11 Best Hashtag Generator Tools & Apps for Instagram in 2024 [Free & Premium]

10 Best Hashtag Generator Tools – 2021 Edition

In a hurry?
The best hashtag generator tool in 2024, as found in our independent testing, is Flick!

How committed are you to your hashtags?

If the answer is anywhere below “very”, you should start reconsidering your social media marketing strategy and implement an Instagram hashtag generator.


Because hashtags are so much more than silly or descriptive pieces. And we bring you the tools to make them your content’s greatest advantage.

Best Hashtag Generator Tools & Apps for Instagram in 2024

Without further ado, we give you the best hashtag generator tools & apps in 2024.

Hashtag Generator #1: Flick


Looking for a way to expand your social media empire using hashtags?

Then we’ve got a hashtag generator solution for you that does precisely that – in a Flick-er of time.

The pun was bad but Flick is good.

More than good.

Automated hashtag growth? Not sci-fi, just regular Flick performance.

Type in something broadly related to your post and you get 40 hashtag suggestions that are guaranteed to perform better than anything else in the given situation. 

Not enough? Well then, consider this: Flick provides hashtags in more than 20 languages!

Get Flick FREE

To bridge the linguistic gap, it never suggests anything illegal or rude. Habla Español? All that audience you want to tap into will finally be able to approach your hashtags. Rack in that reach!

Flick also allows saving presets, thus saving your precious time. After all, who among us has hours to spare playing with hashtags for every individual post?

We certainly do not.

Oh, let’s not forget, Flick’s hashtag generator is something of a software genius when it comes to research, insights, and analytics related to hashtags, both those used by you and those used by the general audience.

Track your performance, track your competition’s performance, track your niche’s performance – track everyone’s performance! It’s a piece of cake for Flick, and it does it better than you or we ever could. 

All of this comes for free in a 7-day trial version.

In a negligibly low chance you find their services to be inadequate, you can simply cancel and walk away, no questions asked. More details available in our full Flick review.

Hashtag Generator #2: Analisa


It’s really important to work with a hashtag generator that is going to be able to take a holistic approach when it comes to your hashtag strategy, and not just throw random hashtags your way.

If you are hoping to really advance your hashtag strategy at this point, then you need to check out the next hashtag generator on our list.

Get Analisa FREE

Analisa provides Instagram AI analytics, and you can enter any hashtag, or profile URL in order to get the hashtags that you need for your Instagram profile.

Analisa says they can help you with real time insights on user generated content, as well as optimal posting times, so that you can make your hashtag strategy work for your profile and use it to advance the success of your account in general.

If you want to go beyond hashtags, they can assist you with follower analytics, and profile analytics at the same time. Get further info in our full Analisa review.

Hashtag Generator #3: MetaHashtags


How does 520% more reach sound to you? To us, it sounds amazing!

That much growth is precisely what MetaHashtags users have reported. Besides their hashtag generator providing you with relevant hashtags, MetaHashtags specializes in delivering accurate reports on how certain hashtags interact with your audiences in various niches.

In other words, MetaHashtags constantly improves how it handles your hashtags based on its previous experience. 

The tech lab it comes with can write all sorts of metrics that you can improve your content upon, all based on hashtags you frequently (or infrequently) use.

It can also sneak a glance at the tactics used by your competition, your niche, your followers, your aunt, and your cat. Basically everyone with a social media account! Talk about smart artificial intelligence, right? 

Unlimited hashtags, legal/illegal filters, also filters that separate hashtags based on size, popularity, frequency of use, etc… MetaHashtags has all the basic hashtag generator options and more. 

The biggest and most generous asset of MetaHashtags?

The core features come for free! Zero cash, gratis, free-for-all. If you find it good, you can upgrade at any time. Nice!

Hashtag Generator #4: Inflact

Ingramer Hashtag Generator

Looking for a name that will help you utilize hashtags and empower them to bring you several times more real followers than before? Here’s the name for you: Inflact.

Just give it a piece of text, a link, or a photo, and Inflact will take it through its artificial intelligence core algorithm and transform it into a sorted number of hashtags that will make a ripple through Instagram, or any other social media while we’re at it. 

It’s quite literally done in seconds. Three piles divide the results among themselves, according to targeting popularity or difficulty: these are “frequent”, “average”, and “rare”.

Inflact doesn’t leave it at that but goes extra lengths to draw you a chart with an ideal mix of these three categories, allowing you to spot and evade the hashtag popularity trap we’ve mentioned at the beginning of this article.

The healthy hashtag blend brings maximum punch to the post, easily skyrocketing your reach. All this for $20 per month?

A bargain!

And you don’t even have to pay them right away. With Inflact’s Hashtag Generator feature you get 3 inputs for free, plus another 3 if you register on their site.

It’s worth mentioning that Inflact has quite a number of professional  Instagram tools at its disposal, some of them come completely free, so check them out even if you aren’t currently interested in hashtag generator software. 

Hashtag Generator #5: DisplayPurposes


Hashtags don’t have to be “soulless” data shortcuts. They can have their own patterns, history, and art. Yes, art. Interested to see how hashtag blends with neat visuals? We present to you just the right tool for this.

DisplayPurposes is a hashtag generation software with solid basic functions. It allows manual and auto hashtag generation with rich libraries and competent hashtag analytics. In fact, it has everything a hashtag generator needs.

But putting a period here would be absolutely unfair to the gorgeous aesthetics and functional tools that DisplayPurposes comes with.

There are Maps, for example. With Maps, you can visually trace back hashtags according to their origin and use locations. Zoom in Maps to a specific country, state, or even city, and you’ll see just how the hashtags evolve and perform in real-time.

It’s elegant, simple, and gorgeous. Who says cartography is boring and outdated? And there are Graphs. Give it a hashtag input and see an intricate network of akin meanings and related hashtags spring up to life in front of your eyes.

Give it a couple of minutes first in order for you to catch some breath, then spend hours exploring its depths. We could spend hours in it and say we’re doing entertainment, not work. It’s an art project in itself. 

Oh, and it’s free. Kudos!

Hashtag Generator #6: All Hashtag

All Hashtag

All Hashtag has all the hashtag expertise you could ever need. The site itself hosts a couple of useful pieces of code that all increase your hashtag quality of life. All Hashtag also has a generous supportive note to it, as it’s completely free.

The guy who runs it is a 30-years old programmer and the only revenue he gets from All Hashtags is based on voluntary donations. Talk about being selfless!

Besides a text-to-hashtags converter and a top 100 hashtags list, All Hashtag features a full-blooded generator that has 3 modes of work to it.

First on the list is Top hashtags which generate results based on your first input. The software algorithm gathers the most suitable candidates from all top hashtags list to give you the cream of the crop as the end results.

It will also mix a bunch of popular and niche hashtags just to maximize the amount of reach gained by this clever use of hashtags. This is the tried-and-true, never risk, never worry approach.

The second is Random hashtags, which basically introduces a bit of chaos factor and randomizes the search. You still get top-performing hashtags, but with a bit of a high-risk, high-reward take to it.

We can only guess the outcome, but you will still get a blend that packs a punch. Finally, there are Live hashtags. It doesn’t deal with lists at all.

In fact, it scours the web for what users at this moment relate with that hashtag and gives you identical results. If you’re not the type of person to put much trust into software, then go with Live hashtags and trust the intuition of your fellow humans!

All Hashtags has something for everyone.

Hashtag Generator #7: Sistrix

Sistrix Hashtag Generator

Sistrix is yet another awesome hashtag generator tool with quite an industry behind it. First of all, the impactful hashtags that you’ll get if you decide to opt for these guys come from a library of hashtags that features more than 7 million (!) top hashtags.

With a background like this, you can expect only the most precise and effective hashtags as your generator’s results. Your hashtag seed will sprout a 30-member family from among the best!

You can also concentrate your efforts by using some of the filters at your disposal. Do you want to focus on a particular branch, aspect, or niche? It’s not only possible but encouraged.

The wise AI will connect the dots and deliver only what matters the most to your hashtag input, coupled with the major focusing factor that you yourself have selected. 

What about the price? It’s nothing! No, really, it’s nothing. The first 25 inquiries per day are free, with the unlimited number being unlocked after you register, which is also free. 

Asking for more would be greedy nitpicking, in our honest opinion. Thanks for your fine service, Sistrix!

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Hashtag Generator #8: BigBangram


What we came up with on the list until now all had included extra steps like additional software, more flavour, complex functionalities and the like. But we’ve got to respect those practical people who dislike dealing with unnecessary fluff.

Some people just like to have their hashtags, simple, practical, and powerful. So, are you in need of some hashtags and not much else? BigBangram is the ideal candidate for your favorite hashtag generator tool!

BigBangram is hashtags reduced to their essence. It doesn’t deal with extras, but the core features it does, it does perfectly. To put it simply, BigBangram is a search bar. You come up with a hashtag, type it in, and the software returns you 29 more generated results that are similar to your input.

The results are meaningful and come from various top-performing hashtag lists. The only additional step is sorting the results according to difficulty: “easy”, “medium”, and “hard”. Do 10 from each and you’re good to go. 

This is it. Simplicity itself. Two clicks, one enter, a bit of scrolling, a copy-paste maneuver. Swapping out some of the suggestions is optional. And that’s it! You can move on with your life, hashtags are done. Practicality and function do have their charms, we admit.

All of this is free of charge, on top of it all! Nice.

Hashtag Generator #9: Tailwind


If you deal with Pinterest and Instagram, the chances are you’ve already heard of Tailwind. However, did you know that their tech team assembled an extremely efficient tool out of their masterclass workshop?

The amazing piece of code even helps you transcend paper and outdated doc files and embrace active hashtag records! Keep up with technology, y’all!

Let’s begin. First of all, what’s new about Tailwind?

To start with, there’s a reason why Tailwind’s hashtag generator blows away most of the current competition. The ancient way of copy-pasting old hashtags from parchment (word docs) to personal computers is, sadly, still the usual way of disseminating hashtags.

Moving on to AI-assisted hashtag enhancement that guarantees a unique take on hashtags on each and every one of your posts, however? That’s something pretty now. This is exactly the domain of Tailwind. Forget about blind copy-pasting, Tailwind does things so much smoother.

And their hashtag generator even remembers previous inputs! Quite an update over the old premise, truth be told. Tailwind comes with a built-in timer that predicts the best time to place your hashtagged posts.

Sometimes a couple of minutes can be the difference between a successful post and something on the bottom of the drawer. With Tailwind, your posts will have nothing to do with the latter.

With this degree of automation, you’re hitting a jackpot. Wind Tailwind, lie down, and wake up to reach-soaring posts! 

Hashtag Generator #10: HashMaster


For the end of our list of options, how about a peculiar combination of a hashtag generator tool and organic social media expansion? HashMaster is a digital home to cutting-edge artificial intelligence that provides specialized hashtags from an intricate network of hashtag databases that are expanded on a daily basis!

Exhaustive inquiries that provide meaningful insight are a baseline that we all can agree sounds very promising. HashMaster crew even boasts of a skillful organic, human research team that compares mountains of data on a daily basis. Quite an expert approach, indeed.

With this sort of treatment, you can expect your account to be in good hands. Does double or even triple the growth sound promising? As thousands of active users confirm, it does!

The usual 7-day trial can be found here, afterward costing only $0.2–$0.1 per search. Not pricey at all!

Hashtag Generator #11: Task Ant

Task Ant - Hashtag Research Tool

Looking for something that can carry several times its weight for you?

Task Ant is a neat hashtag generator that has a bunch of features tightly packed under its hood. With Task Ant, you are a click away from some of the largest hashtag repositories available out there. Task Ant has rapidly become one of the best hashtag generator tools for Instagram, no doubt.

The intuitive algorithm helps you pick the right set of hashtags based on your entry. Don’t worry, while it has access to the near-unlimited number of researched hashtags, it never overwhelms you as the end client. It’s super easy to use, with no setups or passwords required!

While it is made for Instagram, it can help you with just about every hashtag situation on any social media. Also, instead of having to do a manual order for every post, Task Ant offers you to load pre-saved hashtag sets.

A eureka moment for hashtags occurred to you, you wrote it in a random document, only to lose it forever? With Task Ant, never again! And this is not the only thing that makes Task Ant good.

With Task Ant, you get hashtag analytics data for every hashtag you use. Eager to find out how certain hashtags and hashtag sets perform in various situations? Task Ant’s got you covered. It can even learn directly from the strategy employed by your competition!

Task Ant really does outperform most of the stuff the hashtag generator industry has to offer.

Hashtag Generators Come with Unlimited Power

Hashtags go far beyond contemporary trends. Rather than being simple details that tell your daily routine, they represent a sort of a tag that pools your content together with all the posts that feature that same tag.

Rather than making your coffee-drinking photos look rad, hashtags’ original purpose was joining content related to the same thing together.

This means that more people will be able to find your content and check it out when they search for something using hashtags.

You probably knew this already.

But did you know that more than 85% of the Internet’s 50 most popular sites by traffic today rely on hashtags in some way?

Hashtags are as relevant as ever, if not more.

Hashtags act as portals that can connect crafty content creators to pockets of social media users that they would otherwise be unable to get to. Smart hashtag use can vastly increase your content’s reach. More reach means more engagement, and more engagement means more followers.

If you wonder whether hashtags can make you big on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or any other relevant social media, the answer is yes, it can. But there’s the other side of the coin. Bad hashtag use, or even random hashtag use, can drastically lower the reach of your posts.

Tap into too many “big” hashtags and your content will be trampled under those with bigger names and bigger followings. Stick with the niche ones and you’ll reach every one of about fourteen people who dwell within those niches.

So yes, there’s much more to these hashtags than we tend to presume. But how do you stay on top of it all?

Do you hire analysts to scour the Internet daily for trending hashtag strategies? Do you purchase libraries with potent hashtags?

Of course not!

Why go through the trouble yourself when there are a bunch of successful hashtag generator tools that can do that instead?

Not to mention they do it way better than any human analyst ever could.

How to Use Hashtags Correctly 

After you’ve determined the right hashtags using a hashtag generator like Flick or others, there are a few tips that you can follow to make sure that your hashtags are bringing you optimal results. It’s important not only to know which hashtags will work best but how to take advantage of them so that they will get you the results that you desire.

In our final section, we’ll discuss five of the best hashtag tips you can use to get the most out of your hashtag generator. Let’s do it! 

1. Use the Right Number of Hashtags 

Hashtags on Instagram have some general guidelines, and one of those is the number of hashtags that you’re able to use on any given post. The maximum number of allowed hashtags per post is 30, so you won’t be able to go beyond that limit in your caption. 

That said, even if you use a hashtag generator to find the 30 most amazing hashtags for your content, you may not want to use all of them in your content. Why? 

When you use tons of hashtags in your caption, it makes your content look a bit spammy and desperate. Not only that, it hasn’t been shown that using more hashtags necessarily yields better results. 

In fact, experts agree that the optimal number of hashtags you can use in your Instagram content is between 7-11 hashtags per post. When you use your hashtag generator to identify the most effective, relevant ones for your content, that should be more than enough to drive results and get your content out to more people. 

Some people even argue that using 3 extremely specific hashtags gives you the best chance of getting to the top of a hashtag feed and gaining even more reach for your content. After all, that shows the Instagram algorithm that your content is highly tailored to a specific topic and you’ll be more likely to get it to the top of the feed. 

After all, would it really be possible to get to the top section of 30 hashtag feeds? Not likely, unfortunately. Use your hashtag generator to find the ultimate hashtags for your account and go with those. 

That said, you can use as many hashtags as you see fit, and doing different tests can help you identify the magic number for your profile. You could also post your hashtags in your caption as well as in your first comment so that you break them up and they don’t look as overwhelming as a part of your content copy.

2. Create a Branded Hashtag 

Branded hashtags are all the rage on Instagram, and while you won’t be able to find one of them through an Instagram hashtag generator, you can be creative and come up with your own that represents your brand and prompts users to tag their posts with it. 

So, what is a branded hashtag, anyway? 

A branded hashtag is a hashtag that you create for your brand or content campaign so that you can be easily identified through this hashtag. You can use it on all of your content, which essentially creates a whole new content feed through the hashtag on Instagram.

When you create a branded hashtag, you want to create something that defines your brand and is catchy for users. For example, a very successful branded hashtag campaign was done by Coca Cola. 

They created the hashtag #shareacoke, and then promoted it so that users would tag their own content related to the hashtag. There are now almost 650k posts using the #shareacoke hashtag. 

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This is excellent not only to drum up interest in your brand or business, but also to have a wide range of user-generated content (UGC) that you can share as part of the campaign. UGC is known to get people excited about posting content that incorporates your brand and also gets more engagement than other content types. 

Another great example of a branded hashtag campaign is Old Navy. They just recently started a hashtag campaign for their clothes called #BODequality, which helps to show their beliefs in equality for all types of bodies, big or small. This has been a great way to reflect their company mission and beliefs and also get UGC from people on the platform. 

Other companies that have been known to use branded hashtag campaigns include H&M (HMxME), Domino’s Pizza (#LetsDoLunch), Oreo (#OreoHorrorStories), L’Oréal Paris (#WorthSaying), KFC (#NationalFriedChickenDay), Charmin (#TweetFromTheSeat), Disney (#ShareYourEars), and many more. 

Include your branded hashtag in all of your content as well as in the bio of your Instagram page so that users know you have a branded hashtag that they can use. Encourage them to tag their content with it! 

You can still use Instagram hashtag generators for other tags, but create your branded hashtag on your own.

3. Put Hashtags in Your Instagram Stories 

Many people only consider hashtags to be useful when you are posting content to your feed, but that’s not the only place that you can use hashtags! As we’ve seen, you can also use hashtags in your Instagram bio, and if you didn’t already know it, the hashtags you get from a hashtag generator can be used in your Instagram stories! 

There are two basic ways that you can add a hashtag to your Instagram story. You’ll get your content ready to post as normal, and then on the edit screen, you can do two things: 

  1. Tap the sticker icon at the top right of the screen, then click the #hashtag sticker and you’ll be able to add that hashtag to your story. This can only be done one time, so you can’t add multiple.
  2. Use the text icon at the top right of the screen and type in #yourhashtaghere, which will create underlined text that can be tapped on in your story. Using this method, you can add more than one hashtag to your Instagram story. 

Instagram stories have their own hashtag feeds, so using one of the top hashtags from your Instagram hashtag generator can get your content featured in that tag’s IG story feed. This is a good way to get your content out there and get more reach, bringing more users in our target audience to your profile.

4. Mix Up Your Hashtag Use 

Instagram hashtag generator tools will help you to find exactly the right hashtags for your content, and you can typically create sets that will help you post with ease. When posting your Instagram hashtags, make sure you mix up your strategy and do tests to see which content performs better. 

You can use your Instagram hashtags in different places: 

  • Mixed within your caption itself 
  • At the end of your caption 
  • In the first comment 

Try out some different strategies and don’t always do exactly the same thing. Maybe a hashtag would be really impactful included in one of your captions, or maybe the caption is very powerful and you don’t want them to be visible at all, so you use them in the first comment. 

Being mindful and intentional with your hashtags is a great way that you make the most of the results that the hashtag generator provides you.

5. Review Your Instagram Insights

Last but not least, check your Instagram insights regularly and note what content performs best, and consider what hashtags you used and whether or not that had an impact. 

For example, do some A/B testing where you use the same hashtags, but post them in your caption as opposed to the first content. Make sure when you do A/B testing the content is fairly similar and has minimal variables other than the hashtags. 

When you follow your Instagram insights, you can figure out which hashtags work best and what placement brings you optimal results. 


Why Hashtags?

Hashtags are nearly a decade and a half old. If modern technology has taught us anything, it’s that fashionable fads fade quickly. How come we still rely on hashtags, now perhaps more than ever?

The key lies in the fact that, in the growing amount of data in the world, hashtags serve as one of the most effective ways of grouping content together, quickly searching massive databases, and reaching an ever-growing number of niches.

As we said earlier, hashtags are so much more than a fad. Just as it is difficult to revert back to riding horses once you’ve discovered cars and motorways, it’s a bit of a nonsense to discard hashtags when they help search engines, sites, agencies, brands, and users handle data across the Web.

So yeah, hashtags are here to stay. Finding a good hashtag generator will help you for years to come.

How Do Hashtags Work?

If we imagine the overall data of the Internet as a big container, hashtags are its compartments. If you can’t find e.g. a fork, would you look for one in the whole house or just in the kitchen?

With a specific hashtag, you stick a label to a piece of content which the Internet then puts together with the rest of the stuff with that label. This is the way hashtags connect tens of millions of people across the world.

The social media algorithms handle these hashtags for navigation just as we humans do, except on a much grander scale.
So yeah, hashtags are wormholes that connect users and data.

And clever content creators and brands can tap into this potential to reach huge numbers of potential customers. Why would you skip this chance to increase your following?

That’s how good hashtags enable you to reach more people. You’re limited to 30 hashtags, but hit the right spots and your content will be among top search results for more people than you could have imagined.

Hit some niches, some general places, and some top hashtags that are all relevant to your content, and voila, you’ve got up to 300% more reach than usual!

But remain sure that your competition knows this as well. Fail to capitalize on hashtags and those rival content creators’ results will show up before yours on every list.

Fail to properly implement hashtags and you can find your reach plummeting. In fact, there are so many ways to fail, which is exactly why you shouldn’t take hashtags lightly.

In addition to using a hashtag generator for Instagram, you should also regularly check out your competition and be aware of trending hashtags on your niche and on the platform in general.

What’s a Hashtag Feed?

A hashtag feed on Instagram is a feed that’s created for every hashtag available for use. For instance, if you use the hashtag #behappy, you will be able to search for that hashtag and find all content that uses that tag on Instagram.

Hashtag feeds make it easier to find content that you want to see, and this is why using hashtags is so valuable– when you use the right hashtags, your target audience will likely be searching for them, and you’ll improve your visibility.

Hashtag feeds have two sections: top, and recent. Your goal is to use the hashtag generator to find optimal hashtags for your content and then get to the top page in that hashtag feed.

Where Can You Use Hashtags on Instagram?

On Instagram, you can use hashtags:
-In your Instagram bio
-In your Instagram captions 
-In the comment section of posts 
-In Instagram stories 
-Instagram reels

Use hashtags in all of your content to get it out to more people.

Do I Need a Hashtag Generator Tool?

It’s a good idea to use a hashtag generator for Instagram because you’ll be able to take the guesswork out of your hashtag strategy and save valuable time in researching different tags as well as saving them and posting them.

The best hashtag generator tools have all of the most up-to-date performance stats about hashtags, how many times they’ve been used, and the best recommendations on what will help your content get out to more users on Instagram.

You can also typically save them into sets for easy posting, which saves you time and helps you to post your tags effectively.


In light of what’s been said, it becomes clear why you should consider some of the hashtag generator tools from the list above. At best, it’s much easier and it takes way less time to let the professional tool do your hashtags.

At worst, otherwise, you’ll be stuck at one-third of your total marketing potential. Which sucks, trust us.

And we haven’t even mentioned fakes, scammers, and ill-intentioned money-taking schemes. There are sites out there that claim to help, but actually do little or nothing but take credit for the work of experts.

Delve into social media marketing software without previous research and you could easily find yourself robbed for low-quality goods and services. This is why lists like this get made–to help you as well as the honest professionals of the industry.

Stick with the selected “crème de la crème” of the hashtag generator tools that we have mentioned above and you won’t have to constantly worry about getting ripped off.

Also, the quality of service of the sites have been double-checked, all of them are affordable (some of them are even free), and at no point do any of these endanger your privacy or security.

Remember not to give your password to anyone: not one of the hashtag generator tools in this article requires sensitive information.

Having said that, remember that hashtags are as fun as they are useful. Them being repository shortcuts does not diminish the fact that they still remain whacky, politically engaged, or emotional snippets of text that we have grown to love and appreciate.

Be creative when using them, don’t be afraid to experiment, and remember: holding back on social media is entirely missing the point. Social media users want to see you in your content.

So put personality in your hashtags! Your creativity and intuition paired with the capabilities of these hashtag generation tools will make you the star of social media content.

Charlie has been building WordPress themes, reviewing web hosts and utilizing social media since their respective inceptions.

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