Helpful Tips On How To Use Technology Monitor Your Health While You’re At Home

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Your health is very important and in an ideal world, everyone should have easy access to a health care system that has a general practitioner.

It shouldn’t be difficult for people to have direct contact with specialists for treatment. 

Inasmuch as that is what should be, there are still cities and countries without effective health care systems. It’s either there are no primary health centers, medications, or absence of specialists there.

What is the fate of such people or those who might find it difficult to transport themselves to a medical facility due to one reason or another?

That’s why this article has been made available so anyone can keep a close watch on their health in the absence of professionals.

Some people refer to this as virtual health. A major advantage is its ability to provide healthcare to thousands of people through tips from posts like this or consultation sessions with doctors.

Here are tips to help you monitor your health from the comfort of your home.

Check Your Temperature

Most of the time, your body temperature is a clear indication that something is wrong with your health. It can show you if you’ve got a fever.

The normal body temperature for adults is around 37° C varying according to the part of the body the temperature was taken from, age, and time of day. 

How do you check your body temperature? Using a thermometer there are several types available such as ear thermometers, infrared thermometers, and traditional thermometers which are placed underneath your armpit or tongue.

A temperature above the level indicated above shows something is wrong. Check it when you’re healthy so you can know what your temperature is when you’re normal.

Do a few findings when getting a good thermometer for, getting a good one would be beneficial to you.  

As much as possible, avoid certain portable devices that ‘measure your body’s temperature’ as they are not always reliable.

When you notice a higher temperature than what’s normal, reach out to a doctor even if it’s virtually. 

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Keep Track Of Your Sleep Pattern

You can do this using three techniques and the aim is to determine whether or not you’re getting enough sleep.

You’d need to answer the questions below:

  • Is an alarm clock required for you to wake up in the morning? 
  • Are you always sleepy in the afternoon such that it affects your activities? 
  • Is sleep the next thing after eating dinner? 

You need more sleep to be in good health if the answer to either of those questions is yes.

What if you do get enough sleep but you still experience some of them? Find time to go visit a doctor about low energy. 

Well-rested persons should wake up each morning feeling refreshed not needing an alarm clock to wake up.

Good sleep helps you monitor your oxygen levels properly; read this wellue o2ring review to help you figure out which oxygen monitor meets your needs.

They should not be equally drowsy at work and should have energy for some activity after dinner. 

Testicular Checks

This tip applies to the male gender alone. Testicular checks are necessary to check so one can discover lumps or swellings early enough.

If discovered, those could be clear indications of cancer. You should check your testicles occasionally so you can note when something is out of place. 

How do you check your testicles? After taking a shower, hold your scrotum in your hands, and using your thumbs and fingers of both hands (roll the testicles between the thumbs and fingers), examine your testes.

If you notice sharp pain, heavy scrotum, lump, or swelling, quickly contact a doctor. By the way, there is no need to raise an alarm if one testicle seems higher than the other.

Breasts Check

As a female, getting familiar with how your breasts look and feel during your menstrual cycle is crucial. Your breasts can change for different reasons and sometimes, they are nothing to worry about. 

However, check for changes in the way your breast is shaped, for lumps, sudden bumps or thickening, and changes to your skin or nipple.

They could be indications of breast cancer. Once you notice those changes, don’t hesitate to see a doctor as soon as possible. 

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Monitor Your Heart Rate 

Your resting heart rate when you wake up in the morning is an indication of your general wellness.

According to a study by the Journal of the American Medical Association, women whose heart rate recovery, or HRR,  was not so good ran the risk of having a heart attack after exercise as those with normal heart rate. 

You can test your HRR after an exhausting activity by counting your heartbeat for 15 seconds. After that, multiply your heartbeat by four to get your heart rate.

Take a seat and wait for a couple of minutes before checking it again. Minus the second result from the first.

Your heart rate is considered higher than it should be if the final result is under 55 meaning you should visit the doctor.

Well, what would be considered normal is dependent on your age and fitness level.

You can consistently check every morning using a fitness tracker, heart rate monitor, or app for 7 days to determine what your pulse rate is. 

Blood Pressure Check


Gone are the days when blood pressure was restricted to elderly people, nowadays, it affects everyone.

High blood pressure is the major cause of heart attack, strokes, heart failure, and kidney disease. It doesn’t have any warning signs, hence, you should check your blood pressure frequently.

There are blood pressure monitors available for you to use but you need to be in a serene environment to do the test. 

In adults, the normal blood pressure should be between 90/60 and 120/80 mmHg.

People with high blood pressure can reduce it by reducing their salt and alcohol intake, healthy eating, regular exercising, and moderate weight.

However, all these don’t replace getting medical attention from your doctor. 

During these uncertain times when social distancing and isolation have become regular terms in our vocabulary because of the coronavirus, it is important you take your health seriously.

Follow these tips and monitor your health.

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