encounter with brands they are interested in when they use IG.

How many people use Instagram Shopping today is also dependent on the quality of experience the site fosters with its buyers and sellers.

Instagram Categories with the Most Number of Profiles

Instagram is also clustered into different categories which have different engagement rates.

Below is a list of the leading Instagram categories with the most number of profiles:

  • Fashion and Apparel
  • Music and Arts
  • Fitness and Wellness
  • Food 
  • Make-up and Skincare
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The average engagement rate of business accounts per post is at 0.83%, with carousels performing higher compared to short videos.

Business sites with 10,000 followers enjoy higher engagement results versus brands with over 100,000 followers.

Top Brand Niches on Instagram Shopping

Here are the leading brand niches on Instagram Shopping:

  • Luxury – 91%
  • Activewear – 84%
  • Beauty – 83%
  • Hospitality – 82%
  • Retail – 82%
  • Auto – 76%
  • Consumer Electronics – 61%
  • Food and Beverage – 45%
  • Personal Care- 38%
  • Home Care – 16%

Global Luxury Brands with Highest Number of IG Followers

With the help of social media influencers creating encouraging videos and product reviews, global brands are back at the public’s center of attention.

Here is the list of luxury brands with the highest number of Instagram followers in 2020. 

  • Chanel – 41 million followers
  • Gucci – 41 million followers
  • Louis Vuitton – 39 million followers
  • Dior – 32 million followers 
  • Dolce & Gabbana – 24 million followers
  • Prada – 24 million followers

Both Chanel and Gucci tied for the top spot with 41 million followers in 2020. Dolce & Gabbana and Prada both took the fifth spot, with 24 million followers. 

Power of Product Tags

Nowadays, Instagram Shopping is one of the biggest users of product tags which is 2022’s modern version of links.

These tags highlight and show product information, including price, helping customers have a better understanding of what is being sold.

According to a recent study, using product tags on Instagram increases product page visits and purchases in general.


Instagram’s unexpected e-commerce penetration might be one of the best decisions it made since launching.

Today, people know the site as more than just a social media platform.

Instagram has become an avenue where buyers can have better quality interactions with sellers and their products.

We hope you enjoyed learning about how many people use Instagram Shopping, which luxury brands have the most IG followers, and other interesting facts about Instagram’s novel features.

While e-commerce is helpful in our daily lives, always remember to shop in moderation. 


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