How Many Google Searches per Day in 2024?

How Many Google Searches per Day

How many Google searches per day in 2024 occur?

Does natural curiosity drive us to “Google” things a lot? Based on the amount of Google searches we found out that happen daily, people love to Google virtually everything. 

It’s human nature to be curious about things.

When was the last time you couldn’t remember the name of a movie, so you Googled it? 

Maybe you are a student who Googles the answers to questions when you study, or a writer who constantly uses Google to confirm what you write.

So, no matter who you are, what you do, and why you search Google, we will discuss how many Google searches per day in 2024 are performed.

How Many Google Searches Per Day In 2024

According to the numbers, the Google search engine processes more than 8.5 billion searches each day. 

As you read this article, Internet Live Stats, 2024 continually does a live count of Google searches, and you will be surprised how fast it counts. 

Similarweb shows that Google ranks number one globally for the most visited website, with 86.5 billion visitors in just the past month. 

Therefore, we can safely say that billions of users count on Google search to perform searches for a variety of purposes. 

Besides Google Search, Google has Gmail, Shopping. Maps, Lens, and more offerings used daily by users across the world.  

What is Google’s Market Share?

Besides knowing how many Google searches per day in 2024 occur, we will address the site’s market share.

The Google Search site literally dominates the search engine market with its 92.7% share, according to mid-2021 figures. 

In comparison, Yahoo Search has only 1.3% of the market share, followed closely by the Russian search engine, Yandex with 1.04%.

China’s popular search engine leader is Baidu, which comes in 5th in the global share of the market with 0.8%.  

What Drives Google Search Popularity? 

We could surmise that many factors drive the popularity of Google Search. For instance, its convenient accessibility and functionality across devices. 

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The primary reason cited by the experts at leadsquared claim that Google Ads impact organic search results. So, Google Ads do have influence over the search engine. 

Think about what you do every day online. It would be easier to count how many times you don’t see ads, since they are everywhere.

Even if you have an ad blocker, you will see various kinds of ads all over the web. 

Let’s not forget that you can’t even drive down the road without seeing ads. Billboards are ads for various businesses.

Whether you have cable or not, you still see ads on television and streams. If you read your local newspaper or magazines, you’re going to see ads. 

Essentially, there’s almost nowhere to escape ads. Maybe if you read a book in a quiet room, you can avoid advertisements. Even gamers endure ads in most games. 

How Many Google Searches per Day in 2024 Are on Mobile?

Google Search on mobile

The numbers show that of the 8.5 billion daily Google searches, roughly 63% occur on mobile devices. That’s well more than half of all the global searches that occur on Google every day. 

This just goes to show that Google searches aren’t just for computers.

With the uptake in usage of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, Google searches have also become popular in the mobile realm. 

What Are Some Demographics About Google Searches Online?

Now let’s look at some general demographics to show the enormity and wide-range of Google searches. 


Google search is used most in the United States at 26.88%, followed by India at 4.55%. Brazil (4.55%), the UK (3.87%) and Japan (3.79%) are in the top five countries that use the search engine. 


Google Search has more male users at 59.21% and fewer females at 40.79%. 

The age group that uses Google Search the most falls within 25- to 34-year olds. The 18- to 24-year-old age group uses Google Search at 23.45%. 

The percentages fall between the 35 to 45 age group (18.80%), 45 to 54 group (12.70%, 55 to 64 group (8.67%), and finally, the over 65-year-old group (5.82%). 

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The most searched term on Google is Facebook. Also 46% of product searches start on Google Search. 

Remember that Google also owns YouTube, which is considered its own search engine, but it’s driven by Google search. 

The top categories searched and researched on Google include: 

  • Video Games
  • Adult Content
  • Other Computer/Electronic Technology
  • Developer, Programming, and Software queries
  • News

The most popular topics searched on Google include:

  • News
  • Online
  • Shopping
  • Games
  • Commute

How Does Social Media Impact Google Search?

Social media drives a lot of traffic to Google. YouTube is the social network that drives the most to Google at 60.92%.

The rest of the distribution for social networks are Facebook (12.82%), Twitter (5.55%), WhatsApp (4.90%), Reddit (3.57%), and 12.24% is distributed via other social sites. 

What Is SERP and Why Does It Matter?


As long as we’re discussing how many Google searches per day in 2024 occur, we should cover the basics of SERP. 

What is SERP? SERP is short for “search engine results page”.

Why is that important? It’s important because 90% of those surveyed say that they are more apt to click on first-page search results. 

That’s a brief way to describe this, but if you’re a marketer, you know that it makes search engine optimization (SEO) more competitive.

Basically, if you can’t get on the first page of a search query in your niche, according to your chosen keywords, you are likely to get lost in the search engine crowd. 


We know that 8.5 billion Google searches occur each day.

We also know that Google holds the top rank in website visits and is the top search engine in the world. 

Due to changes and the evolution in devices, mobile searches on Google make up over half of the total searches on Google. 

Since we also covered Google Search audience data, interests data, and how important it is for websites to rank on the first page of Google search, you have some basics for how that works. 

Now that you know how many Google searches per day in 2024 happen, how will you change your marketing habits, or will you change them? 


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