Hire SAAS Developers With A SAAS Mindset 

Looking to employ a skilled SaaS developer, but your head is already spinning from the number of options the market offers? Yes, we know the feeling. 

That is why we have built Lemon.io to be the best resource for finding developers of every kind. Don’t believe it? Try us! Read on, and we will prove it to you. 

Where To Look For SaaS Developers

Let us be your compass in this vast IT ocean and navigate your way as you aim to find SaaS developers out there. 

In-house SaaS Developers: Reliable But Expensive

Going for an in-house developer could be your best bet. Miscommunications and cultural barriers are less likely to happen since you will be hiring from your country and culture.

Your HR department will choose the top individuals who are passionate about SaaS development and are eager to build your application. A well-organized team of professionals will then become part of your startup. 

If only it were affordable…

In-house SaaS developers can cost from 70,000 USD to 140,000 USD per year. Remember, they have fixed salaries. Hence, you must compensate your in-house developers even if there is little to no work.

Moreover, expenses for in-house SaaS developers go beyond their salary. 

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You will also have to take care of the following: 


Include office rent in your expenses since you’ll need a place for your in-house developers to work at.

Medicare And Social Security

Hiring in the USA? Be ready to cover the medicare and social security taxes.

In-house developers are entitled to paid time off and sick days as recognized workers. So include that in your bill as well. 

Development Agencies? Maybe In The Future

You might be thinking that development agencies are a better option. And, for some, more esteblished companies, they might be. But as a startup, before going to one, consider these points first: 

  • Development companies also work with in-house developers, therefore, everything mentioned above applies. All of the same expenses will be added to the development costs of your SaaS web application. 
  • Companies, as a such, charge for every breath you take in their presence. In other words, be ready to pay for every little nuance and feature you might talk about or ask to add. On the other hand, don’t be surprised. It is normal. 
  • You will have little control over the development team process since development agencies don’t oversee direct communication between SaaS developers and customers. The project manager is likely the only person you will be keeping in touch with. 

But don’t give up yet. There are still options left. 

Are There Any Alternatives?

Of course, there are! If you are a startup with a limited budget, but the quality of the product is a matter of success, consider looking into an offshore SaaS app developer for hire. “Risky” is probably the first word that pops into your mind.

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We can argue that remote employment isn’t as scary as it seems. In the following paragraph, we will introduce you to both advantages and disadvantages of remote employment. 

Pros Of Hiring Remote Talent

Even though a quite spread work opportunity due to former Covid-19 lockdowns, remote employment still needs to be recognized as the best option for companies of all sizes, especially the sprouting ones. Hopefully, these advantages will prove you otherwise. 

  • In comparison to in-house employees or development companies, freelance developers will always be more affordable, especially if you hire offshore;
  • Forget about additional expenses like taxes or rent. With freelance developers, you pay only for the job they do and the project they work on to complete;
  • Whatever your needs are, the talent pool is so big that you will undoubtedly find the right candidate with the set of skills you are looking for;
  • Remote developers are flexible. Changes to the project can be made without a bunch of red tape;
  • The developer reports only to you unless decided otherwise, decreasing the chances of an error. With in-house employment or development agencies, there is always management in between. 

Cons Of Hiring Remote Talent

Indeed there are disadvantages to remote employment. What’s worse, they can become more serious when you hire from bidding or outsourcing platforms that don’t have thorough vetting procedures in place. 

  • Don’t expect a remote developer to cherish and love your SaaS app baby as much as you do. The best possible outcome, they will do the work you asked for and paid for;
  • So close, yet so far – remote programmers are easy to find but difficult to hire. Skim platforms like Upwork or Freelancer, and you will find many SaaS developers there in minutes. Then spend weeks reviewing profiles and resumes and conducting interviews to find “THE SaaS developer.”;
  • Irresponsible. If a freelance dev doesn’t like something and leaves mid-way or doesn’t live up to the promoted skills, it is your problem. You may be refunded, however, time isn’t refundable;
  • Different time zones, bad English, not well-accomplished work, and cultural misunderstandings are common when working with a remote developer.

To avoid all the risks and get the best experience possible with remote developers, you have to know places to hire from. Forget job boards and bidding platforms, your “THE SaaS developer” isn’t there. Moreover, you would have to go through all the steps of the recruiting process with your own efforts. 

Platforms With Vetted Developers Are What You Need!

Background check? Already been conducted by the Recruiting team. Ideal candidate? Already chosen by the Talent Acquisitions team. Smooth onboarding? Already planned by the Customer Success team. 

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And there are quite a few platforms for vetted developers you could check out. 

But today’s story is about the one we know the best – ours, Lemon.io. 

Lemon.io Benefits

SaaS products necessitate commitment. 

When we test candidates, we look for this kind of attitude. This is why, when you hire SaaS developers from Lemon.io, you can rest assured that your project is in capable hands.

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Skilled Developers

If this is your first time hiring SaaS developers, you may have questions like what technologies should a SaaS developer be familiar with? How do I know if a developer is good?; Are there any specifics about SaaS development that I should be aware of? 

Relax. We’ve already taken care of everything. Lemon.io developers navigate the SaaS model like the back of their hands.

Fast Matching 

We know you can’t wait to start building your app, thus, we have grown to be taking only up to  48 hours, or an average of 33 hours, to match you with the right candidate. Not to brag, but we are confident we got the fastest and most precise matching among our competitors. 

Vetting Procedure

Our vetting procedure consists of 4 steps and goes like this: 

Background Check 

We, too, pay EXTREMELY CLOSE ATTENTION to the developers we evaluate. Contact their previous employers, look through their social media profiles, and stalk their StackOverflow and GitHub accounts. If we don’t like what we find, the vetting is over. 

English Language Proficiency

You don’t want to hear bleating, muttering, or mumbling when you ask a programmer a question. You want a coherent reply in plain English. We assess each candidate’s knowledge of the English language. We take this test far more seriously than they probably realize.

Hard Skills Check 

A developer who makes mistakes in the code is no developer. Lemon.io software engineers created rigorous but fair test tasks to assess the professionalism of every SaaS developer interested in working with Lemon.io.

Live Interview

Because we want to ensure that our developers can communicate well and clearly, we conduct a live interview where we also look at their soft skills. 

Lower Hourly Wages

In our talent pool, we have developers from all over the world. Some countries have lower costs of comfortable living than others, making it possible to offer you lower hourly wages. Be sure you will find a skilled mobile application programmer according to your budget, requirements, and time zone. 

SSSaaS As For Super-safe Software As A Service Development

Lemon.io is a Ukrainian company registered in the United States. As a result, we are subject to American laws, our terms, and conditions, and all of our operations wholly comply with US laws. 

Each remote programmer automatically agrees to keep any project-related (or other information) confidential under our terms and conditions.

Once you pay for the work our developers do for you, Lemon.io transfers all intellectual property rights to you. As an added safeguard, if you don’t like working with a developer we matched you with, we will replace them for free.

Last Words 

Looking through all the candidates’ resumes, conducting interviews, creating and checking test assignments, writing contracts, and so on. This whole is waiting for you when you choose to hire alone. Moreover, there is no guarantee that you will find a good developer fast this way if any suitable at all. 

Imagine if all there was to do to get the right developer is to click a button! Paradise it must be! Yes, and it is Lemon.io. We have already conducted all the checks, interviews, and tests, so you wouldn’t have to. Come check us out!