How Can You Sell Subscriptions on WordPress?


You might want to sell subscriptions on WordPress for a variety of reasons. You can earn a consistent stream of revenue from subscriptions and simultaneously watch your eCommerce store grow too. This article will tell you ways that you can employ to sell subscriptions seamlessly on your WordPress site. 

Using WP Simple Pay

WP Simple Pay enables one to start accepting recurring as well as one-time payments on their WordPress website. The software does not need to set up a shopping cart to function. One also doesn’t need any code. 

The requirements are minimal and simple to fulfill. The first step is to integrate with a WordPress website. The minimum PHP requirement is version 7.0 or above. It must have an SSL installed. 

The payment processor needs to be since the plugin is incompatible with anything else. 

A license is necessary before you start working with WP Simple Pay. You will need to buy this license. The price is justified since you can get a lot done using this plugin. The cost of WP Simple Pay is just 49 USD per year for a single website. After getting the license, stick to the step instructions that come with it, and you should be good to go. 

Easy Digital Downloads

EDD or Easy Digital Downloads is another way for selling various subscriptions quickly on WordPress. You need not spend a lot of time while setting it up, and the process is also simple, provided you don’t require stuff such as inventory plus shipping. 

There are many software that are built keeping in mind physical products and consist of features that will prove to be useless to you since you wish to put on sale a digital service, i.e., subscriptions. These software cause hindrances in daily activities, and work proceeds slowly. EDD’s purpose is to take care of digital needs. 

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Over 50,000 websites utilize EDD to trade their products and services. Anything that is downloadable can be done through EDD, and the best part is that no coding is required. EDD boasts of a robust extension known as Recurring Payments that renders subscriptions seamless.

This subproduct sells a lot. You might get EDD for free, but you will have to pay something for this extension. Recurring Payments can be bought separately also. Although, you can save some bucks by purchasing a bundled All Access Pass, or you can go for Extended Professional also. 

Features of Recurring Payments

  • You can opt for automated payments on an annual, monthly, or weekly basis and set them up.
  • It makes way for several payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, and 
  • Customers also get regular emails. You get relevant notifications that are required for a good relationship with your customers. 
  • The free trial is optional
  • Fees to signup is optional

How to Successfully Set Up Your EDD Subscription?

You should follow the given steps to set up Easy Digital Downloads to start the sale of subscriptions on WordPress:

  • Begin the installation of EDD and ensure that you complete the procedure following the instructions given on the screen. 
  • After installing EDD, the next step is to install another extension, i.e., Recurring Payments.
  • Ensure that a proper download setup is in place, which has features of recurring payments.


For this method, it is necessary to have a Stripe account. If you don’t have one, there is no cause for worry since you can sign up for it easily on their website. Keep the necessary information ready with you while setting up your Stripe account since they ask for it to perform complete verification of your account. 

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You require your API keys for seamless integration with Stripe. Stripe is the perfect place to set up your services or products along with your subscriptions. The software takes care of all the relevant elements such as pricing, description, and name. Stripe is also capable of handling the notification emails for orders which is a really good feature. 

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The customer service team of Stripe is really helpful, and their documentation is top-notch. Integrating both Stripe and WPSPP, you can develop your products and proceed to post them on your WordPress site. Make sure you integrate both the Test and Live API keys. This is important so that you can test everything before you transmit it to your clients and they place their orders. 

How to Manage Customers, Orders, and Subscriptions?

Stripe’s interface is minimalistic and simple to use once you get the hang of it. It can manage everything easily. You have the option to revoke subscriptions, alter payment methods, give out refunds, redo failed orders, downgrade and upgrade subscriptions bought by customers. 

If you are someone who wants that your clients or customers be given the option to look after their own subscriptions, you can consider another WordPress plugin that can integrate with WP Simple Pay Pro and Stripe. It is known as

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